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How long are you locked and why?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by PouchPantyLover, Apr 5, 2017.


How long do you stay in chastity each time?

  1. Less than a week

    18 vote(s)
  2. 1 - 2 Weeks

    21 vote(s)
  3. 2 - 4 Weeks

    32 vote(s)
  4. 1 - 2 Months

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2 Months +

    27 vote(s)
  1. I'm still new to chastity and have enjoyed reading and learning here on Chastity Mansion. One of the things that surprises me is the huge variation of time in lock-up. I went pretty quickly from a day to a week and now at two weeks, but I can't imagine going more than a month. So I'm curious to hear what others experience is with their lock-up time and why. Please just answer the survey or post a reply, whatever strikes your fancy.
  2. We started off with just two weeks and five years later we are at 3-4 orgasms a year max. Hard to say how long between them since my wife could give them to me all in one week and then I will wait almost a year before we start over from zero again. The way it has worked is 3-4 months between orgasms.

    Why? The why is because of two reasons.

    1. This is the first time my wife has not shared me with other woman and is completely in charge of our sex life over our 44 year marriage. She calls chastity payback.
    2. My wife has no need for a penis in her life. She has not allowed any penetration for the last 15-20 years. She is bi and prefers sex with women or her vibrator who we call Bob III. He is the third in line of her Battery Operated Buddies. She would be fine to not have any sex at all like her girlfriends. She is the only one in our social circle of retired people who is still having sex. Without chastity, there would be no sex.
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  3. Thanks @Vinny@Vinny, appreciate the insight. Always enjoy your posts.
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  4. At the moment I am only let out every 2 months but my mistress wants to change this to every 3 months and she will, as to why, I am only allowed to serve her orally she said a long time ago that my dick did not satisfy her and I came too soon anyway, so in her view I don't need to be let out, I am both milked and pegged whilst locked in between full releases. things have been this way for the last 10 years and I have been in chastity of some sort for about 15. now with the onset of age she will not be happy until I only get 1 release per year, just seems to be heading that way
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  5. Thanks @sissybitch@sissybitch I appreciate the feedback. So when your mistress lets you out every 2 months does she allow a full orgasm? If so how is it allowed? How long are you out for? I've lobbied my KH to allow me a few days out when she does release me, but she has been more on the side of 12 - 24 hours.
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  6. Hi yes its a full orgasm given with her hand. if I have been good she will let me cum on her stockings but not until she says so and if I do lose control before she is ready a punishment will follow. trying to hold back after 2 months is hard for me and I do usually end up getting a sound spanking in any case I am always made to lick up my mess. As to how long I am out of the cage, it goes straight back on after a shower hope that helps
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  7. We just started a week ago, started out on April Fools Day and guess who the fool was LOL. As for how long not sure, Hubby won't tell me. As to why I thought it was going to be just a game but after watching him put keys in steel combo locked box he said its not a joke and said the reason is because I flirt with other guys and he deciced that to keep me honest he decided on a cage. So time will tell i guess.
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  8. Good luck @ShortCaged@ShortCaged I hope you and your husband find all the good things in chastity that my wife and I have. I'm still a rookie myself, but be careful about going to far too fast with your first lock-up.
  9. My fiance releases me between 2 and 3 weeks. She likes when I get really horny and frustrated and then after I have taken care of her enough she likes to make me cum fast and hard.
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  10. Thank you for sharing your experience @cagedmage32@cagedmage32 I am currently in that 2 - 3 week zone myself. How long do you stay out after cumming?
  11. It would seem to make good sense that the duration of lock up/chastity would vary greatly, as for some it is a full time way of life. For others, its might just be an occasional weekend experience. etc... There are others who may fall in the middle. I normally go one to two weeks presently, although I have asked my KH to push this out longer, as I desire to give more to her and I have become more comfortable with being chaste and its benefits. When I do get a break in chastity, it is only for sex, and I go right back in my cage. She has been a bit reluctant with more than two weeks so far. She enjoys the occasional PIV, and even says she still likes watching and making me cum hard after a period of chastity. So, this is not conducive to super long lock ups presently,
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  12. Still sounds like fun @JiL@JiL thanks for sharing your experience. So far poll results indicate 70% are in the 4 weeks or less range.
  13. On average most of my lock up times are between 4 to 6 weeks. Although I have been kept locked for 4 months (my longest to date). I think that was just to see how long she could keep me locked and really push me. It really all depends on her (wife/kh) mood. Sometimes she can be quite frisky and wanting to play. Other times not so much.
    The last couple of releases she has let me roam free for a few days before she has me re-locked. When she allows me some freedom there is one rule "No Touching". The funny thing is when I am free I have become so accustomed to my cage being locked on, I seem to miss it being there...and so the saga continues in a locked state.
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  14. The longest I've had is 1 month ,
    With my last keyholder it was 3 weeks (both the choices of the keyholder and not mine :). )
  15. i am lock in my cage a lot but i am allow to tuck if we go out to somewhere sometimes. so I'm not locked up for ages and ages but i'm not unlocked as well for long.
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  16. Currently every 30 days. I do not have a key holder so my chasity is self imposed. :(

    I chose 30 days because at the time I was using a CB6000S which completely covered my dick making cleaning difficult at best and skin monitoring impossible without first removing it.

    Now I'm locked in a Jail Bird knockoff which so far has been a big improvement in both fit, security, cleanliness and ability to keep an eye on skin conditions due to the open design of the cage.:)

    With that in mind I may extend the "cleaning/inspection " day to once every three months.

    BTW: I "enforce" key control by using a kSafe digital timed lockbox.

    Have a kinky day! :D
  17. @PouchPantyLover@PouchPantyLover She usually lets me be free until the next morning but sometimes she locks me up right after.
  18. Hi im currently 40days in but the last time out of chastity was for cleaning , shaving but no cuming . my last orgasam was new years day my next is totally my key holders choice .i was restrained during cleaning and shaving as always
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  19. For cumslave it's been over three years now 24/7. It didn't start that way, but over the last fifteen years it has come to this. He has accepted it and either of us would have it any other way. Well at least me.:) He is my soul mate and would do anything to please me. So for me, this is what pleases me the most. Complete control sexually, and for him to be limited sexually. A few times a year for him, and milkings is what he now knows as his new normal. Me I get to orgasm a couple times a week.
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  20. Ok. I'll chime in on the short duration. My wife has control of when I orgasm whether I'm wearing my cage or not. For me it's a matter of practicality mostly. I fly frequently for work and that makes it hard to go long term. the other factor is that, for us, it's a spice to our sexuality, and as such, wearing the cage is hotter as an occasional thing when we decide to spice it up. I get horny and very service oriented wearing it and she enjoys revving my engine, so to speak. I'm able to control myself and not masterbate because I've pledged that to her and she likes it that way. For us, we live a chastity and organs control lifestyle --the cage is a hot sex toy and symbol we enjoy periodically. Maybe this will change over time...Who knows... It's really up to her because our marriage is more about what she wants.

    I applaud those that go for long times or wear a device permanently but to each his own...There is no right or wrong approach
  21. Great responses, thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences with me. I feel like I want to continue to try and push my boundaries on lock-up time, although I realize that is my KH's choice, not mine. My reason for wanting to go further isn't some masochistic desire to endure hardship. I genuinely enjoy the experience of being chaste and subservient to my KH. It's really made us closer and more intimate than we have been since early courtship days. The constant yearning is so much better than the spasmodic release followed by the let down of knowing I'm back at square one.
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  22. I can relate to that I have got to the point of not wanting full orgasm and the low felling that follows it and now love the constant wanting and desire to please my mistress
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  23. i think thats my KH 's ideal she says this year is no orgasm year for me (milking only) and a new high for her ,
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    Then why not? Why shouldn't she require it if she can have it and (especially) enforce it.
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  25. Yr KH is yr x?! What am I missing in that picture? o_O

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