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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cagedslave68, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Hi This was just a note to say Hi to everyone out there and to say I wish I had found this site 6 months ago , how appropriate is the warning "Be careful what you wish for"

    A little history about me, about 6 months ago I introduced my wife to the idea of chastity and her taking me as her slave, she kindly agreed to give it a go and experiment with it, although at first she waws somewhat reluctant and found it weird and odd. To be fair to her she tried a few times but perhaps because I maybe sometimes fought it or tried to express my wishes too much she didn't really warm to the idea, as she says she felt I was directing the way it should go when realistically the situation should be under her control. Therefore we kind of backed off playing around with it.

    A few months after that she was cleaning in our bedroom and "refound" my Cb3000 , when I came home from work that night , she told me to go to the bedroom and put on what I found there, I did and when I went back she commented that as I had spent so much money on it she was damn well going to use it and this time it would be under her terms.

    Well that was the start of a new chapter in my life, since then she is making the rules and without a doubt is starting to enjoy her new found role as the leader in our house. I am now forced to do housework, often whilst dressed in pink panties and nothing else or her favorite in my maid outfit complete with high heels, how she laughs to see me stumble around in them.

    She is also enjoying back and feet massages and well as receiving oral pleasure most nights, my orgasms are limited to one or two a month and now come at the expense of me having to eat my own Cum as a reward. She even has me a special cum glass that I am expected to cum into if allowed pleasure.

    All of this I have to say if far more than I expected or fantasised about when I first approached her with this idea , now please dont get me wrong I am not complaining, i asked for this and understand I must live with the consequences , its no different to any other decision you make in life. But having found this site today how appropriate I found the headline comment.
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    I think that's a great thing to remind people. When it hasn't worked, just put it away and forget about it... when your Mistress is ready, she will remind you, and then the dynamic will be right.

    She will have made the decision to take control. There is no substitute for having this as the basis of your FemDom relationship.

    Congratulations and good luck. :becareful:
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    :blink: What an introduction!

    I think you're doing tremendously well to not be complaining! If we'd moved into something like this, at the speed you're talking about.. I'd certainly be complaining to anyone who'd listen!

    Congratulations though, I'm glad you and your Mistress have found how to make things work for you :)
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