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Hi, just arriving full of great expectations!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Joan.t, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new here and I wish to present myself.

    I am not a native english speaker, please pardon my poor English.
    To state clearly from the beginning, I'm presently alone and not looking for a relationship.
    I work for a international company and travel a lot, presently in South America.
    I've read this forum a while back but never really visited much in the past and look forward to being more involved in this community as to maybe embark on this new adventure!
    I have a pale idea what all this means or what will happen next when and if my mind will be cleared, but I'm intrigued, you say the least, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    There are some questions revolving on my mind and sure with the help of the forists I will have the answers.
    Firstly and foremost, why a woman would want to emasculate her man - assuming he is not a complete jerk, of course.
    Another question: I believe on a balanced relationship, complying with the rules of mutual love and not forced in any way. This does not imply that only vanilla sex is allowed- the couple could engage in more rough gameplaying and thats ok, but not for day to day. Am I wrong? Or there are some ideas that i have not yet understood about love and commitment?
    I assume that many people has and can fulfill the answers.
    Thank you.
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  2. welcome to the mansion.. get ready.. lots of answers coming..
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  3. Welcome. My wife and I each consider the needs and wants of each other in any decision that affects the other or our marriage. My wife is in charge of the household and I am in charge of the rest. I am not emasculated by chastity. In fact I am an alpha male that has to win and be in charge of everything. I also want all of the women for me. :) What we do is exchange power in the bedroom and bedroom only. My wife is submissive to me outside of the bedroom and in our marriage although that is changing gradually.

    Far from feeling emasculated, I feel it is a test of my willpower to see how long I can go without an orgasm and making sex for my wife's pleasure after 40 years of me controlling our sex life. I do not call my wife Mistress or act subservient to her in any way. Her control over me extends only to my orgams. The websites and blogs on the internet are written to arouse and not inform in a realistic way. They are either selling books or living their fantasy online. There are a few reality based chastity blogs on the internet. Trying to find them is difficult. You will find many alpha males involved in sexual submission. It is a good stress reliever and an escape of constantly being in charge and making decisions all day. Do not confuse a sexual fetish with a lifestyle. It can be a lifestyle, but that is the minority. It usually does not last long. There are very few old folk like us who are still into our fetish. I have read and believe that a relationship is best if you leave the fetish play in the bedroom. We have done that for 45 years with great success. Do you really think a lot of men want to be a slave for the rest of their life?

    No doubt that some do like to be emasculated for various psychological reasons, but most of what you read on the internet is guys living their sex lives online. I was into BDSM for most of my marriage and met a few couples at BDSM clubs. When we visited them socially, the husbands were far from what role they played during BDSM sex play. Those are roles that we slip into and out of as the mood strikes us. If I feel like being sexually submissive I let my wife know and she switches from submissive to dominant during sex. No emasculation required. :)
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  4. Thanks Vinny for sharing with us and specially with my confused throughts about sex and life.
    You certainly have a clear view of your needs and those of your wife and express it with certainty.
    This point of view as you state comes with age, pity that the younger of us doesn't have that so clear.
    When reading some texts I also feel most are only fantasies.Not so with your stories, so true.
    Congratulations for you and your wife fo a most mature relationship.
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  5. Hi there and welcome. I don't feel experienced enough to give feedback to you but would suggest you read some of the posts in the vault. This is where you'll probably gain a good insight into how many members entered into this lifestyle.
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  6. Mistress Jules

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    Good evening and welcome to the Mansion. I cannot answer all your questions but I am happy to tell you that my man @lockit@lockit is in no way emasculated. He is an alpha male and that makes it all the more special when I take control. So do not feel that chastity means emasculation, it is a very individual fetish.
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  7. Best to you here at CM and everyone in Rio.
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  8. Thanks for all, and specially to Mistress Jules, in my view your postings are highly regarded and I will follow them to learn about all this.
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