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Hi guys and girls!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by ChrisBeNimble, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Hello from Louisiana to all here in these parts.

    My wife of 27 years and I are wading into the pond of chastity. I found this place and thought I'd stay for a while and look around. Nice place here.
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  2. Welcome and enjoy!

  3. Hello @ChrisBeNimble@ChrisBeNimble and welcome to the Mansion. I'm there is plenty on information here to read on the up and downs of chastity and the lifestyle. Just remember as a couple, that communication is key. Have fun and enjoy CM.
  4. Howdy, hope you enjoy it here, it is as fun and informative as you would like to make it.

    Some have been doing this for years, some self lock, and some like me have only been doing this a short time.

    I am still learning and my partner and I are evolving constantly. I hope you two have as much fun with cm as we do.

    God luck
  5. Hi! I am VERY new here. (today, as a matter of fact!) Would like very much to learn more about permanent chastity. Wife and I enjoyed me being her sissy maid, (see avatar) but, having become disabled we can no longer participate now. I am thinking about chastity to sort of find "closure" for my cock, and become her life long "girlfriend".
  6. heloo @tayphad@tayphad and you very welcome to here and i hope you like it here as well. :)
  7. oooh and heloo to @ChrisBeNimble@ChrisBeNimble and welcome to you as well. (I din't see you at first :) )
  8. Welcome, Chris, and be careful as you wade, the pond can be deep in some places!
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  9. Thanks all for the friendly welcome. Maybe I'll see y'all again in the regular parts of the forum.
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