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How do I stop getting aroused?

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by rebeccacd404, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. The 3000 was my first device, and it is most likely too large for you. If you had a smaller device, it would be easier to manage, because an erection would be restricted. It changes things both physically and mentally.

    Eventually, you don't notice getting an erection because, most of the time you do not. Your body does not bother with the device on. Take the device off, and it goes back to normal very quickly.

    If you are a grower as I am, a proper device fits the diameter of your flaccid pens closely, but not too tightly. The length should be about 1/4 inch shorter than your flaccid length. That would keep things under control!
  2. Yes i knew kidding you a little Bit
  3. Imagine Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket or as she likes to say Mrs. Bouquet in lingerie and wearing a strapon That should help!
  4. OK, you got me....
  5. It should..? maybe I am more depraved than I thought...lol
  6. well theym pills that stop testrone so you don't do things like men do.
  7. Being aroused is part of chastity. If you are having pain the device probably does't fit right. It usually takes time to find one that fits to stay on and won't cause

    pain. All trap devices are going to move away from home base and cause discomfort. I have a full belt now that eliminates that problem. The HTv2 has a ring

    that is pretty comfortable, but you need to get the right size ring. I have tried open cages with the insert with no problem, but use only 316 stainless steel.

    Just remember this is part of the whole trip, sometimes it is stop and go. Listen to your body and don't hurt yourself.