Hidden Fantasies Chapter 4

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    Chapter Four - My Life Changes

    The next morning my wife nudged me awake with her foot and had me start the coffee. For some strange reason I could not put my foot down and put a stop to what was going on between us. What I thought would be an occasional game between us had started to become a permanent change in our relationship.

    When I came back up my wife was in the shower. I told her that her coffee was ready. She told me to bring it in the shower and join her.
    I undressed and entered the shower. I stood there while Carol bathed and held her cup. Occasionally she would take it from me to have a drink. When she finished she took the cup from me and told me that I had five minutes to clean.

    Once I got out of the shower Carol was blow-drying her hair. She pointed to her pair of panties that were lying on the hamper and told me to put them on. I was then told to refill her coffee cup.

    That first day of work while wearing my wifes day old panties was both traumatic and thrilling. Every time I moved I felt the soft fabric caress my cock and balls. By lunchtime I had to go into the bathroom and adjust my hard-on. At three oclock I got a call from Carol. She told me to go to the store after work and buy a bottle of Chardonnay. I was to cook her a light dinner with salad before beginning my chores tonight.

    I got home and started dinner for Carol. She arrived just before I was finished. I smiled and said, Hi Honey. as enthusiastically as I could.

    Brian. she said softly.

    Yes dear. I answered her, as I was required.

    She leaned up against the counter and cross her arms. Why are you still wearing you work clothes?

    I was stunned. I dont know.

    From now on, unless you are required to be out of the house, your uniform will be my day old panties and the apron. Is that understood?

    My chin fell to my chest. Yes dear. I answered meekly.

    She walked towards me and lifted my chin with her hand. For that little infraction, you lose your release for two days.

    Two days! I exclaimed.

    One week. she said sternly. Would you like to try for two weeks?

    Defeated I answered, No.

    She raised one eyebrow. No, what?

    No dear. I said softly.

    She smiled and said, Once you get into uniform, bring me a glass of that Chardonnay. I will discuss this evenings chores with you then.

    She was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed when I brought her the wine. How long until my dinner is ready?

    In about five minutes. I answered.

    In about five minutes dear. she corrected. One more lapse will cost you another week of celibacy.

    I was shaking when I went back into the kitchen. I was conflicted. Logically I should have put my foot down, but for some strange reason, I was powerless.

    She had me stand next to her as she enjoyed her dinner. She constantly teased me with her fingers. I had to fill her glass the moment she emptied it. She finished about a half-hour later.

    She told me to bring her wine into the bathroom with her. I knew I looked silly trailing my wife like an obedient puppy while holding her wineglass. Once we got into the bathroom she sat on the toilet and crossed her legs. She reached toward me with one of her hands and I handed her the wineglass. I feel like relaxing, run me a bath.

    Yes dear. I answered.

    Once I started her bath, my Carol continued her directions. Once you finish eating I want you to finish all of the household laundry. Dont do the sheets just yet. I want you to save those for the weekend.

    Yes dear.

    Also, while the laundry is running you need to mop all of the floors.

    Yes dear.

    Tomorrow during your lunch break I want you to go to the mall and buy a wine bucket for me. She fingered the rim of her glass and tilted her head as she looked into the liquid. I find that I rather like having a nightly bottle of wine. Keeping it on ice would make the whole bottle more enjoyable. Dont you think so Brian?

    Yes dear.

    Tomorrow, I will go and buy some bath oils. I believe that I should have a nightly bath to relax. I expect you to learn how to properly prepare my bath.

    Yes dear.

    When I turned off the water, Carol called me. Brian, come here and stand in front of me. I did as she commanded. Once again she fondled me through the panties I was wearing. My cock was rock hard. You just love this dont you?

    I hesitated and swallowing before speaking. Yes dear. I squeaked.

    How cute. my wife teased. You are just so worked up over catering to my whims. Im sorry I didnt realize that you had these needs before. She then stood up and slapped my rear. But dont worry your cute buns about that anymore. I will give you ample opportunity for serving me and thus having your special needs met. She then tenderly touched my face with her hand and gently kissed me. I believe this will make our marriage stronger. Dont you think so Brian?

    I swallowed again, Yes dear.

    She held out the glass for me to take. Take my glass and set it on the sink.

    Once I complied she then commanded, Help me out of my clothes. I complied with her orders and she stepped into the tub. Once she settled in she looked up at me and said, Fetch me another glass of wine and then begin on your chores. I will call if I need you.

    Yes dear.

    I fetched her another glass of wine before starting the laundry and the mopping. Carol instructed me to return to her in fifteen minutes to see if she needed a refill. I returned to her and she did need a refill. She told me to come back in another fifteen minutes to help her get out of the bath.

    I had quite a difficult time doing my chores because I was quite aroused. What made matters worse, was that I had to wait a least a week for release. I made up my mind to take matters into my own hand on that account sometime when Carol wasnt home.

    I later helped Carol out of her bath and she had me stand by her as she dried herself. I then followed her into the bedroom and pulled out her chair by the vanity table as she directed. She looked at me and said, I want you to finish your chores before coming back to the bedroom. There are some things I need to work on and I dont want to be disturbed. Is that understood?

    Yes dear.

    Good, now run along and get back to work.

    It took another two and a half-hours before I was finished with the laundry. The floors were mopped and I was tired. I entered the bedroom and my final duty of the night awaited me.

    Carol was relaxing on the bed, reading a magazine. Did you finish everything?

    Yes dear?

    Good. She then sat up on the bed and swung her legs over the side and smiled at me. Take off my panties and put your tongue to work.

    Yes dear.

    After I finished satisfying her, I put on my nightgown and washed up before going to sleep on the floor.
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