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how do i properly milk myself?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by roger311, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. I don't owned a chasity device at this moment but I'm trying to abstain myself from masterbating. I have the nexus G -rider toy, I've used it twiced and no spunk came out after using it. How long am I suppose to do it for and how frequently in a week? I've used it yesterday and today and nothing. But of course i stimulated my penis yesterday and ejaculated normally, am I suppose to let the cum buildup in my system for a week or so? very little of pre cum came out but thats it.
  2. I'm interested in this too, i have a prostate massager and haven't had any luck with it really, wifey would love to be able to milk me without orgasm, but not much luck so far, even though she tried for 45 mins at a time.
  3. I think a little vibrating implant fitted to the prostate that could be activated by mobile phone would be just the thing. Perhaps one of you clever chaps could invent one??.
  4. I'd recommend starting with a regular dildo (well, more or less regular - you'd be using it as an anal toy, so it should have some kind of flared base or something). It'll make it easier to experiment. And I'd say you should try waiting at least a few days before you try.

    However, don't hold your breath. It is perfectly normal to have to give it a dozen tries before you learn to make it work. Just don't get impatient and don't use too much force.

    And you might want to read this:
  5. To milk yourself, you have to prepare. You have to either:

    1) Not have masturbated for 3-5+ days


    2) Edge for a while; masturbate, stop before you come, and do that over and over without coming

    Then, ride your g-rider toy. Use a moderate amount of LUBE, even if you think you don't need it, and reapply whenever it begins to feel dry/not slick. Depending on your specific anatomy, you might be able to come hands free if you go slowly, but most people will need to ride it hard, fast, and without stopping. (Personally, I find that the best position is on the floor, not on your bed. Sit directly on the floor and scoot back and forth, riding the toy. For more control, put your knees up like you're going to do a sit-up, lift your toes so that only the balls of your feet are on the floor, and rock back and forth.) It's going to feel extremely good, and it's also going to feel extremely uncomfortable, and you'll feel like you won't be able to "take it", but the key is to just keep going. If it actually starts to HURT, stop; that means you're either not using enough lube, or you've simply tired yourself out (in which case you should rest for a little while).

    You don't need a toy for this. You can just rub your prostate with your fingers. But I find that a toy (like the g-rider, or the rude boy) feels way better.

    But the key to milking is that nothing is going to come out unless your tubes are full of cum, and that happens by either edging beforehand, or not having ejaculated in 3-5+ days.

    Note that milking is sort of an advanced part of anal play. If you're new to anal play, I suggest starting off with small dildos/buttplugs. It's all about figuring out what feels good for YOU, because everyone's anatomy is different, and to really enjoy anal play of any kind, you need time and practice.
  6. thanx for the advice guys. Hopefully today I'll get to try it, its been already 6 days. I just hate how I still live with my sibling and parents it makes it hard to do it quietly and frequently. That g-rider is pretty loud, you can definitely hear it even behind close doors.
  7. I've just finish doing it and nothing still, but it felt great though. I'm guessing I need to tease myself everyday. right? just watching some video while locked up maybe?I'm pretty sure every three days of stimulation, I'm bound to get it.
  8. i keep urniating, why? everytime i feel like im pressing it , it feels like i have to take a leak.
  9. Are you talking about a feeling you're about to urinate, or actually urinating?

    If it is the former, you might be mistaking the sensation of being milked with having to pee.

  10. Both. Just when I thought I got it, urine comes out. It also feels like I got to go number 2 as well.

    should i be contracting my anus when the toy is inside or do i just leave it there and let the vibration do the work. I feel real comfortable when I'm on my back but i do it in a doggy position as well.
    is there anything specific? Should I be fighting the urge to pee or shit? if thats the case then I've been doing it wrong.
  11. Try going slower, use less force, and don't go too deep. You prostate is not that deep inside your behind, you don't have to take six or more inches to milk yourself.

    You could even get some gloves and try using your own fingers. That might not be enough to milk you (you might feel like a contortionist though), but it would give you a better idea about what you're dealing with.

    As for position, doggy is probably best by far. You want those juices able to flow out, you don't want to be actually pushing them uphill :)
  12. Hi together,

    in addition what already was stated about milking, i think one key to milking is the right mind-set: one has to agree about to be just milked, without perspective nor prospect for any orgasmic event. This should lead to relaxation from the very inside of the milkee. And from my limited experience from milking, this is the trick: the muscles "down there" have to remain completely relaxed, accepting the invasion and the invader's pushing actions. Which needs some training and also absolute willpower from the milkee.

    When a male thinks about expelling his juice including his semen, the first thing connected to it is contraction of muscles around the prostate and elsewhere nearby, to ensure eruption. But if trying to milk, this is contraproductive. As it forces back on any anal invader and thereby prevents the milking-success. From my limited experience, all juice has more to be pressed out by the action of the inserted tool one uses (be it a dildo, a prostate massenger or a finger). Of course, while the juice comes out, certain muscles will assist the process - but only in a very reduced way, like giving way to urine (which also gets out best when one is relaxed, not trying to contract any muscles consciously).

    From my perspective, getting in this kind of mind-set is not simple. As it is a quite degrading way to loose his essence, just flowing away, and without orgasmic feeling thereby. It is quite emasculating from my perspective. And one has to be fully agreeing to that it just flows out of his body, by focussing to let it happen, full relaxing thereby to let it happen, not trying to force it out nor to gain any orgasmic feeling from it (which is especially hard during the flow occures). And although it does not really reduce the horniness one feels inside, wanting to blow a load, it can lead to some kind of depression right after, like having wasted one opportunity for a climax by total loss of man-juice.

    When one has the feeling that one needs to pee during the milking procedure, it is a good sign that the right spot is stimulated. Just continue from there and relax, without fear to pee, but preparing and concentrating on to be drained off the juice, but without urging any conscious contraction thereby, which is the hardest part of the process.

    At least this is the insight i can give from my limited experience of milking, i hope it is of help.

    Chaste regards,
  13. Yes, check out one of these (Venus 2000) - i was milked with one last week with a full hood on - whoa, wow, ooooo yeah.


    Rent, buy, or just try - it was incredible (among the other things performed).

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