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How does she feel about your piercing

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. So just curious about what your keyholders think about your piercing. I realize some were pierced before chastity, but for those who were pierced for chastity, what are their thoughts. Do they like the looks, the security, indifferent, love it or hate it?

    I was pierced for the sole purpose of chastity. She didn't make me, it was something that I wanted done as a sign of my seriousness. Her thoughts are that she likes sex with me wearing the ring, she can feel it. We both like the looks of it too. I never asked if she liked the added security of no pull outs but suspect that adds a little something. She probably knows I'm not the cheating type, but a little extra security isn't something she would turn down.

    I don't know if it's because she has grown into her own and just doesn't want to go down on me, or if it has something to do with the ring, but she hasn't gone down on me almost at all since I was pierced.

    I think overall she is glad that I did.
  2. I'm not sure but I get the feeling she doesn't like it. She likes it when it's hittin a certain spot tho! Guess we will see when I am guaged up and not hurty.
  3. Oh and also when it gets used with a device. I imagine she'll love it then!
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  4. I had mine long before chastity came into play, she always liked it but was concerned about chipping a tooth while going down on me. I have a 6g. She loves the feel of it rubbing over her clit and now with chastity, she loves it even more. All and all a win win for us.
  5. I think mine was fairly indifferent until my new cage arrived that made it impossible to do anything. Plus the new cageis pretty cool looking. She did like the other one that allowed a bit more room to get chubby, she liked seeing me in somewhat pain as it attempted to get hard. The new device with piercing makes that impossible.
  6. You should ask her how she feels about the added security. Does it comfort her knowing that you can't cheat even if you really wanted to? Does she like that when she says, for example, you're staying locked for a month, that no matter how desperate you get, you can't actually do anything about it? Also, how does she feel about it as a sacrifice that you made to her? Does she find it romantic? Although it was your idea, would she now consider it a requirement to your chastity? Does chastity feel more real to her now that you're pierced? Apologies for all the questions, just curious about how she feels about all this.
  7. I have recently asked her and found I was pretty much spot on. To answer your questions:

    ~She said she liked that is all hers, and the added security does make her feel better, but didn't really worry about me cheating it anyway.

    ~Now that it's done she prefers the piercing. The only thing she misses is the fact that my new device requires that I take my ring off. But she said that it's not that big of deal since I put it on right away when I take the cage off.

    ~The next one I didn't need to ask her, she told me before during ad after, that I didn't need to do it, and she thought it was very sweet that I would alter myself just so she knew it was hers alone. She knew I wasn't a piercing or tattoo guy and that it absolutely terrified me. She was aware that it would change certain things, and yes did find it romantic that I would go through with it. It was my gesture that I was serious, it wasn't a passing fancy, and that I wanted clear and permanent changes in our roles.

    ~Now that it is done, healed, and have a perfectly comfortable device, yes it would be considered a requirement. The only reason to switch to a device I can pull out of would be to pull out...so no, it's here to stay.

    ~No, it didn't make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, she knew I wasn't the type to cheat it. It did make it more real for her when we went to get pierced and she watched them do it. Like wow, he's getting his dick pierced for this, this is pretty real now.

    Let me reiterate, she did not require nor even request that I get pierced. It was something I decided on my own to do for her. Don't get me wrong, the extra security ups the chastity 10 fold, but I really had no wish to get pierced, except to show her I meant what I said.
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  8. I got a PA few years back. My wife liked it. She liked the way it looked and all.

    The problem we had was that the jewelry that was comfortable for me to wear was uncomfortable for her during sex. We found a shape that she enjoyed during sex and even hit her spot good and could bring her to a quicker orgasm but it would constantly rub a sore spot on the head of my penis during daily wear.

    So we opted to abandon the PA simply because we didn't like having to always change the jewelry.

    Also, she was always nervous of causing me pain or injury when playing with me because she was afraid of pulling it too much or it getting caught.
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  9. Mine has turned out to love it. I did it at her request, but obviously I wasn't forced. In fact, I made it very clear that regardless of how much more interesting the piercing made chastity, if it made sex less enjoyable for her then It was gone. It took quite a while to heal up all the way, but once it had, she has found the sex with it amazing. I can make the slightest movements and watch her twitch. So hot.

    And of course for the other 90% of the time she's thrilled to know that when I leave the house with the cage on, there's zero ability for removal.
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  10. Thanks for answering all my questions. She sounds strict, yet fair.
  11. I think it's really romantic of you to honor her request and give her total control.