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How many never expect to have a regular orgasm again?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by CZSteve, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Just curious how many here never expect to have a regular orgasm again?

    @n2toys@n2toys locked me up 15 months ago.
    Starting out I'd receive an orgasm every few weeks and then maybe 6 weeks.
    'My' vision at first was my Wife would give me a date for when I'd receive an orgasm, but She preferred keeping it a secret which ended up being best (of course) and more erotic.

    I'm currently at over 5 months since a full orgasm and a month since a ruined orgasm or milking.
    I'm horny as hell and insanely crave my Wife and love this intense feeling of lust; I'm literally begging for an orgasm when being teased but also know deep down I don't really want one as I don't want the post-O drop and then the wait for the cravings to build back up...

    As much as I crave an orgasm the idea of being denied indefinitely also thrills me (strange, even hard to type the word forever just now...)

    How many here are in permanent denial of a full real orgasm?
    Of those in full denial - how often do you receive pressure release via a ruined-o or milking?

    For me ruined-o's produce a mild drop but nowhere near the same drop as a Full Orgasm.
  2. Every single time I orgasm I wonder to myself if that is the last one. Although we are no where near the denial periods others have here, I am released only when she wants it to be out, and she could at any time decide that it wouldn't happen anymore.

    Sorry about responding since I am not one of those you requested, I do however feel your angst and thoughts of the unknown.
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  3. My other half keeps hinting at a year or more this time.

    She knows that for the last couple of years I've desired an extended lockup, now that I have a custom device that doesn't have any problems with long term wear she seems happy to give it a go. I also put it down to having given her a copy of the 'Keyholder's Handbook' last month. She first read it on the train on her way to a girl's shopping weekend. Thinking about the possibilities puts my mind in a spin!
  4. We are definitely taking it from the other end which has me in chastity as a protection of her property. I am not allowed to masturbate but I realeasd quite often to fulfill her desires which include my orgasm. Who knows what the future holds though. I am always amazed by the ability of many on here to remain locked for so long.
  5. I think we're heading there, but not there yet. Both my wife and I are frustrated after my orgasms with the time and effort it takes to get back to where we want to be. I think she's looking to experiment going forward with still allowing me a full orgasm, but only in a chastity cage via the wand. My guess is I'm pretty sure of an orgasm in January as it's my 50th birthday, but after that I think it is a very uncertain future. In less than a year we went from under 24 hours to over 4 months. I can't see her going less than 4 months in the future. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say 2 in 2018; birthday in January and anniversary in July. Based on how that goes it could become habit or be the end of all orgasms.
  6. Wow, now that's a question I should think about, but then again is it MY choice? I have a long distance Mistress who I think wants To lock me up for long periods, I am not sure if she has thought about my orgasms, ruined or not. I would like To pursue the idea of cumming through anal stimulation....but once again it's not up To me. If she told me I was never going To cum again I don't know how I would feel. I used To be a bit of a chronic masturbator and being in chastity has certainly stopped that, but I feel good. After the last session if chastity she let me orgasm.....I felt empty and in some respects wished I hadn't.....but I'm not sure I'm ready for never ever again....
  7. lubed latex gloves in rear -- or just vibrator in rear and on scrotum -- prostate orgasm -- no need for penile orgasm really -- if done well with humiliation -- prostate lasts longer -- 30 seconds not 3 -- and is less intense but sweeet -- "cum like a girl you are a sissy now." personally the whole sissy thing goes with this. if you are still macho sorry, that does not go with the new kind of orgasm for you now -- if you give up penile orgasm you should be in the girl outfit at least during sex ?? dressed like my logo, never cum unless in bondage and with something in your behind, your pussy. personal opinion. vibrator on frenum (under head behind head) is nice but does not make it a penile orgasm. you can train to adapt to diff kind of orgasm without erection, with or without leaving cage. good luck.
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  8. Well I have
    been caged for a little while now, mistress says my cock is hers.....I am not allowed to play with it, and when I was released last time.....no O, she has me plugged at night and the next evolution is plugged and caged 24/7.......I have no release......not allowed anal pleasure and not allowed to touch "her" cock. I know she has a plan but I am getting a little concerned that she is intending long term denial....I don't watch porn, Mistress doesn't approve....but then whats the point anyway if I can't cum? Is there any other way I can get release without disobeying my Mistress?
  9. Since I am not allowed to have PIV intercourse or to masturbate, all of my orgasms come from prostate milking, pegging or an anal vibrator. How regular this is, I don't know. But it's the new normal for this submissive hubby.
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  10. I'm with you, @demale@demale . No PIV for 5+ years, no wanking ever permitted, so I've come to appreciate and look forward to being milked. Being an older sissy makes me more docile and easier to control, I think. She certainly has the control.
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    Chastity has many guises and it is up to those who practise it, how they wish to pursue it. I will say though that denying masturbation and even the ability to have an erection certainly changes the male attitude.
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  12. I think that you hit the nail on the head, Mistress B. Consider my attitude properly changed!
  13. It's intriguing how being milked and pegged regularly makes men exceptionally -- and deservedly -- docile. If Eve had denied Adam the apple we all would have been under petticoat government a few millennia ago.
  14. I suggested to my wife that I would like a full blown orgasm after 3 weeks of denial, but she has a thing for ruined orgasms because she doesn't notice any down time. Its been 5 weeks since my last full blown orgasm, and she does not like my 3 or 4 days of down time, so ruined orgasms may be my future.
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  15. My sub has not had one for years. Nor will again.Ever.
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  16. My Wife/Goddess @n2toys@n2toys is very much in the same thought process.
    In our pre-chastity past She loved to make me cum and watch me spurt; now She seems to really enjoy milking and ruining me along with not putting up with my post-orgasm moodiness.
    The previous Saturday I was milked and last Saturday night She ruined me while teasing - last Saturday She was once again edging me relentlessly to the point I was begging for an orgasm; after asking if She was going to ruin me She mentioned that's not Her plan but if that's what happens then so be it... at one point I felt 'something' and asked if anything came out - She said no but then when She squeezed my shaft She pushed some cum out - "Well, looks like I did ruin you..."

    I'm now approaching 6 months without a real orgasm and getting deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of insane hornyness and lust / craving for my Wife - as much as I'm desperate for an orgasm during edging I'm ultimately grateful that my Wife denies me.
    I sometimes think back trying to remember what a real orgasm feels like...
  17. I have been trying to suggest to my Miss. that she only allow me anal milking, pegging, or edging for some time now. However, she has not been totally able to free herself of the need for my penis, and so once every week or two she makes me have PIV with her, and I most often have an orgasm with her. However, we have discussed total penal orgasm denial in the last few months, and while she says there will be no more penal orgasms in the future, she does not not seem ready for that yet. She uses a penal orgasm as a reward for my hard work and good behavior. On the other hand,I am willing and ready to leave my manly type orgasm behind with all the changes, challenges, and new desires that go along with it.
  18. I love orgasms and will take one as soon as it’s offered. She doesn’t have to tell me twice and usually happens seconds after she says ok...but they are for me. A gift. She has and can orgasm from grinding on me with me inside, but it’s not the earth shattering kind from either the strapon or the wand. So, if she gives them to me it isn’t because she just got too horny to hold back and needed my penis. It is because she wanted to give me a treat. Like all gifts, it doesn’t pay to expect them. Luckily for me she hasn’t gone past 4 weeks or so without her feeling I deserved a gift. She could easily find her generosity evaporate if she felt that she didn’t want the other me to keep showing up.

    I don’t think she would ever stop the ruined ones...she likes watching it bleed out and watching my face still desperate for her.
  19. i am not allow spurty ones but i am milked evry 4 weeks if i have been good.
  20. It has been over a year for me and I have learnt to get pleasure from anal mastrbation now which is now more intense than a regular o
    My wife loves it and unfortunatey can' see me getting a unlocked for some time
    We both love our lifestyle and sex life so no complaints
  21. I was locked in August, 2016 and since then I am only unlocked every two weeks for cleaning and shaving. It was really hard in the beginning, going cold turkey. It took me months to adjust to this new change in my life. Learning to sleep, sit, pee again while being locked has been quite an experience.

    Learned a lot of things to do and not to do while in chastity. I sometimes miss being not able to touch or orgram anymore but as time is passing, I am getting more used to being locked.

    Once I had to be unlocked for few days, due to some medical emergency and I genuinely missed the being locked. It's funny when we start chastity and struggle to get used to new changes but as we get used to being locked, it feels second nature.

    It has been an interesting journey and I learned so much about myself and about serving and pleasing my Owner and not just thinking about my desires.

    In the end, I know that I will not never have a regular orgasm in my entire life again.
  22. My last regular Orgasm was September 20.Since if been locked by my Goddess in October i had no regular Orgasm.
    Ans i dont know if i sometimes happen that i‘m allowed to cum regular again.
  23. My last PIV action was 2 January 2016 with a ruined orgasm, been on ejaculation ad erection denial ever since, RO only very irregular.
    My princess likes it very much hat I can meanwhile make myself ejaculate when rubbing my penis like a clit without erection and so do I.
  24. ooer you shudnt do that really tho. well i spose it ok if your Mistress says it is.
  25. What do you mean Jemima?