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How do you all do it

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by lockedsliver, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I post here from time to time, but honestly, I don't feel worthy of being around those of you who live life locked up all the time or most the time. I can't seem to keep my device on. I put it on tonight and after about 30 minutes it was burning so badly that I took the cage off. I left the ring on and I am just putting more lotion on and going to lock back up shortly.

    The thing is, when I put my cage on, my left testicle always gets light red and the veins get dark. I'm not sure how else to explain it. I can pee, I can get my pinky most of the way through the bottom of the ring so I know I'm not cutting off blood flow. I usually just let it ride, but tonight the burn was so bad in 21 minutes that I took it off. Now the burn is on the back side of the scrotum behind my testicles.

    I keep trying but I feel like my body just may not be ok with my kink. I've tried a CB3000, CB6000, and now the holy trainer. I've been trying on and off again for about 12 years give or take. I know most say go steel, but I really don't want to spend steel money if I can't wear the holy trainer any length of time; as what would steel do that this thing doesn't?

    Thanks for reading, sorry about me whining a little and rambling on about my sensitive bits.
  2. You might be allergic to the material, or even the lubricant you're using.

    Steel ones to try out are fairly inexpensive on ebay, give one a try. Other than that, try baby oil gel, it's what I use when locked and it helps to put some on before bed, and again when getting up.
  3. Thank you, I'll try the baby oil gel. I have some here, so I can try that. I've tried KY, Wet Lube, Personal Lubricant (Generic), Lubriderm, Jergens you name it, but I'll try it. I'll look on ebay as well for the inexpensive metal ones.
  4. As a person the tried just about every off the shelf main steam device I would say that you may be like me, sensitive to the round rings found on MOST devices ... I even had a MM with both a round ring and an Oval ring and I still got ball burn quite often ... I currently wear a Steelworxx with an anatomical ring and it is what works best for me.

    Sooo for me it was not about steel (nice and round unlike the plastic) it was about shape ... I first (before chastity) tried the Jnaja because of the same reasoning as stated above ... http://www.velv-or.com/products/3d-printed ... and well I found that in chastity devices I still needed the anatomical shape.
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  5. Also as stated ... lube is VERY important
  6. It's not as easy as some portray. Many of us struggle with the same issues you have.

    We try things we experiment and we push through. It's a journey. And it's not easy at times. But we enjoy the good so we endure the bad.

    That said, please be careful. People have done permenant injury to themselves trying to push through pain, uncomfortable is one thing and real pain is another. Please learn the difference. Please watch the warning signs, and when in doubt error with caution.
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  7. Lana's sissy pet is currently only caged probably 1-2 days per week, though she's gone as much as four days recently. in the dim past, when it was current generation, she wore a cb2000 for 30 days straight, never off. She does not recommend that :)

    Lana's sissy pet finds it takes most of a day for her to adjust to the cb6000s, but after that it becomes pretty easy. She doesn't get burning, that would be worrisome -- for her it's just pinching as things settle and she gets used to where her balls now are.
  8. You say you've tried the cb 3000 and 6000 so you must have tried different combinations of ring size and spacer. Finding your correct fit isn't always easy. I was just wondering if you may have something else that wrong that may require a doctor and when you where the ring it just irritates it enough that you have a problem. Getting a good checkup from a doctor is t always a bad idea. Some irritation is normal but yours sounds beyond that.
  9. Hi it sounds like the ring is too small. I had this before and it was agony. I think it was on Mature Metals site I read you should be able to get your ring finger in up to the knuckle.
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  10. I would agree with @lockit@lockit that maybe you have the ring just a little too small. I tried to downsize from a 45mm to a 40mm after wearing constantly for a year. Everything fit through the ring without too much effort, it felt snug but not uncomfortable. This was going to work!

    Not even close.

    I had such ball burn and nearly everything from standing to breathing became uncomfortable so I begged to remove it. Find your ideal size (or shape as some have suggested) and there is no better sizing advice than trial and error.

    Based on your description, I'd move up to the next available size. I had four different cages, three gap widths and two different base ring sizes before I got it right.
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  11. Either allergic to lube or device but most times it is a poor fit. You need to lube up a lot and wearing it longer and longer over time. Do not start off wearing it to bed. It took me 3 months to wear it a few nights a week. It took me 3 weeks to get used to wearing it during the day. In the end I bought a custom made metal device and find it so comfortable that even when I can take it off, I rather not.
  12. Sounds too tight.
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  13. I use bepanthen on my scrotum.
    Its a nappy rash cream and i find its stops any pain that i might get very quickly.
    It will dry out over time but generally 1 application per day does it for me
  14. I haven't tried it, but I've seen the anti-chafing creams that cyclers use recommended too. There's the benefit they come in sticks like deodorant, so easy to apply.
  15. I have tried several different lubes for my ring when i was getting the burning sensation from my skin pulling across the ring. They all either wore off or dried rather quickly.

    I discovered JO silicone based lube and it lasts all day. I have been usinig it every day since my Wife locked me up 2 years ago.
  16. On your recommendation I just ordered some. All other lubes I've tried all dry up eventually.
  17. I also use the system JO silicone lube and it work great.
  18. @lockedsliver@lockedsliver the cb ones rings do hurt after a bit and i think that the metal rings are best and the rings that have not got hinge and am all smoothe and round am the best and as well its better if they are not thin ones. Then you can have them on all the time.
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  19. Thank you all for your responses. I apologize for not responding until now. I have been ill for a few days and not up to reading anything. I did make it 36 hours with the device on; I had a little bruising but it was fine. I think honestly the ring being that oval shape instead of round is what is getting me. I have to pull a LOT of skin through to get it to work. I think we are going to use a measuring guide and order a metal one and see how that goes. I think custom is the only way I'm ever going to be able to last in one long term.
  20. Good luck lockedsilver, it took us quite a long time to finally find the right combination. As for anti-chafing, I recommend going to the baby isle at your local drug store or supermarket. The stuff there has been developed over many years to protect and not cause reactions AND it's much more affordable than the "adult" products. I use A & D Ointment around my ring and in that area between the cage and the scrotum. I would say the one downside is the particular odor this product has, but smelling like a baby is better than a rash! I wear a very short cage (1") and had some issues with yeast infections under the vestigial skin around the head of my penis being rolled up all the time. I found Desitin Zinc Oxide works great in tight areas, and again, it is found in the baby care isle.
  21. How do I do it? Well, I have something of a genital dysphoria thing combined with my wife's fantasy/desire for me to be a eunuch. I guess between those two things I find it very easy (and even preferable at times) to be locked up.
  22. Baby oil has been the way to go for me since it came out and replaced the far messier baby oil. But with a tight cage you are not thinking of removing runnig a little oil into to help things along is quite easy.

    I have always used round A-rings since my first cb-2000 and with the right device and set up I always felt comfortable and could almost forget it was on.
    It is all about set up, you will need a while to adjust to 24/7 wear and will need to keep altering your set up as you do adjust in time though you will get it right and it will feel good and even ignorable.

    I now have the anotomical ring of a Holy Trainer which turned out to be a really good instant fit with no adjustments needed. It really is very comfortable, theres things I'd change for sure but nothing I'd want to change about the ease of wear.