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How long without cleaning breaks?

Discussion in 'Full Belts' started by SteelPants78, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. People often say they wear their belts 24/7 but this often includes cleaning breaks even as often as daily. I am more interested in a "no unlocking in any circumstances" scenario and thus I would ask you how long you have gone without any breaks what so ever.. Not for cleaning, not for adjusting. Just continuous wear. Which full steel belt you think is the most suitable for this? Neosteel arch with antibacterial coating?
  2. Well, like you already mentioned: it all depends on the the type of belt/cage.

    With my travel cage (HTv2) I only do it before travel and after travel, but not exceeding 3 days (max 4 on rare occasions)
    With my daily cage (Chinese steel) I take it of once on a weekly basis.

    Talk to your better half what she likes most and finds necessary: that is all that counts.

    Good luck!
  3. Some belts like mine have an opening that can make cleaning easier, but in my experience a properly fitted cage is very comfortable and the easiest to dry off after a shower, but they are also the esieast way to "cheat."
  4. I am not unlocked unless my wife wants me unlocked for sex. I use a handheld showerhead, a loofa and swab to clean up with otherwise. My Jailbird design makes it easy to clean myself and the main reason I bought that design. If my wife tells me to shower and unlock for sex, which is almost weekly, she will unlock me in the shower and then lock me back up after she no longer needs my penis after sex.

    We tend to be practical about lockup and do not lock up when it is not practical like a doctor visit, softball where I wear a cup, etc.. At my age I get a Prostate exam every doctor visit. I work from home so it is easy to remain locked. We do not see any valued with being locked up every minute of my life. There is no rulebook or prizes for staying locked up the longest. We can set individual goals, if we want to and adhere to them. I do that more with orgasm denial than lockup.

    If you are self locking that is a totally different game than it is for us locked by loved ones who want access to our penis. I lock myself up because my wife enjoys it and is having the most intense orgasms of her life. I owe her for sharing her girlfriends with me for most of our 44 years of marriage. This is the first time she has not had to share me with another woman and first time she is in control of our sex life. So I owe her big time.

    It is easier to say I am locked 24/7, which is the case almost always, than to list the exceptions each month. There are issues of skin problems and cleanliness, so I do not even know if a solid device is good for long term lockup. Just my yoyo weight gain and loses make a belt impractical. I was having skin issues and fungal infections when I wore a closed cage design. Bacteria love warm and moist places and I live in a tropical location. That is why I can wear my open bar design Jailbird for as long as my wife wants me to. Also keep in mind that what may seem good in our fantasies does not reflect reality where stuff happens other than feeling arousal. Play safe and sane or end up in surgery as I did before I learned that lesson.
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  5. Have just had my belt unlocked last night after a transgression and upsetting my keyholder, despite my best efforts to convince her to allow me to take the belt off she refused to do so unless i used the safe word which i would not do as it holds consequences for using it. The belt in question is my BehindBarz belt in its complete form as shown on my avatar picture complete with the steel butt rod and outer cage in place. The exact time spent locked in the belt was 14 days with no removal at all so toilet use was obviously done with all the attachments in situ. I have to say that due to hving the extra hannibal style outer cage fitted access to the inner cock tube is restricted however i was still able to thoroughly shower and take a bath throughout the time spent locked. I must say i was concious of a slight odour toward the final couple of days which made me work extra hard to flush extra soapy water etc as best as i could until i was released. My keyholder finally agreed i had worn it for long enough and unlocked the belt last night and told me to bathe completely, i was surprised that apart from a slight redness where the belt has sat probably due to not fully drying the skin beneath it i was in excellent health. The down side was my wife said it was not yet over and refitted the belt again this morning for how long i am not sure. The belt couldbe worn for as long as the keyholder says in reality although in its complete configuration you do have restricted access to clean totally
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  6. I only open my belt once every two week.
  7. Six to eight weeks. Probably could go longer.
  8. Sorry, I did not see that this was posted in Full Belts.

    Never mind.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I understand that cages can be worn much more easily than full belts for extended periods of time. How about Neosteel Arch? Could it be worn for few weeks or even a month without a cleaning break?

    I am here trying to understand practical limits for a belt wear.
  10. To my experience you can go one month straigth with every neosteel belt without unlocking.