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How do I get my wife to let me wear panties

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Georgemaser, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. wear panties?!! never.
  2. I told my wife after 10 years that I liked wearing panties and bras. She was more taken back and upset that I didn't say anything all that time. Once I reassured her that I wasn't gay (that was her next question) she was good with it. Even made me wear a pair of hers the next time we had sex. Blew my mind and she was pretty vanilla when it came to sex. I bought her her first vibrator to show my appreciation. We really connected over it.
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  3. No damage done, no offense taken. I was just explaining why in my case I still have hairy legs. I live in a climate where we wear shorts year round, so people notice.
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  4. I See that's working really good for you LOL
  5. How I got my wife to accept me wearing panties.

    It was very simple I treated her with lots of Love and Respect. I did everything I could to take care of her needs both sexual and none sexual, doing all the house work and being a servant to her. Than one day I was wearing a pair of lace panties while doing the dishes she came up behind me and asked " What's this "

    I told her it was part of my uniform for serving her while doing my household duties. To be caged, plugged and wearing panties. She said than you can wear them but only at home when we're alone. Since than it progressed more and more to wear all other underwear except some thongs,g strings or jock straps have been tossed in the garbage and I wear panties almost all the time. It took a few steps to get to where we are today. Take your time enjoy the progressive journey.
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  6. We recently went to see Wonder woman, the film and it was very good. A few days later I was in Asda and saw some super hero ladies underwear, so purchased three different super hero’s knickers for my key holder. The exciting thing for me was that looking a the spider man knickers, any person could wear them , even a man and if the back of your trousers dipped a but it would just show black elastic with a red spider man back ground.
    Look on line for Asda spider man knickers and you will see what I mean,

    Today we talked about them and my keyholder said at first she thought they where boxer short, I took my chance and asked if she wanted me to wear them, fearing I would get a “don’t be silly” or “that’s weird” , all I got was I would be worried if you had an accident and had to go to hospital, I then asked what about just wearing them inside the house. She would still be worried about having an accident and going to hospital.

    I don’t want to push my luck , but it’s scary how excited I got just thinking about this new level. Not sure what to do next.

    Asda spiderman.jpg
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  7. Interesting comment about the accident. When I started to want to wear panties my wife said the same thing. My response was. I'm 50 years old and how many times have I had an accident that I had to go to the hospital and expose my underwear ? The answer to that question is Zero

    What would your answer be? Just trying to help
  8. Considering she is happy for me to wear a locked chastity device and go out alone in the big wide world,, but still I am not sure I want to push her out of her comfort zone
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  9. Well This morning I asked my keyholder "if I should secure things etc.." , this normally just means I put on my chastity device. She said Yes. So on went the device AND a pair of spider man knickers.
    Later I text her asking what underwear she is wearing, then I text back , well I'm locked up and wearing these, Then send a photo , with "that should make you smile". IMG_2793.JPG
  10. I know this doesnt help how to get a wife to accept crossdressing but for me the cross dressing came before the chasity..I can remeber early 11? 12? Digging in my moms (gross) underware drawer and trying on things...after marriage it took years for me to open up to my wife about this part of my life. Now I have an entire dresser full on panties, bras the works. I can only wear panties on a daily basis the rest stays in house when i get the chance. The only time i get to go out dressed is Halloween and i usally win the best costume. The women go crazy for a big muscular guy in 6 inch heals with fake boobs and and a short shirt! These days if i want to wear "boy" underware I have to ask permission and she decides. Most days she picks my panties out for the day. Incidentally I find being locked you can fit in to many more styles and smaller designs. She has me wear a pad as well to catch the leakage associated with chasity. I have to buy my own pads but occasionally she surprises me with new girl clothes. Good luck!
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  11. Hi. I'm not sure what I really want from this wearing of knickers, Is it just that my wife controls another section of my sexually? Or would I or she want to go all the way ?
    I don't know if others out there have just started and stayed with Ladies knickers Or have moved on.
  12. Oh heck, things are moving at a fast pace, I asked her this morning what she was wearing (knickers) "Wonder woman" she replies.
    "Snap" I say
    "Yes I thought so" she says
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  13. Small steps , small steps
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  14. I asked my wife what would she like me to wear tomorrow?
    Girl Power, Wonder Woman, Lace, Pink, Spiderman, Flower?
    She replied "Spider-man don't ever wear girlie stuff that's mine"

    So Spiderman Knickers it is....
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  15. I wouldn't stress it to much, you don't want her to get aggravated. For me, I guess will I will consider myself lucky. My wife/KH has always wanted me to wear panties. Even before chastity. Hell, she had me trying on her panties when we were 17 and 18 years old. Now at 31 and 32, it's an everyday thing. She still enjoys picking them out for me and going shopping for manties as she likes to call them.

    Don't stress it or push the issue, maybe over time it will come up and she will want you to wear them.
  16. Nice chief -- glad she so involved and accepts your interests and likes
  17. Daft question but what size should I buy?
    I’m 32” waist , So have purchase size 14 but also size 20 (by mistake)
    The 20 is just a bit big, But 14 Ok however chastity device can slip out
    P.S. Day three in Knickers & locked
  18. I have waist 37 or so size 8 can be good or loose a bit - for me size 7 - it really been hit and miss between 7- 8
  19. I take that as USA size 7-8
  20. Oh I blow it.
    Pushed to hard , she accepted wearing some knickers. But the I asked I could buy some knickers and she could decide which ones I could wear. She said let her think.
    Later I asked again !! (stupid) what she wanted me to wear – got text back _”superhero underpants! “
    I asked “Can they be knickers ?”
    Reply “I prefer you in underpants or boxer shorts”

    What do I do now ??
    I have four pairs of knickers & two more pairs on the way.
    I’ve opened a side of myself I did not truly know I had

    I think she will let me wear knickers but I wanted her to lead me...
  21. I've had luck in the past by explaining that while there are "tom boys" in this world that there are also "tom girls". I explain that "tom boys" are girls who like to express their masculine side (which society generally finds ok) and that "tom girls" are just males who likes to express their feminine side (more than society finds is ok). That is not an exact definition for "tom boy" and I know that everyone crossdresses for different reasons so the explanation may not work for you but it did open the doorway for me to explain my crossdressing in a manner that could be related to and understood, as opposed to just throwing it out there and hoping for the best. I've used that explanation twice and it worked both times as a starting point to successfully introduce my crossdressing. After that, I took it slow and tried not to push too hard.