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Hotwife out and I'm locked up.

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by Little dicky, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. As I drove the wife to the city centre to meet the girls, she told me to lock up tonight by 21:00. So I'm sat here nude with only my cb 6000s to keep me company waiting for my wife to return home. Anticipation is so amazing and the not knowing is excruciating. Ld.
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  2. is she coming home alone??
  3. Tonight she probably will. She told me to have a wank clean myself up then put my cage back on.
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  4. It sounds like your in for a fun evening @Little dicky@Little dicky and hopefully many many more to come.

    Waiting for your Mistress to come home in the evening while wearing only your cage is the norm in our relationship. I do get to wear panties over my cage but nothing else. My Mistress doesn't do something every evening but if you've been following my blog "On Display " you can see that I'm not complaining about what she does.

    You have a fantastic Key Holder their who is taking control, you are starting on a very exciting Journey. Enjoy your trip and don't be scared to post about your journey.

    Many men would love to be in your shoes right now.
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  5. Oh! Yes. I'm really excited and nervous about our little adventure.
  6. Hope she returns with her pussy steaming and dripping. Am envious!
  7. Nervous and excited, but I'm almost positive that it also makes you wet. I know it does for me when I'm in situations like that. Sounds Like Fun