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How to punish a lazy maid?

Discussion in 'Member Fiction' started by maid katrin, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Just an ordinary afternoon. The Lady had gone out while the maid was home alone to keep herself busy with all the chores to keep her Owners home neat and tidy.

    Alas, sissy maids cant be trusted, of course, and instead of shuffling around on her knees to scrub the floors or doing the laundry she puts on her newest polka dotted outfit and makes herself comfy in front of the telly watching naughty videos and nibbling crisps.


    It is not the first time she has been caught idling around the house neglecting her chores. She should have known how furious her Mistress can become when it comes to idle maids. She will not tolerate such kind of behaviour and maid katrin should have known that a severe punishment will be due.

    While watching the naughty video the maid feels a delightful tingling in her loins but since her Mistress keeps the maid safely locked in a steel chastity belt she can not touch herself and at least she is not capable of being disobedient and naughty in this way. In fact the maid is never allowed the pleasure of well, you will know of what.

    Lost in time and visualizing herself being an actor in the video doing all the naughty things she doesnt realize her Mistress coming home.

    Knowing Her maid very well the Lady is well prepared to find the silly girl doing anything else than indulging in her duties.


    Telling Her lazy servant off is just the beginning followed by a severe spanking on the bare bottom. The slaps are stinging like hell as the hand of her Mistress is properly trained and strong from the many, but always well deserved spankings.

    The Lady leaves no doubt that She has not finished yet with the punishment but for the time being orders Her maid to dress in a more servile outfit to look as a maid is expected to be dressed.

    A few minutes later the maid reports to her Owner dropping a deep curtsey. The black maids dress, braided with ruffles and lace, makes clear who she is and whats her status in the house.


    The dress is quite short, not mainly to let the maid appear like a slut but rather to showing off her well locked chastity belt and the restrictive thigh cuffs. The Lady likes humiliating Her maid in front of Her Lady Friends and does not want to leave any doubt that Her maid has been subjected to a strict emasculation and feminization.

    After inspection the lazy maid is being send to the hall cleaning her Mistresss boots and shoes. The maid is well aware that she better does a very good job. Even the slightest spot will increase her punishment and chances to get spare time will be postponed to a very far future.


    Still feeling her sore bottom the maid regrets the errors of her ways and hopes the Lady wont be to harsh with her. What a silly thing to believe! Spare the rod and spoil the maid, her Mistress uses to say and punishments are always severe.


    As soon as all shoes are neatly cleaned and passed inspection the maid had to fetch the riding crop and expose her nicely reddened bottom.


    Eventually the Lady had finished with the well deserved strokes She continues with the even more humiliating part of the punishment. She nicely plugs Her maid and locks the steel plug to the chastity belt. The maid is well aware that the plug will remain in place for a long time and she feels always so humbled and degraded.


    With her bottom well filled without any chance to get rid of the steel plug inside her without her Owners consent she has to serve as her Ladys footrest for the reminder of the evening.

    The End
  2. SUPER story katrin, so happy you have returned and have some time to amuse us!!!
    LOVED it!!!
    Mistress Michelle
  3. Thank You so much, Mistress Michelle! You are so kind and i am glad You liked the little story.
    There will be more to come soon, rest assured :angel:.

    It's a pity MyLady and i can't join You for the November-get-together but You definitely live too far away :cry:


    maid katrin
  4. Ahhhh, It would be such a pleasure to meet you and your Mistress!! It is a shame we are so far apart, as I have always admired your Mistress and the relationship the two of you have. Now, be a good girl and make sure you have plenty of pictures to go along with the next story!! I just love the pictures, and your outfits are delicious!!
    Mistress Michelle