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Holy Trainer vs CB-6000s vs Steel review

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Melinastoy, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. What follows is my experience with 3 common types of ball trap devices being evaluated solely on comfort, fitment, and general ease of use.

    Before we start let me say that material choice is a preference. Many swear by steel as being the only "real" chastity device. Others insist a PA is necessary. The point is that I do not care about any of these arguments nor do I subscribe to their validity, so to each his own.

    For reference, I am grower that goes from 1.5" to 6" and have what is commonly referred to as "High and Tight" testicles. I used the sock method to put on my devices and always lubed with baby oil gel. I tried silicone lubes and many others but trust me when I say that baby oil gel is the only way to go.


    My first experience with a chastity device was with the venerable CBT-6000s. I purchased an authentic version from a reputable dealer and received it in 3 days.

    Upon opening I was presented with nearly 2 dozen parts that I had to pick from to assemble a device that would fit. I fiddled around for weeks and finally settled on the 2" ring with the 2nd smallest spacer. The device is fiddly to assemble and wear. When finally fitted, I filled a little more than 1/2 the tube when flaccid

    Tip: ALWAYS use baby oil gel and be sure to orient the ring so that the raised lettering indicating the ring size is facing the outside to avoid irritation. It is so discrete I didn't notice it until I read about it. Once I made sure the code faced outwards, much of my burning was alleviated.

    I also used epoxy putty to fill the vent holes, which in my opinion is mandatory, They really need to move those holes to the end of the tube.

    Comfort: Despite the use of baby oil gel and mods I quickly developed sore spots and burning sensations. I doggedly stuck with it until I managed to sleep with it regularly but no matter how I configured it, I could not wear it for more than 2 days straight. Erections were painful and the worst part is that I would tend to fall out during the day. Using a smaller spacer was too painful so I gave up. It was relatively easy for me to urinate standing up although I had to push the cage back which seemed to block the flow a little.

    If you decided to try the CB-6000s or any of it's variants, remember that it breaks you in, you do not break it in.


    There are many types of steel devices, the best of which seem to be custom. I was unwilling to spend on a custom device until I experienced steel so I tried a variety of devices that I ordered from ebay or dhgate. I quickly came to realize that the only solid rings are comfortable.

    I settled on a 2" ring and it was very comfortable but the cage was un-hygenic. I would have eventually ordered from mature metal but the weight and clicking noises when I walked put me off. I know that may people find happiness with metal but my partner could not stand the metal look. At first it added to the "kink" of it all but at some point I could not stand it either. Again, to each his own.

    Holy Trainer

    I had originally seen the Holy Trainer when it came out but they did not originally offer a short tube. When I revisited the site after failing with my other devices, I saw that they had released a new short and transparent version. My partner had always preferred clear so that was a bonus for me.

    The fact that I had to order from Switzerland worried me but I found that John at Keptforher offered the device in the US. After more research and a zillion questions I contacted John and ordered a 50mm white ring with a small clear tube.

    When I opened the box I saw only 3 pieces! Woohoo! The ABUS lock was also really nice.

    The ring looks pretty funky but I got it on quickly. Many people who use solid rings seem to like lots of lube or put it on the shower using soap. Personally I found those methods frustrating because everything becomes too slippery to handle. I found the easiest way was to start dry, grab the scrotum, and as much skin as possible through the ring, then push one testicle at a time throughout the ring, then the penis.

    I then lube the ring liberally and coat the inside of the tube with baby oil gel. The final step is to put a panty hose sock on your penis and feed the other end through the tube to pull the penis into the tube. Sounds complicated but it is not and there are several online video that will save you a bunch of frustration. Takes about 1 minute when mastered.

    Technically the device is a huge leap forward. The solid rings eliminates short hairs getting caught and pulling out. The ring really is ergonomic, the comfort is beyond any other ring I have tried. The tube design also eliminates any harsh edges and extends back, making it much more secure than the other devices I tried. The safety cap has a nice design that meets at the back of the tube to prevent irritation. Somebody clearly thought long and hard about the design and tested it extensively.

    Erections are no longer painful and the device is very light and easy to wear. It also does not protrude as much as the CB-6000s, although the cage length is nearly identical. It was even easier to urinate in than the CB-6000s using the same technique of pushing the tube back but unlike the cb-6000s, it did not seem to restrict the flow.

    The clear tube does become somewhat flexible with body heat but the ring itself does not seem to get appreciably softer, keeping the device secure. The only thing that could possibly be improved is to make the front urine hole longer and have better finishing to remove mold seams. Fortunately the material is easy to work with, I just used an exacto blade at a 90 degree angle to scrape seam lines down until flush. The whole thing took 2 minutes.

    It is a testament to the device's design that I have been wearing it continuously since the day I got it. It is comfortable, light weight, does not click, and my partner loves the look of it. The moral of the story is that the CB series of devices has been completely outclassed in every way by the Holy Trainer at the same price.


    I have seen a few posts about comparing ring sizes to other devices and cross referencing etc. My experience is that the 2" (50 mm) is identical if not slightly tighter than the 2" CB-6000s ring. All in all it fit and stayed on the first time. While the dimensions are irregular compared to a round ring, it is the circumference that counts.

    There has also been some concern about the flexibility of the transparent tube, with ripping being reported if the temperature gets too high. John at Keptforher told me this only happened once and the company replaced it immediately. I was hesitant about ordering the transparent ring because it is softer than the regular ones but after wearing it I am happy I did.

    I will be happy to answer questions but will put them in my original review.
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  3. Thanks for the informative review! How secure is the Holy Trainer?
  4. The clear tube is flexible and therefore less secure but more comfortable. The device is ratehr tight on me and the tube ripped so I asked for a white one in exchange.

    I believe it will be more secure than any of the other devices I have had so far.
  5. Top it with a PA-fixing- and you have the most comfortable secure device You could ever dream of.
    I need to know the escape is not and option - whatsoever. That is genuine relief, and a mind-blowing turn-on.

    Sorry- but there is really no other way to avoid escape- And You know it!
    The PA- fixing is ready for action just a few weeks from the initial piercing, - and believe me. Nighttime erections hurts so much more than the making of the piercing.

  6. I am also not happy with my CB6000S and am considering a change. I am very unhappy with the mess I make when urinating. I too only reach about halfway down the tube when flaccid and cannot reach the piss hole very well. You said this is better with the holy trainer? Why?

    Also, I was under the impression that stainless steel was the most hygienic. No?

    Thanks for your post and for taking my questions!
  7. I found the HolyTrainer much more comfortable to wear too, but I found it incredibly easy to slip out of... I used the smallest available ring (I use the number 4 ring on the CB6000S).

    I do seem to find all devices easy to slip out of though, so maybe it's just me...
  8. Stainless is potentially the most hygienic because you can use almost any household cleaner and or boiling water.

    But how the hell would get to a point where you need that.

    Shower or bathe daily and make a point of trying to only urinate at home, not always possible I know, then rinse your cage as thoroughly as you can every time you do urinate, or even whilst. Following this simple regimen I have been able to go for months a time without being let out of my cage at all, with no problems. Use baby oil gel (it stays on better) when you can and baby oil when can't use gel, (like when you are locked and can't get everywhere) .

    When you are let out clean your cage fastidiously before you put it back on.

    Ive been locked for so many years now I hardly need lubrication but still use it to prevent problems.
  9. It's a good idea to have a second cage or tube all clean and ready then it doesn't have to be off for long. You can use a dishwasher to clean them too :)
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    I would just point out that the cb range of cages are prone to split. They are also rather expensive, considering they are mass produced. The many tiny parts are also rather fiddly.
  11. For those who haven't yet tried it, upgrading to steel is the only real way forward. A much respected female member here was adamant about all men taking such a step, and advised me frequently to do so. I wish I'd done so much earlier.

    Look at: http://www.uberkinky.co.uk/master-series-extreme-steel-chastity-cage-92632.html

    I've been using this device for a month or so, and I can vouch for its long-term effectiveness. It is supplied with four hinged rings, and comes with a removable penis plug which, as well providing an intense of gagging the imprisoned penis, also makes pullout from the locked device impossible. Steel has a relentless controlling quality that far outdoes anything in plastic, and this device, with its various rings and padlock free fixing has been affordable and the best I have ever used.

    The design makes access to the glans and foreskin possible for cleaning with cotton buds and sterile soap, but does not permit any stimulating fingertip access.

    I can only say that for me, this is the one. Uncompromising, and producing a deeply subby attitude as soon as it's locked on. And yes, as Filltee says above, baby oil gel is all you need for regular, 24/7 lockdown.
  12. I would like advice about Holy Trainer, my feeling is that things are not working ok with them now. They have ask me for an additional 100 € for delivery and I haven't accepted and they have the product returned and take me all my money paid 177€ . I'm going to launch legal actions against them, just please be care with them there are other options
  13. Like many my first foray into chastity devices was the CB 6000, having read the various stories about breakages I opted for a reputable dealer. As is the norm it takes awhile to adjust the device to your size and shape and of course for your size and shape to adapt before some comfort can be enjoyed. For me anything related to restraints has to be secure or as secure as it can be given the choice of materials etc. My then wife was not into anything bondage orientated but did say, if I am going to wear something she wanted to know I could not get out of it without breaking or damaging the device otherwise she could not see the point of wearing it.

    Well I found it easy to 'pull out' of the device we tried the 'teeth' that can be added and even using the longest and supposedly most secure I could still get out. After a few weeks the tube part of the device broke, I requested a new one and although the replacement was free the postage was not and that was not cheap! It was clear the outlet was covering their costs by making it up on postage. Eventually this too split and we put the idea on the back burner for awhile, she decided she preferred the locking plastic pants over a nappy or diaper. The diaper was on tight forcing my junk downwards and with the waist chain tight around my waist and the tight leg elastics she knew I was unable to get any stimulation. Torn pants or leg openings would soon alert her to my bad behaviour, the lock at the rear made it impossible for me to pick so in effect I was in chastity.

    Further forays into the CB XXXX range brought back similar results, the cage portion cracking and on one occasion cutting me to the point I was going to have to go to the ER along with some explanation. I have tried a couple of other steel CB styles but can pull out of all of them.

    Now looking for a custom steel device and I will have to go for a PA if I am to remain genuinely secure.
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  15. Yep, more plastic. Steel really is the only way to go IMHO
  16. With a PA-wire fixing a Holy trainer is both a Comfortable and Secure device and Can be used for 24/7 lockups.
    Without the PA-fixing it is less Secure than CB XXXX devices, ( Read: not Secure at All) because the Holy trailer can flex which adds to the unsecure concept of much non PA-fixed devices.
    One more problem - it easily crack and the tap for the locker Can easily break off.
    It Will only last a short while in everyday use. A nightboner Will eventually brake the device.

    Today my wife/mistress have placed me in a Steelworxx Steelheart with interval PA-fixing. It Can not be more Secure than this. Totally incapsulated, only with a peehole, makes stimulation impossible and the PA fixing makes the very thought of escape irrelevant. Daily supervised cleaning is recommended.

  17. Not sure what your point is.....

    With a cb6000/6000s and any variant all you do is twist the lock to break the pin and escape. Al Enterprises list it as a safety feature on the cb range. At the end of the day it will be obvious you have escaped as, in the video the guy physically breaks the device. Also, I'm sure he would be less inclined to bend and pull it that way while his dick was in it.

    I have both devices and the holy trainer, in my opinion, is much more comfortable and secure than the cb6000. I have a black holy trainer and a prototype clear flexible cage as well. The flexible one split, i would steer well clear and get the original black or white cage.
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  18. Don't see the point either. Were there is a will (and a dremmel tool) every device can be destroyed even the steel ones.If you are in chastity because of a keyholder you care about you won't do this. In my view there only is a problem if i can pull out easily and push back in without it being noticed. i wouldn't do that but the thought that it can be done easily is a bummer. i have the CB3000 (with KSD and all sorts of points) and i just received the Holy Trainer with small cage this week. The CB really is no match. It is bulkier, heavier, quite detectable under clothing, for me impossible to wear more then two days without skin problems and it is easy to pull out and get back in. The Holy trainer is not bulky at all, is not fiddly and comfortable to the point that i almost miss the torture of the CB3000. Very effective in limiting erections. In fact there is no erection at all as it so small you only feel the blood rushing. As a ball trap device you can pull out of course. Today when i put it on i first put on the ring and then connected the tube without the clitty in and then tried to get in. (as if i had pulled out first). i didn't try too long but i wouldn't be surprised if it was impossible. i use the smallest ring and as it is almost square i couldn't get more then a centimeter to squeeze through even when pulling it most painfully away from the body. All in all it is a very effective and clever design
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  19. I have used all three devices and am now is the neosteel she male full belt. If you are looking for comfort the Holy Trainer is very comfortable but extremely easy to get out of the have play time. Not Really a chastity device. The CB600o and CB 6000s have been wearable and I have used them for a few years but there again easy to get out of and play. The Neosteel Shemale belt is escape proof, I not only don't get to see my penis I can't even get close to touching it. The biggest draw back with the Neosteel Belt is there really is no way to clean your penis without taking the unit off so supervised removal is a must. The great thing about the Neosteel is that when the lock it shut you will have true chastity no if, and, or butts.
  20. I would rather not have someone else define for me what "true chastity" is. People differ in their anatomy, their needs, their other activities and not to forget at all there is the keyholder. i am glad there is the opportunity to go to a full belt or to have a piercing to increase chastity security should the need arise but i can also be chaste without a device should my Mistress want that. She is a lifestyler and has experience with the more secure options. However She advised the Holytrainer for me. If i could easily escape and cheat in it i would report that but that is not the case. It is safe enough for me... and wearable though i have doubts about the sturdiness of the device in the longer run.
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  21. Quite enjoyed reading this page
  22. I agree that the sturdiness of the holy trainer is not the best as the hole for the lock puller through the thermal plastic this morning and the unit is now worthless.. I was curious about the thermal plastic and it was proved correct when it pulled through the ring this morning. I will stick with my neosteel belt.
  23. I can only judge from my own experience and say I have worn both cb6000/s consistently without any issues at all!
  24. Looking at one or two of the Lori devices I think it would be very difficult even with a Dremel to get out of them. The heat created by cutting and trying to remove the device could be dangerous, if I was (dreaming now) put in one of her devices would I risk getting burnt cut...er no way!
  25. My bad feelings about the sturdiness of the HT were proven true earlier then expected. During night time erections the eye of the locking pin was torn and at the base of it there was a crack too. The people at Holy trainer were not doing difficult at all though and sended a new tube that arrived within a week. Other good news is that the locking pin on this one was made of harder plastic and not of the softer material of the old one. So this one should not have this problem. Question is why they still send out the bad ones too. If i would order now i should ask for the new pin type. Other good news is that i was able to repair the old one by drilling a hole with a flared end (two drills) in the defect tube and glued in the locking pin of the CB series. It holds well and is as sturdy as the new one. So in the end i've got two tubes now.

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