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How often do you...

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by KinkyCc, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I am the wife/owner of a sissy.

    I am curious how often other couples:

    Play with crossdressing/sissifing?

    Play just a little (Chastity, panties, anal play)?

    Go the whole way (shaving, dress, makeup)?

    Go out and about with Your sissy all sissified?
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  2. We tried it once for a few months. Neither of us liked it once the initial excitement wore off. My wife still wears her panties and bras though. :)
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  3. Mistress B

    Mistress B Mistress B
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    Feb 29, 2012
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    United Kingdom
    lol. I'm sure you would look very pretty Vinny :)
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  4. None. Sissy/CD just isn't something we're into.
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  5. My girlfriend isn't 'into' crossdressing, but it doesn't bother her at all if I do it. I dress every day, to one extent or another. I love 'going the whole way' as you put it, but have to curtail the leg shaving in the summer time as the small town I live in isn't very trans-accepting. I don't go out dressed, tho fantasize about it a lot. My g/f is more amused by my dressing than anything else, and since she is my kh as well, she's the one who decides what happens and when.
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  6. Mistress knows how much wearing lingerie thrills me and so I am required to wear lingerie and heels as I do the household chores (i'm retired) while She is at work. While She enjoys tormenting me and humiliating me over my femininity, She wants "her man" in the bedroom. We have gone out shopping a few times as girlfriends, but after the novelty wore off, that seems to have gone away. She once took me to a Halloween party in a bustier on a leash attached to my cage! She pushes for more daring things once in a while, but we both just enjoy the simple, everyday FLR.
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  7. I'm in panties and locked all the time. When I get home from work I put on my collar and change into something feminine but no makeup or anything. On Saturday I serve as her maid in full uniform and makeup wig wrist and ankle cuffs butt plug. When I'm done with my service I spend the rest of the day in full fem in whatever outfit she chooses including if we go out. Sunday is my rest day and usually lounge in a nightie or yoga pants and wear guy clothes if we go out. She is in charge 100% of the time. When I get released from chastity depends on when she wants sex and she has a low sex drive.
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  8. Thanks for your posts. I am a bit surprised there's not more activity on this activity. Maybe we really are oddballs - and we don't play often ourselves.
  9. You're not oddballs. I think you just hit a time we're the sissies aren't replying.
    I know of several who used to be regulars but no longer are on the site.

    I'm currently single but my ex used to have panties laid out each morning for me. We didn't do the sissy thing but she liked me in panties.

    I've had several Dommes who preferred their subs fully shaved so I've shaved from the neck down on several extended time frames.

    I've played with crossdressing and had a few make overs and gone out afterwards but I don't consider myself passable so don't do it often. Although I may try again when I hit my weight goal.

    I currently wear panties about 1/2 the time just because I like them better then men's underwear.
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  10. Sadly my wife currently not interested in chastity but she doesn't say anything when I am locked. I also wear panties everyday again she has no interest but doesn't say much about my underwear choices.
    I use online kh to control my cage. Again my wife as long as she gets off when she wants and not by piv.
    If piv the a strap on is used . I wish she was interested and involved and some others I read. I have everything but her willing s to control the key and be somewhat interested in my kinky interest. I have learned to roll with what's I have. Sorry to go babbling along
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  11. Hello @KinkyCc@KinkyCc , please don't think yourselves as oddballs , I think there are plenty of people on here that go at least part way into this but just have not replied , although I do not dress fully and would never pass as a female, wearing panties and lingerie along with pantyhose and stockings is a large part of our dynamic , I think I may be luckier than most as my mistress not only tolerates this but likes and encourages it , Along with my cage I wear panties and pantyhose under my normal clothing daily , Anal play and pegging is also something we do , as I only get let out of my cage for a full orgasm every 3 months pegging is my main form of stimulation and release , I have had a strong desire to wear female under clothing since my teens and this has been encouraged and expanded on by my mistress for 30 years , I was first placed in chastity by her 15 years ago . so you are not oddballs or alone in this ,
  12. oddballs is a relative term. I have agreed to be her domestic servant, and dressed that way puts me in the submissive state that I need to do that. I hated the maid outfit...ok hated is the wrong word, I felt silly in it, seemed more like a costume than a uniform. So I have bought some dresses that aren't that over the top, yet are feminine enough to make me feel subbie.

    We don't have sex while I'm dressed, it's not a sexual fetish, and she doesn't get off on me dressed that way. It's just an attitude adjuster.

    I don't go out in public with me dressed, I really wouldn't pass that well, at least not without so much effort that it surely wouldn't be any fun.

    It is just a tool. I sometimes am not in the mood for it, and have skipped what I promised to do for her, but it is a work in progress and am learning to do what is best.

    Anyway, you two are not alone, oddballs, or even weird...you are just you, and in the world of chastity and female dominance nothing is out of bounds or weird as long as it is something that she wants, and will make her happy.

    To answer your question, once a week I agreed to be her maid. I have not been very good with it and let the whole thing slip to almost never. I have since promised her that whenever I am available, I will be her maid and pamper her. She thanked me and as soon as I can will resume my duties as needed. No public interaction, and I cut my hair and stopped wearing makeup, it's just some clothes and some grooming that make the feminine part come out.

    I hope this shows that you are not oddballs, and are not alone. We are your basic run of the mill, middle class, blue collar, normal couple.
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  13. Bra and panties for me 24/7 on Saturday I am her maid as you see in my avatar, this includes makeup. No other fem clothes for me other than the maid outfit, her favorite thing is to take me to secluded accomodation and have me serve as her maid for up to a week at a time, I love it as well.
  14. I've had fun dressing men up, accessorizing and helping some sissies with wardrobe tips and ideas.
    Makeup too.
    However there is no part of it that makes me wet.
    Unless its from laughing (wml)
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  15. i'm not a sissy really and that why i have not sayed on this.
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  16. I love being a sissy maid for my wife. I usually wear panties everyday and a nightie at night. Chastity six days a week. We don't go out because there aren't any places to go out to in this area. Luckily, I get to fully dress as a sissy maid and serve my wife a couple of times a year.
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  17. I love it ..was never interested until my wife and key holder pushed me down the cross dressing path also my wife buys what she wants me to wear I only wear panties and wear stockings to work sometimes suspenders and my wife loves me with with shaved legs and painted the nails all this under my business clothes during the week at work
    She also has bought me heels and a maids out fit that she likes me to wear when doing the house work and cooking for her
    We both love It and I also have the delimear when summer comes also a small town so i know how you feel but this year she is trying to think of a way to keep my legs shaved as we both love It
    Hope that is some help
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  18. We play just a little. Some reward, some punishment.
  19. I also live in a small community. I am shaved neck down except arms. Year round. We have a few species of insects that like a hairy place to hide and bite. Chiggers and ticks. Once your skin is tanned it becomes tougher and they usually crawl off you in search of an easier meal. That is one reason for shaving everything. The other reason is my wife and I both think it is sexy.
    The others in the communities opinion does not matter, their opinion does not keep my wife happy so I don't care what they think
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  20. My wife enjoys mildly feminizing me. I am sometimes kept in panties and very occasionally wear a bra. Wife has me use hair removal cream to keep myself free of body hair. I use girly oriented products in the bathroom (e.g. Lady Speedstick deodorant, fruity body soaps). When I am servicing her, she often calls me "Ellen" rather than my name "Allan." We also experimented with me being on over the counter feminine hormone pills for a few months but quit due to negative side effects (raised my blood pressure). The experiment did leave my breasts a little larger though which she likes.
  21. I have experimented and was always interested in womens clothing - the fabrics, the tightness... You don't get that as a dude. I'm very self-conscious about it though and as my girlfriend and mistress is not interested in it, it's not relevant for our FLR. I don't feel like I'm missing out on much and mistress is actually a bit scared and sensitive on this topic because in several older married couples she knows the husband discovered his homosexuality after they were married for 20 years and had several children.
  22. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!
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    Mar 10, 2009
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    Does nothing for me though I do know it does a lot for others.
  23. Started cross dressing at maybe 10? Not gay. Plays a role in our life now. If I want to wear boy underware for any reason I have to ask permission. When I'm servin breakfast on the weekends it's i's usually a bra, panties and a frilly apron(with cage of course)...she bought me several aprons. I only go out dressed on Halloween and usable win best dressed. I am large an muscular and don't look the least fem..
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  24. In winter months when I'm not in the pool I'm shaved neck down. My wife prefers me that way. She also has me use her deodorant, etc. She doesn't have me daily wear feminine clothes but she does crossdress me occasionally and she has me paint her toes and do facials with her once week. I have nice skin, lol.
  25. Definitely don't think of yourselves as odd. There are many like you, but even if there weren't you would be unique, not odd. My cross-dressing predates my chastity by decades. I currently own a couple of dresses, a variety of lingerie, breast forms and a wig. My wife/KH's attitude borders between tolerance and bemused playfulness. I introduced her to my cross-dressing and strap on play before we were married. I'd say in the early days the oufits and strap-on came out of the footlocker once a month or every other month for play together and a few times in-between for solo play. After marriage and a couple of kids that dropped of dramatically and now I'd say a couple or three times a year for joint play with me fully dressed.

    That being said she has taken to making me wear panties or my maid outfit quite a bit since starting chastity. She does it because she knows it arouses me which is part of the sweet frustration that is chastity. She also likes me in the maid uniform on occasion when doing household chores. There has been no strap-on play or other sexual activity when dressed since starting chastity :(.

    Ironically with the drop in this as a sexual activity over the years came an increased desire for going out in public. Not like the middle of a mall on a crowded day, but a walk in a park at night or driving around town. She never participates in this and I actually get into trouble for doing it, but it gives me quite the thrill. On my best day I'm passable at night from five feet away, but if anyone looked close they'd know in a heart beat.