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How long can you wear a insert?

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Wonderwomanssub, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. ive been really interested in a device using a uthrethral insert. Only thing is, I'm 24/7 locked per my mistress and I'd prefer to not have to remove it that often. So I'm wondering if it's dangerous to wear something like that long term and what other cons there might be. Can anyone tell me, thanks
  2. I'm very interested in this too. For the same reasons. I think the extra security and easier toilet breaks would be good!
  3. The longest I've gone is a week. I had no problems with it at all but it was only a week. It not something that I would want to have inserted in me all the time but that's just me. We may need the medical people to step forward to give you a better answer.
  4. I used a few cages with a insert. One was 6mm and gave me a shower if
    I tried standing up. Another had a 8th tube with a 10mm ball on the end, worked
    great. As far as time is concerned, always removed and cleaned every week.
    Always supervised of course. Due to the fact that the tube could harbor
    bacteria, I would recommend weekly cleaning. The Mistress would not be happy
    if you if you infected her property. A uti is not a good thing. As long a you keep
    it clean you will be fine. Do not use one with silicone tubing, will chaff an give
    you greif.
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  5. Permanent with maintaining
  6. Tangentially related: what do they feel like? I'm morbidly curious but one of my very few hard limits is any sort of urethral insertion. The idea just makes me involuntarily cringe into a ball and get goosebumps. I feel like many people, I could enjoy it but I don't think I could ever relax enough to put anything in there.
  7. I am not judging those that use them but I think of the long term inserts in the same way I consider catheters.

    I can't speak for women from my personal aquaintance with those that have had the experience

    However in my experience of men that have had a long term catheter in later life the resulting repeated inevitable (varified by nurses) infections take a toll which in older guys can prove to be too much, eventually something else gives and they are gone, as happened with my own father.. Catherterisation is seldom if ever 'NAMED' as the cause of death.

    I regard my self as pretty open minded but somehow don't see myself with something in my urethra as part of chastity play, certainly not long term anyway.
  8. It sounds like at least for security and health reasons a PA is the way to go. I thought this might be a good way to increase security but it sounds like more maintenance than I care for.
  9. I've been wearing the device in my avatar for about a year. It's only been removed three (maybe four) times. I have gradually shortened the length of the tube. I've had no ill-effects - other than a frustrating inability to orgasm whilst locked up!
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  10. I have just got a cage with an insert like your, how do you clean it....what lube do you use.......
  11. Don't use lube with an insert. If necessary, you need to stretch the urethra so that the insert goes in comfortably just wetted with some cold water.
  12. Thanks, what about cleaning it....how often should I remove it and what should I use to clean it....its a set latex type
  13. The insert is latex? Maybe silicone?
  14. Yes
    yes I think so
  15. So, it is soft and bendable? That probably needs to be removed and cleaned regularly. I have no experience with that. Mine is titanium, and I have worn it continuously for over half a year without problems.
  16. When you say regularly how often, as to get the insert out the cage must come off.
  17. Maybe investigate how long urethral catheters are left in place without removal. They are probably made out of a silicone material.