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Hi im Sarah!

Discussion in 'Seeking or soliciting?' started by SlightlyViolet, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Hey! I am here to talk about male chastity in a relationship with other like minded people.

    But the greater reason is that i would like to find a cuckold white beta male thats into heavily chastity and heavy feminization. PM me! And ill sort out through the weed to find the sissy im looking for, for a serious FLR!

    I wasnt 100% sure if i maybe posted in the right category, but if i didnt then please move this to the right one.

    xx Sarah
  2. Welcome to the Mansion Miss Sarah! It's a great place, wish you were closer to Mass!
  3. Thank you animal! Hehe well hit me up if you swing by Tennesse sometime ;)
  4. May be time to plan a summer get away.... ;)
  5. Hi. First thing is that you should learn how to spell your home State. It is not just a typo. You misspell it everywhere. Bye. :rolleyes:
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  6. Hahaha JD honey tastes too good i think
  7. Hi im the one
  8. Hello and welcome Ms Slightly Violet....lovely to see another dominant lady here..... Curtsey
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  9. Hello @SlightlyViolet@SlightlyViolet
    Wish you all the best in discovering a great FLR.
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  10. @SlightlyViolet@SlightlyViolet heloo and welcome to here Mistress, curtsy and I hope that You like it here as well. i know somebody that name is call Miss Sarah :)
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  11. Thank you all. What an class act from the ladies :)
  12. Good luck finding a cuck :)
  13. Welcome from your neighbor one state northeast of you in Va.
    Where are you in Tn?
  14. Pm me instead please
  15. Hello and welcome here :)
  16. Oops repost :S
  17. Welcome to the Mansion.

    I hope you find what you're looking for here.
  18. Thank you Joe. :)
  19. Stunning profile picture! Whoever you choose is going to be one very lucky boy to be locked up (hopefully for a long time!) and cucked! Very best wishes hope you get everything you want!
  20. would love to learn more about you and what you want in a submissive
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    Could be you want this in the 'seeking/soliciting' board. If so PM or report and I can move it.