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Holy Trainer and security with a PA

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by filltee, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I'm still looking round for a new cage, the steel HT (knock off I think) looks good we are both agreed but the concern is how to utilise my existing PA to prevent pull-out. Not that I would but CAN NOT has great appeal.

    We're not struck on the guardian and its few reviews have left us feeling unimpressed.

    The steelworx security fixing ( actually a home made one) works well enough but my Fort like the cbxxxx series has a pair of guide pins to utilise for security . In the absence of an obvious fixing point like the guide pins the HT people produced the guardian but that does not really inspire us with confidence.

    Has anyone given much thought to this topic, or know of a solution, with regard to attaching something to the PA and then internally to their HT?

    I intend to get one of the cheap as chips chinese copies of the plastic version to play around with but I'm confident that there are other people out there with far more ingenuity than I.

    BTW Why on earth did they ruin the lines of th HT with those two unnecessary holes? Anyone that suggests they are vents is not being realistic. Bah!