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Hot things your KH have said to you?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by CZSteve, May 3, 2017.

  1. I know I answered this before but I remembered something only said one time. I performed oral on my wife and I started to get up to lay down in bed when she said, "I did not tell you to stop." At the time it was hot, but she never had to say it again since I just wait for her to push my head away when she has had enough or wants to use her vibrator instead of my tongue. I just read something and remembered this. Now I give it no thought since I know to stay in place until told otherwise or pushed away.
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  2. This is the text from @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules this morning.

    You shall remain locked today xx
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  3. I love my KH/Domina Queen/Wife. She'll ask me "how's it hanging" and will laugh and say " oh, I'm sorry its not" or "how's my little locked cock doing today" I'm locked 24/7 now and when we are out and about, she'll give it a quick glance and smirk at me because it drives her wild while we are in public and I'm locked. She also carries her key with her, work, ball field, doesn't matter she always has it. Somedays she will send me a picture of her holding the key. Drives me crazy
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  4. I'm 2 1/2 weeks in to the current lock up and feeling more needy as the days go by. I touch my wife whenever I can, hug her, snuggle... do whatever I can to be close to her. Last night we had turned in early and hoped she would be open to some play. My offer to 'fool around' was met with the following:

    "I'll let you rub my feet and that's all you'll get tonight so enjoy yourself."
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  5. I've been locked up for 12 days, a record for me. I've been teased on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (today). I asked this morning "what are my chances". Her response "No". Me: maybe just for a bit". Her: No, not today". Then drew me in for a hug and stroked my head. Sigh. My very vanilla wife has never been this strong and decisive.

    Now I have no idea where I stand and when I'll be out. It's Fathers Day here on Sunday, so at the very least I hope I'll be allowed out then!
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  6. As part of our FLR arrangement my Wife and I sleep in separate rooms. We always have a cuddle before I get sent to my own bed, sometimes I get teased, sometimes not, sometimes I get to pamper her, sometimes not and very, very, very occasionally she gets almost possessed and goes a bit Femdom on me.

    A few nights ago she had let me read to her and had been caressing my back, thighs and bottom as I did so, bringing my state of arousal to quite a peak. When I finished the chapter I was reading, She grinned at me and told me that it was time for me to go to bed. I whimpered a bit and told her that while I like being a good boy (something which she holds in very high importance) sometimes I feel like being really naughty. Elle knows that it takes me a good while to calm down after she has aroused me.

    She patted me on the cheek and told me that one of the reasons that she teases me before sending me to bed is that it makes her excited and happy to think that I am dreaming about the things she has done to me. She loves it when I tell her about the dreams i have had, even the crazy over the top ones.
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  7. First - as a little back story: My Wife and I will cuddle in the morning just before getting up and at night when going to bed; this consists of some very frustrating teasing... I cannot think of a better way to start and/or end the day :D
    I'll often be so frustrated I'll try to hump my Wife's hand and/or just the air...
    When She's teasing me and I start moving my hips to Her hand She'll stop or I have to ask permission to be allowed to hump.

    Text Today from @n2toys@n2toys

    Wife/KH - "You've started whining now when you hump the air. Cute!"
    Me - "Was I? You enjoying my frustration?"
    Wife/KH - "Most Definitely!"
    Me - "Nice. Actually excites me that you enjoy my frustration..."
    Wife/KH - "I love it! Also because I am the one that gives you the pleasure you need when I want to give it to you."
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  8. While using a dildo she pulls it out and says "suck it!"
    Then "tell me how you like to suck a cock for me!"
    Later pegging me " tell me how youd love a big cock in your ass!"
    Just got a PA piercing tonight..yesterday she says "tomorrow I'm gonna take your manhood!"
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  9. So just some backstory: we're not new to chastity but we're fairly new to keyholding. I've been half self locked and half key-held on and off for the past couple years. The issue is that I'm still trying to get a proper fit on my cage and I can't currently sleep in it. She has said in the past she's not interested in being my keyholder until I have a cage that I can wear continuously, since it seems like a lot of work for her.

    Recently she's shown more interest in keyholding and we've agreed to try out a "lite chastity" arrangement, until I get a properly fitted cage. She'll hold the keys and in the mornings I'll be expected to be locked before she leaves for work (she leaves about an hour earlier than I do). She'll unlock me whenever she wants at night, sometime before bed.

    Last night she was reading in bed when I walked in. She's wearing nothing but panties and sees me looking at her chest. She asked me if I liked the view and told me to come over, and grabbed my cage through my briefs. She smiled and told me to take them off, which I did. She then proceeded to tease me for a few minutes with a blowjob while the cage was on. She then said something like

    "I'm not really horny tonight and you're definitely not going to get to come, so don't ask. I just think it's fun to get you all worked up like this." <3

    That was the first time she really teased me totally unprompted. I'm so happy to see her feeling more confident as my keyholder. She had a lot of reservations and was very confused for a while. She was so worried she wouldn't do a good job and that I wouldn't be satisfied and I kept explaining how I really just want her to be satisfied, and that as my keyholder she should be doing what makes her happy. It's been a bumpy road but our sex life was really not there and we both have been talking about how since we started playing with chastity again we've been much more sexual and it feels much healthier.

    Additionally she said she wants me to get a calendar and hang it in the bedroom. It'll mostly be for events so we're on the same page with planning but she did say she wants to have a little symbol we can put on days that I had an orgasm, so she can keep track of when I've come. Previously I had been suggesting different ways I'd like to be teased and denied and she'd go along with them. I guess now it feels like the training wheels are coming off and that I can step back a bit and let her start making decisions about our sex life. So the hottest thing right now isn't necessarily anything she's said but rather watching her grow into a more confident keyholder. :)
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  10. - "Don't you dare to touch my toy!" while she was looking me straight in the eye while locking my cock up.

    - I was away for my fitness routine and had told her earlier that I'd love her to sit on my face. After I came back, she just said "I just came twice pleasuring myself, I am not going to sit on your face today."
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  11. Last night after being allowed to worship and using the Magic Wand on my Goddess @n2toys@n2toys while She was intensely teasing and stroking my(Her) caged cock:
    "I'm the only one allowed to cum, you're not allowed to cum"

    At first I was begging 'Please!" for me to cum, at the end my pleads of 'Please' was more about Her cumming.

    I Love the frustration, I Love being controlled and denied, and most importantly I Love my Goddess/Wife and what She is doing to me!
    Today is our 20th Anniversary and so thankful we have found each other! :)
  12. While we seldom have had PIV sex in the past few years, Mistress does enjoy having me submit to Her for a milking. Even though, I don't get to climax, I seem to enjoy and look forward to be drained. It makes me so docile and more feminine.

    So, when She texted me from work last week, "Assume the position when I get home from work", I was anxiously awaiting Her, naked but for bra and cage, on all fours! I had retrieved the rubber glove, KY jelly, and small bowl and had everything ready. I knelt next to the bed awaiting Her arrival. Then when She got home, She intentionally took Her time getting out of Her work clothes and into Her "milking clothes" (as She calls her Red Teddy). The whole time, She was telling me what a good sissy I have been and how I must continue to serve Her needs if the milkings are to continue. The anticipation was incredible.
  13. Just last night. We had been sexting all day and she had said she needed help when I got home so of course once home I asked her how I could help.
    She grabbed the timer safe, laid it on the bed, showed me it was unlocked by opening it and grabbing the little red bag my jailbird came in. Looked inside and said yep all the keys are in there. Threw the bag back into the safe and said I needed to set the timer for her. Ok.
    Yep 132 days 22 hours and 22 minutes.
    Looked and me and said now we don't have to focus on anything but keeping your queen happily satisfied
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  14. Oh my freeking god that is so hot. You are looking at February before the safe opens. I envy you but at the same time cannot imaging going that long. Then again it has been 114 days since my last full orgasm.
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  15. I have no clue what it will be like besides long. Never have we came close to going this long. We always talked big then I would beg, she would have pity on me and let me out. Next day we would both regret what we allowed to happen.
    This time the only way out will be to cut the lock off
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  16. Good luck @Queensbitch@Queensbitch that would be too long! Maybe in the future but don't know if I could handle it at this point! Guess I'd have no choice just like you dont!
  17. No I don't have a choice, but nor do I want a choice. My queen wants to allow only 2 orgasms a year. My birthday and hers, January and July.
    Her other goal is one calendar year without a single orgasm.
    For someone that just 2 years ago didn't know if she was interested in trying the first cage, and now changing to this queen she is already. It is amazing how much she has changed coming from an abusive relationship before me.
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  18. As I was working on making my queen cum last night my queen informed me that I am wrong. When I get unlocked after132 days. That is only to play. There is almost zero chances that I am allowed to make a mess. It will be to get used for her orgasms, then locked right back up. I already know the next lock up goes until her birthday in July. That is more than likely my first opportunity to get to orgasm.
    Appearantly I will only be allowed out of my cage twice a year, only one of those times will there even be a chance to orgasm.
    "This is forever, not just next year" she said.
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  19. A week or two ago while cuddling with @n2toys@n2toys I asked if I'll ever receive a full orgasm again.

    "Hmm, Magic Eight ball says... Probably not"
    "I like you like this"
  20. I was just told this morning that. Eventually high heels will be my everyday shoes no matter where we go
  21. Just curious, how many pair of heels do you have? I have a few pair, but I can't imagine wearing them all the time.
  22. Right now only 2. Just starting intro the point in life raising kids that we can begin replacing some of the clothes and shoes in my end of the closet.
    My queen would love to be able to eliminate all of my men's clothes in exchange of dresses, blouses, and hose.
  23. I'm just curios when you say kids. How are they adjusting to your changing of clothes and shoes? If they haven't noticed yet they soon will.
  24. if you has to wear them all the time and everyday you will have very sore tootsies.
  25. I was close to whining the other day, trying to get her to let me inside of her. I told her how much I wanted her, that she had me so close. She the said “so could you last long enough for me to cum?” I said I couldn’t guarantee it. She then said “well it doesn’t sound like any pleasure for me then does it?” I moaned probably not. She asked “and it’s all about my pleasure right? Then why would I let your little dick in me?” I didn’t have an answer so I collapsed on her chest.
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