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Hiding the Key

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by dollyanne, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. So, you don't have a Mistress or Master as Keyholder or you have an emergency key you want to hide. What to do? Dolly is a self-locker, and while she has good discipline, it is still too easy for dolly to unlock herself and...well, you know, dolly DOES get horny! Dolly is curious to know how some self-lockers and others make their keys inaccessible, or if they do at all.

    Dolly currently has her keys available for emergency as well as for removal for cleaning and shaving, but is looking for something a bit more "secure". One dumb idea dolly had was to put her keys into a keysafe--the kind realtors use with a combination lock--and attach it to the underside of dolly's spouse's car seat!

    MasterLock5400Dclosed.jpg MasterLock5400Dopen.jpg

    This would mean that dolly would not be able to access the key at all when her spouse is gone, and when she is here, dolly would have to sneak her car keys out of her handbag and then sneak into the garage, open the car and get under the car seat to operate the combination. Doable, but not an easy chore! It might also be stimulating to know that dolly's spouse was literally sitting on top of dolly's chastity keys!

    Would this work? Dolly doesn't know, but is curious what some others do to make their keys more inaccessible. Put them in the attic, freeze them ice, mail them to a P.O. Box? Please do tell!

    Curtsies and Huggs,
    pantysexual dollyanne
  2. As you know, Lauren mailed them to her home address. This only gave her a day or two of non-control so it wasn't that awesome, but still left her feeling very vulnerable. And that feeling of vulnerability makes her heart pound so!

    I like your idea of keeping them in wife's car although for some reason I might feel guilty 'using her' without her knowledge.

    Another idea I have had is to leave them at work in my desk over a weekend or overnight where I can't get at them. ("No access" after hours does sound delicious doesn't it?)

    What if you hid them (REALLY WELL) in your nearby park - say under a bench or a bridge or something where you could get to them at any time, but it would be a bit of a hassle. Risky I know, but you'd have to find a perfect hiding place - a secret place. It also brings forth the idea of a thrilling spy-like lifestyle that I know Dolly and Lauren love to experience.

    I'll keep thinking about this. I bet I can come up with something even better.
  3. I used self control. I put my keys downstairs. When I get woken up I normally get myself control back by the time I get to the keys.
    I'm working on a device to aid in this...

    Another though I have is a small box that I'm going to seal with a number coded lock. It is what I am planning to to keep my collar key in untill my other device is done. (had a set back with it yesterday as several modules of code have been deleted off my computer (should take more back ups))
    get a box and some of the number coded seals then if you feel your own self control isn't enough you could post a pic every few days on your journal. Not that you will be having to prove yourself to the rest of the forum but the rest of the forum could then give you a self boost for keping yourself locked.

    Just a though.
  4. I have no KH and my chastity is self imposed, usually on weekends when I'm not working (although, I have worn my CB-6000 to work and loved it). But whenever I leave the house, I take the key with me. Perhaps, I'm too practical or something. But, I'm always afraid of being in some type of accident. I'm well known in the regional Emergency Medical Services and hospital community and cannot fathom what I would do if "outed". (Some psychologist is out there somewhere drooling over the money that could be made analyzing my psyche.)

    I really don't like to drive anywhere while wearing chastity for that reason. So, I'm not sure how I would live with an out of town keyholder or any one of the methods described above.

    My last comment is that I get so turned on by the sensation of wearing the CB-6000 and the denial it provides that I have no problem with maintaining the self-discipline needed to keep myself locked up until I have to go back to work. I find it even better when holidays allow for longer lock-ups! Yay, 2009/2010!
  5. :happy0195: Right there with ya, my dear. I pity the shrink that ever has to get in my head. I YI YI.
  6. Well here's an idea that will EVENTUALLY work. Wait until you get old, say mid 50's or so, hide the key in a place your SURE to remember were it is, leave the room and wait 5 minutes. You'll never find that key again! LOL
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  7. My main idea is leaving it at work over night or over the weekend. Seems the best because it is incredibly difficult to get to or from any time other than rush hour, so there would be no chance of me going for it. Plus the possibility that I simply forget to grab it as I leave on other days could make it interesting.

    My other idea is hiding it in my crawlspace. It is barely big enough to crawl though and causes pain to my knees because the floor is concrete, so I'd have to work to get it.Alternatively, I could hide it in my back shed. Easily accessible, but still an effort to actually go get it. I am pretty lazy, so workin to get the kdy adds a factor to it.
  8. OLD............mid fifties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheek. hmmmmmmmm what was i going to say?:snail:
  9. I love the mid 50s comment. I'm approaching the 50 benchmark too! I'm lucky enough to have a keyholder, my loving wife, but years ago I did try the old freezing the key in ice technique. Although not a perfect idea, it did make my self control easier, because I had to make a conscious decision to go to the freezer and wait for the tub of water to melt.
  10. How about using a safety deposit box at your local bank. It's only open during business hours. Some banks even give small ones for free!
  11. Is there any other methods on how to hide a key im also trying to hide my key i want them out of my reach for like 10 days at a time
  12. Having had a couple of heart attacks and being at home & locked all day while Mistress works, She felt it necessary for me to have access to a key in case of emergencies only. She purchased an inexpensive and very thin gold necklace, put the extra key on it, secured it around my neck and crazy glued the necklace clasp, so that it will no longer function. Now I not only have a pretty little necklace for accent, but, in an emergency, I could break the necklace chain very easily to get the key. You might be amazed how having that key hanging there while I'm locked up adds to the mental anguish!
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  13. yes having it round your neck wud be scary and somewhere on here i read once that somebody had the key on a little lock on the ring thing on the chastity cage. giggle. that wud be even scarier I think. cos then it wud be ever so close to what he cant get off.
  14. I made a time delay safe out of a cheap electronic key safe and a count down timer. But I'm now very fortunate to have my wife holding the key :)
  15. Have previously had a key left in a small bottle of water in the freezer. Easily accessible if needed in a hurry can be thawed out pretty quick using boiling water from the kettle.
  16. Mistress Tina has a similar key safe made by Kidde. She has the key safe mounted to the wall In her closet. The key to my clit cage is locked inside. If there is every an emergency and I need the key I will need to ask her for the combination. She can reset a new combo afterwards.
  17. 10 days does not seem very long .. a month might be ok.

    Does a key safe really exist that the user can set a new combination and reveal that combination to a KH before closing it whilst the user themself remains clueless as to what the combination is until told to them by the KH?
  18. Just use a combination padlock. Set the combination without looking at it but put it on a flatbed scanner or take a pic on your phone. Then email the picture without looking. This is standard emalock prodecure!
  19. Why don't you just use a magnetic key holder and mount it under her car somewhere? At least you don't have to access her car to get the keys and you can get them without trying to sneak her keys to her car. Can you slip an extra key onto her keyring without her noticing?
  20. what if the car go over a great big bump and the key drops off, eeeeek
  21. Yes
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