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Discussion in 'The Tower' started by chris82, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Honestly.... anyone on the “honour system” genuinely find it works?

    I’ve heard and seen a lot of people talk about this, but as much as I love my partner and even after being permanently locked for years with no cum no errection and no possible likely hood of either. I know that if I was unlocked that even after all this time I would honestly beat my meat till it looked like a diseased rancid old steak. And I know that I could probably cum multiple times without getting caught in any small space of time I could grab.
    However with the cage on any thought of self pleasure disgusts me and my sole attention is on my keyholder.
    I think the honour system either takes a mentally stronger man than me or there not being completely honest with the truth.
    I can go years in a cage but without it I’d be going to town on my little buddy.
    Any thoughts. Nice ones only as don’t want any nasty snarky comments about people’s life choices.
    Thank you
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  2. Without the cage I am not as submissive and as time goes without it, I do feel less and less to go back into it.
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  3. I wear a cage, but if I’m out of it for healing or she is just giving me a day of freedom I haven’t taken advantage of it, but after one day, maybe 2, I need the cage back or it would require more effort. It doesn’t mean I care less for her, but that kind of temptation is awful.
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  4. I've only been doing it for 3 weeks, and I've one 6 weeks prior, but so far so good. I self lock some now too and I find that soothing to curb temptation. But, I do get to be with my wife too so...not the same thing I guess.
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  5. I am not caged and on the honor system, and I would never cheat, besides, she would know my mood change during down time. OK, it's easy for me because I know I will never have to go more than a month, and I love the feeling of being horny, on edge, and totally submissive to my wife.
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  6. The honor system works great for us. It probably depends a lot on your play style and the guys will power. If your main focus is on denial and you also have busy lives where you're not able to be intimate often. I could imagine the honor system being pretty challenging. For us the cage is just another sex toy. I'm sure there are seriously secure cages or bets that could actually take a guy off the honor system but imo just about everyone is on the honor system.

    We use a cage but it's mostly an accessory to our tease and denial play. Ive made him cum in his cage 4 different ways and I'm sure he could come up with more if he wanted to. I understand there is a big difference in having an orgasm with a raging hard on and in limply twitching inside a cage as he cums so there would be a lot more temptation uncaged. The thing is with my guy is he likes not cumming. I don't understand it but he's happy as can be to just hold it in though night after night of teasing.

    But it's probably different for couples who focus on denial. His longest denial ever was 2 months and I rarely make him wait more than a month. Most of the time it's around 1 or 2 weeks.
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  7. The honor system worked well for us; I was not tempted to masturbate—just my make up I guess. However I have come to love being caged, not to prevent masturbation, since I didn't anyway, but because it essentially neuters me. Chastity makes my submission more complete, I’m only able to sit to pee, and overall I feel more feminine. Mistress decides when I cum or not and I like that.
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  8. Thanks for the replies. Think I can see why the honour system is impossible in my eyes, and that’s because I’m locked for several months and years at a time so I rarely have a release to look forward to. The pattern I see is that a bloke on the honour system goes weeks or a month or two before being allowed a release. So they only have a short period they need to wait. Kinda like seeing the light on the horizon haha.
    That’s good though, obviously a chastity cage works best for me in my circumstance and the honour system works ok for others in theirs.
    Thanks again for the replies as it’s certainly cleared up my doubts on the effectiveness of the honour system.
  9. I could be taken to the honour system now that wearing a device for nearly two years has broken my habit of masturbating several times a week. I would never have been able to just go cold turkey though, I needed the device as a physical reminder of our agreement. I also think that, like others have said, the honour system would work well if I was allowed an orgasm every few weeks, three or four weeks at the very most. Being made to wait an average of two months, an average that is now being pushed up to every three months, would make it virtually impossible for me.

    If we were younger and more active with penetrative sex I would love to practice karezza devotional sex but our chastity development took a different course. I said to my Wife recently that when we started all of this I never thought we would end up with me only having one orgasm every two months or so. Her response was that was where we have got to at the moment, not where she intends to take it!
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  10. If it was off I would flog off, simples
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  11. When we practiced the honor system, I would periodically visit a professional dominatrix for a session which always ended up with my ejaculation, but not through PIV. Somehow, I had rationalized that, since there was no personal relationship or actual sex between me and the Domme, that I wasn't really cheating! After I was caught by my Mistress being so dishonorable, the cage was employed which not only prevented my wanking, but removed the Pro Domme option. That was several years ago and, even though I now am only caged when She is at work, it has served to eliminate wayward ejaculations altogether.
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  12. The cage gives me a sense of control that perhaps my wife isn't willing to enforce. Could I live under the honor system? Most of the time, yes. When I feel like she doesn't have time for me or I'm particularly needy (we all get there), the cage keeps me honest. Now that I have been caged for over a year, waking up to an erection is a treat but then I'm alarmed that I'm free. Like realizing you have lost your wedding ring about the same sense of dread.

    I'm happier caged.
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  13. Self locked off/on now for many months due to no SO nor KH. Gradually locked more frequently due to wanting to stop stroking so much. Now, stroking is very rare. Have gone over 60 days in past, now working thru Locktober and will also try to do NOvenber, will see what DECemeber brings. Net: honor system in in the mind of the beholder - and lately my mind is strong. What works for me is private mails with various CM members to get me through 'urges'. Lock on!
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