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Hot things your KH have said to you?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by CZSteve, May 3, 2017.

  1. Stealing the concept from elsewhere - What are some Hot/Sexy things your KH have said or texted?

    I'll start...
    Back History: It's been 6+ weeks since I've had a full orgasm; I've had a couple ruined-O's during this time.
    I'm now very comfortable and prefer not knowing what is in-store for me but did ask my KH/Wife if She know's "when I'll get to cum" out of curiosity.

    @n2toys@n2toys responded with a question - "Get to cum or have an orgasm?"

    Both the response and the tone of Her voice was very intense and caused an immediate swelling reaction; or at least as much as I could with a steel cage encompassing me...

    At this stage I honestly do not know what I want.
    I love this frustration high but also love when my Wife gives me a mind blowing orgasm - right now the ruined-O's have been great at releasing pressure and keeping the high; we're both working on successful milking and we'd love to be able to be made to cum while caged.
    Either way, we're both having a blast! :)
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  2. @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has really started to pick up on the verbal stuff pretty well.

    I was using my finger in her and she moaned how it felt just like my little dick. She asks how the "lil" guys is doing quite often, and just recently after using her 9inch dildo was riding me. She whispered that she couldn't even feel me after fucking a real cock...I exploded seconds later.

    Other stuff like telling me to get down there and clean if you ever want to cum again. She is a bit more adventurous with texts, "I want you wearing nothing but your cage, hand me my paddle and beg me to make you better" "I really love how you act when your desperate, I am not sure why I would let you cum"

    She has really been even more into this than I could have imagined.
  3. "Lock up"
    Short and sweet! Very hot! Very matter of fact!
  4. Just last night, the answer was, "will be 4 weeks, or 3 months, who knows." She also recently has mentioned on several occasions how she is going to " hold my hand and walk me over to the neighbors house" who is male with a Mansion of his own and lives alone. Said she will tell him " how much I have been dying to meet him and introduce the two of us", offering me up which ever way she can. Doesn't sound like much, but is a humbling concept and a real turn on for me presently. Don't think she has the desire or ability to follow thru though. lol....
  5. My Wife and keyholder takes chastity with a sense of humor. She is learning to be more strict after realizing that I CRAVE to be denied.
    When I told her that I was leaking for the first time in my life and showed her the wet spot in my shorts she replied, "oh, your water broke".
    One of the hottest things she said was when I asked her if she had any idea when I might be allowed to cum she replied,"that's not something you need to know!".
    She also spanked me immediately after having a accident while giving PIV sex, even though I ruined it myself and did not cum in her vagina.
    Wow, that hurt.
    She is getting good at this.
  6. When my Wife/keyholder allows me PIV sex, she is constantly telling me, "don't you cum you bad boy."
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  7. The hottest thing my wife said to me was, "Beg me to skip your next orgasm release."
  8. "I like tormenting you!"
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  9. The said I had a "cock to nowhere" after I had to throw her off of me for fear of an unauthorized orgasm, after only a few seconds of penetrative sex.
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  10. Best thing so far. Sunday my wife had her parents over for lunch. They know nothing of our lifestyle. Her step mom put the plate in the sink and told my wife she would help wash the dishes and my wife said "don't worry about it, he does all the chores". I immediately starting swelling in my cage and looked their way and my wife just devilishly smiled at me.
  11. The one thing mistress says that always sticks in my mind is when she is pegging me ( Take it like the bitch you are its the only F---- your going to get ) there are others but that always makes me feel deeply submissive to her
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  12. My wife is still growing into her roll as the Mistress but the other day we were going to dinner and she looks at me dead pan and says "I will drive be cause you are a sissy slut and they don't drive" Nearly knocked the wind out of me with surprise!
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  13. He likes it when I tell him send me a proof pic, like when I know he will have to take it at a public restroom.

    He said he liked it the first time I said he was not allowed to take it off until I said so.

    He said It was hot when I said your going to make me cum twice while wearing the cage.
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  14. While holding me buy the testicals " Who does this belong to. "

    My response is always. " it's your property Mistress "
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  15. Just his morning while cuddling I commented to my Wife @n2toys@n2toys that she did a masterful job of ruining me last Saturday night; She promptly corrected me - "You mean Mistressful"
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  16. She hadn't said anything new lately but... "I love spanking your ass", "I love seeing you drip", "torturing and denying you is too much fun". Although this was something more physical, after she allowed me an orgasm last week she scooped up my cum in the palm of her hand and slapped both sides of my face with it. While telling me how much I like it. That was pretty freaking hot.
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  17. Text today from my Goddess Wife -
    "I'm looking forward to abusing you tomorrow night" and "I'm going to need some PIV as well"
    Pretty sure cuming for me is not part of the equation... ;)
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  18. Sometimes my Mistress will unlock me and say " You have 5 minutes to pleasure your self, starting now ".

    when we are in a semi private place she says " pull down your pants " this may be just to inspect her property or for a quick spanking.
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  19. I have a few:

    - Wife was fed up with me one day and said "maybe I should just Bobbit you, then we wouldn't have to worry about a cage"

    - After a rare 4 day no cage hiatus, I was exhausted lying on the bed. Wife comes to the bed, dangles the cage with her hand and slams the cage into my nutsack. Says "Put it on". I say, "Right now?". She says, "Yes, right now," and starts punching me in the nuts until I put it on.

    - On my birthday, she released me from my cage, gave me birthday kicks (to the nuts), then made me get on my knees and jack off in front of her. When i got close to cumming, she said "take your hand away", and lightly kicked my nuts until I came - it was a completely ruined orgasm. Then she said, "I don't clean the mess, you clean the mess," and made me lick up all the cum before locking me back up in chastity.
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  20. Text this morning from my Wife after I thanked Her for not giving in to my begging after a very intense Saturday night:
    "I'm learning to control my need for you to cum"
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  21. Watched The Mummy today in the theaters (just OK btw...) - minor spoiler alert if at all...

    In one seen the mummy played by Sofia Boutella had been captured and was chained up with her arms in a strappado position - my Wife @n2toys@n2toys leans in and whispers "Is that what you like?" - I was ruined last weekend and almost 5 weeks since I've been allowed to have an orgasm and extremely on edge - for a few minutes I had to intensely focus on not leaking out a spot of cum as my Wife's comment caused an immediate reaction - the fact that She can just say something and cause a discharge is incredible!
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  22. I like that one. But don't think I'm going to tell my Mistress about it. Ha
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  23. My Mistress's all time hottest thing she said to me was when we were in a fancy restaurant and had just received our salad when she handed me a small container and the Key and said. " Go to the restroom and Get your Salad Dressing ".
  24. One was yesterday. Standing by the sea in my shorts, cage on underneath. Public beach, a few people around. She says "annoying we haven't got our swimming gear, how about skinny dipping". I point to my cage and make a face and she says "I'd just say you were nothing to do with me."
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  25. My wife is learning to say a word that excites me every time she utters it. "No."
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