how i have changed in five days

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    hi i would just like to share a couple of things i have done since i joined.
    i have always enjoyed BDSM in one form or another. however never locked chastity.
    i became curious around this time last year. due to having a hernia three month wait for surgery and recovery time.
    i gave up on the idea. until i found the mansion and joined on the 4th march .
    i read through some of the wonderful post and went to the chat room and met some wonderful people.
    well i got out the cb6ks that i had purchased last year and started to experiment again .
    i locked up a few hours at a time normally when i was on here.
    on the morning of the 7th of march i decided to try for a longer lock up.
    due to the surgery i was shaved on the right hand side of my groin i would have never thought of a full shave before i came here.
    so of i went bought some lady razors and set about my first shave.
    when complete i could not believe how pleases i was with the result.
    i massaged the whole area with lotion and applied my cb6ks and locked it. for how long i do not know.

    this morning got up had arranged a game of tennis some weeks ago a sort of physiotherapy to help regain some level of fitness.
    just before i was about to leave i picked up the keys to unlock .
    i paused and thought if i had a KH would she allow this ?
    i think not i through the keys on the bed and went off to play tennis locked in my cb6k.
    something i would have not considered before.
    how things have changed in five days
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