Home made CB3000 .. for those that are handy with tools

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by eceem, May 28, 2008.

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    Hey all some of you have PM'ed me in regards to a home made cb 3000/curve i made a few years ago before i could afford a cb2000, well poking around another site i found the original post i had made way back then ... thought id share it with you for a laugh.

    The basic tube is made out of 40mm pvc cunduit pipe, using one of the 90 deg curves pieces, I cut the main section about 1/2 way along the bend giving me a perfect piece of curved pipe.

    From there I was able to use a process called "vacforming" (a way modellers make small replacement parts for their models IE the glass canopies) basically I carved a curved head using wood to make a male mold.
    I then used a flat sheet of pvc (cut from the back of a J box) and heated it untill it was just starting to sag, you then quickly push it down over the male mold and hold untill cool, this gave me the head shape for the end of the tube.

    The next stage was to cut 4 circlular rings out of flat pvc (the sides of a 90mm J box is perfect for this , I used a normal jigsaw for this , once I had the circles cut out, take two of the and cut abotut 1/3 of the circle out, this gave me the start of the ring, I then made a hinge out of a SS rivet, the other two rings are then cut to shape and glued using pvc glue (that stuff will NEVER EVER EVER let go) once done it was all sanded to shape and the 3 holes drilled at the top to take the guide rails and locking bar,

    I decided to glue the guide rails onto the tube side , they are part of a bionical (kids toy) and the are very difficult to break. the centre pin came from the same toy as it has a flange on the back that passed thru the centre hole in the ring and tube, spacers were added on the guide rails and the hole drilled in the locking pin for the padlock.

    A few slots where cut in the top for cleaning and lubing and the head was glued on after a "pee slot" was made with the same pvc glue , now this is more of a welding compound than glue once it's on it isnt coming off ever :) hours were spend sanding the internal seams to remove any danger of cuts etc,

    the thing was confortable to wear and wasnt noticable under my work clothes and in the end was replaced with a cb3000 which gave me rash problems then finally a cb2000 which as you all know is now on 24/7
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