Hidden Fantasies Chapter 1

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    Hello all,

    This is a story I wrote a long time ago. I will post it in chapters. The synopsis is that the wife finds a hidden stash of pornagraphy. She then takes over the marriage. Told from the husband's point of view. Forced feminization, chastity and cuckolding are all themes in the story. Enjoy.

    Hidden Fantasies - Chapter One - My Warning.

    I am sitting at my vanity getting ready to serve my wife and her young college lover dinner. I am wearing a very sexy French maids uniform, with a plunging neckline. Of course such a uniform would not be complete unless I was also wearing seamed stockings and stiletto pumps. My pumps are five and a half inches high with ankle straps. I wear these when my wife in entertaining a man in her house. Otherwise I wear my three-inch pumps.

    Our married life did not start out this way, and I guess one could say that I am at fault for finding myself in my current condition. I want to caution all of you readers to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. This has happened to me, although it is not totally what I had in mind.

    Of course I always question myself. What would life be like if my wife never found my stash of erotica and my letters? What would life be like if I never written those letters? Should a man get rid of his stash of pornography when he gets married? Things would be much different if any of these things would have happened differently.
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