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Hi all

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by sissyassslut, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. The name I use here is my KH's pet name for me (one of them anyway). After 30 years in law enforcement (definitely an alpha) I retired and my wife/KH introduced me to the submissive life style. It started with a few scenes, restraint and so on and progressed from there. We started adding a few toys to our collection and we discover that I was a bit of a pain slut (another of her pet names.) As we went on we both found that we enjoyed having her in control.
    We progressed to me serving her and pegging. We found that I had a liking for that so she introduced larger and larger toys and she dubbed me with another pet name AW (shorthand lol). As we continued exploring I became more and more submissive. About three years ago she tossed all of my "male" under clothing and bought me pairs of silky frilly items which are all I am allowed to wear. The more we went on the more attentive and tuned into her needs I became. We went from pegging to her teaching me the proper way to give a blow job. We have added some dresses wigs and nightgowns to my closet.
    Two years ago she saw a movie that had a chastity theme and her eyes lit up. She ordered a few devices and showed them too me. After a couple of days of them sitting on my night table she picked one up and decided we would try it out. She slid the device on and clicked the lock home. After a few trials and errors we settled on a jailbird. At this point we made the choice I surrendered my key to her and gave her total control over my life sort to speak. I service her and she may or may not return the favor as she prefers edging and milking.
    Under discussion now is expanding the dynamic, and expanding on my sissy side. Also on the table is adding a bull to our dynamic for us to share as she feels that I definitely have a Bi side and she would like to help me explore that.
  2. Welcome! Sounds like you and your wife have a great relationship.
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    It sounds like you are living the dream of most members of this site :)
  4. Thank you. The kids are grown and out of the house and we are living our dream, that is for sure. I feel we have an awesome relationship.
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the site! There's quite a bit of experience here from which to benefit. Good luck to the both of you!
  6. Ty Sarah looking forward to learning and trying more. Open mind and all.
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