Holy Trainer 3 + Guardian Anti-Pullout

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews' started by Jez_za, Dec 25, 2018.

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    Holy Trainer 3

    My experience with the Holy Trainer 3.

    I had only worn a CB2000, Curve and cheap Chinese golden kinger before this device.

    I ordered the regular size with a 40mm ring, and it noticed it caused bad scrotum burning.

    I purchased a 45mm ring and had the same issues.

    I purchase a 50mm ring (expensive way of doing it) I then found I was slipping out (balls)

    Soi tried the 45mm again and put on a lot of bethanen ointment to heal. Then some anti-chaffing cream. Worked a treat. I was able to wear the device for 14 days. The only problem was it needs to be removed for cleaning, smells.

    I also found adding the guardian anti-pullout was a good move, though it did pinch and was easy enough to pull off the back. The spiked guardian was really bad, hurts and don't recommend.

    Overall i found it comfortable, better than the CB devices.

    I have moved to custom chastity - ghost. Finding it better. Just no anti-pull out. Will review this soon.

    A piercing is likely my next move.

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