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Holding His Key

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Chesty LaRue, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. well my ones go back inside me very easy but they don't when i has my cage on cos they aint got room to go thro the ring.
  2. I wear a metal type Jailbird. I do not cycle but have a physical labor job and we have a very active lifestyle. So my wife has me lock up as soon as I get home from work and wear it till morning then take it off. I have been able to control the urge to be bad. I enjoy the frustration more then anything. But if she does give me a naughty task I complete it as requested. The Chastity play we enjoy is in the bedroom only.

  3. Hello Chesty,
    that's great to know you are finding useful information here.
    Having a meeting once a week is the best idea. Communication is key to this working.
    You certainly are just at the very beginning stage.

    How many days between releases is entirely up to you. However the dominant factors are; his physical comfort in that particular piece of hardware also his hygiene. The whole device thing can be a proper pain in the beginning until he has adjusted or found something that works for him that he can easily wear for long periods.
    In our case I can leave him locked pretty much indefinitely if I choose.

    A "release" in my sense of the work means "cage off" though some use it to describe orgasm. You don't need to remove the cage for teasing. You can tease as much as you like but he will feel very neglected if you don't get round to it for a week or two. (can easily happen after a year or two once it ceases to be new and exciting)
    Locked men crave attention and need regular maintenance. You can tease him while he's at work by sending erotic selfies or texts if you like, it doesn't need to be exclusively physical.

    His sleep will be interrupted just now and yes, it's normal. For many men nocturnal tumescence is a problem. Usually early in the morning he will wake with discomfort Again this has a lot to do with cage practicality, comfort and fit. It also has to do with his adaptation period at this very early stage. Either; His body will learn not to fight the cage - He will become used to the discomfort - you find a cage that doesn't wake him.

    The cycling thing. I know for a fact that there are members here that manage to cycle and work out while locked. Again it's a question of gradual adaptation, also practicality, comfort and fit of the chosen device. I know the choice of device isn't a very interesting topic but it can easily make or break a chastity lifestyle.
    For a lot of keyholders the continual quest of their partner to find the right cheap and badly designed, unhygienic, impractical device and to have it locked and unlocked because its digging in, pinching, chaffing and smelling like a public toilet, is too much.

    *Take note subs reading this. Your device struggles are a turn off. Completely not interesting.
    Invest in something well made that works and that your keyholder likes the look of.
    And stop whingeing.
    And don't modify it with bits of tape or glue, string or cardboard in your shed at night.
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  4. Does that mean you don't think I should carry on saving up for a Dremel or a nice workbench for my shed?
  5. Jazzy if you are going to make beautiful and useful things in your shed then that's all well and good. If you're going to use it to mess up, drill hoes in, bend, twist and modify cheap Chinese chastity devices then no.
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  6. Big difference between tweeking some flaws in a cheap device, and mutilating one with c-clamps, duct tape, and jb weld like Joshers did to his poor devices.
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  7. theres all nasty cobwebs in our shed.
  8. I don't think you should have reminded your Mistress of that!
  9. well i do clean it but they come back ever so quick and i hates spiders and some bite as well.
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  10. What sort of spiders have you got in your shed!?

    To quote someone from the Mansion....

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  11. @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 giggle, that's me that say that, :) please i don't know what sort of spiders they am in there but i read that a lot of spiders in England do bite folks.
  12. I once saw a spider in Bali that was bigger than my hand. It's web was enormous as well. I got the feeling that if I was to be silly enough to wave a feather duster at it it would grab it off of me, whack me with it and then eat it.
  13. cooo. i'm glad that they aint that big here.
  14. What wonderful advice from all, as stated, everyone does it different.

    Here are a few reasons that will trigger release for me.

    Whenever we travel, for you never know what will happen on the road. After we arrive home it is her decision on when I will be locked up.

    Temporary until finished, than shower and relocked automatic:

    Going under the house to fix something, usually plumbing, I have to crawl flat most of the time on my stomach and don’t need the device to catch or get hung up on something, or dig too far into the body.

    Golf – I am allergic to Bee and wasp stings, I do carry epipen in my bag. All the people I play golf with know that, I have been stung (swarm of wasps) had to go to the emergency room. Also I pulled a groin muscle, resulting in a doctor’s visit.

    Makes it sound as golf is a dangerous game.

    I don’t cycle,(except at the gym) I don’t know if I would do it caged around here. Too many people think that bikes are worth points as in the movies “Death Race”, even though there are signs along the streets stating that automobiles have to “Share the Road”.
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