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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jamoke59, Jun 17, 2010.

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    I got directed here from a link on another site,I found the site to be interesting,I have never experienced chastity but I have always been submissive, I have experienced much teasing and denial in a few of my relationships,( it seems I always had to plead for sex in most of my relationships) two of them were with someone that I was very, very attracted to,they were both on the Domme side, I usually cooked,cleaned the house,they knew my attraction,especially knew what things to wear that would drive me crazy,they loved to make me plead and beg for days, sometimes a week or two for sexual relief, I didn't then but I have for years now wore pantyhose daily,sometimes I wear panties as well,two exes of mine always wore pantyhose and full cut silky nylon panties,they both knew which pair drove me crazy and loved to make me beg,they also would tell me they couldn't see why someone with such a small dick could be so horny,they would tell me their other boyfriends had a lot larger one than I,anyways I"m glad I found this site and open to make friends. :D
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