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Hi all! New here. Newly self-locked and looking towards self improvement and new pleasures :)

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by MaJiC, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Just joined the site quite recently and am looking forward to becoming a part of your community. I wanted to share some info about me and what got me here

    I'm a male in my late 20s, currently single, and very open minded and interested in a variety of sexual lifestyles, kinks, etc. I've read many people's experiences regarding changes in mindset/personality - usually with a keyholder but I'm not quite there yet! Even if subtle, I wanted to experience some of these things myself so I decided to jump in.

    A few reasons I decided to lock myself up (in no particular order):

    I love the feeling of being submissive. In previous relationships I was more dominant. I don't mind being so at times but I'd really rather someone else take charge.

    I was masturbating multiple times a day which was causing me to become lethargic and affecting my personality and daily life. I was losing my sex drive and realized I was doing it just to do it and get that quick pleasure and then would feel regret more and more often.

    I find locked up penises to be so freaking cute.

    Also, I've started to become more and more interested in exploring anal pleasure. I've had a couple plugs for a few months and would occasionally play with them but because I was masturbating so often, I didn't often have the sexual drive to do so. Would love to one day achieve orgasm from anal alone but that is something I will patiently work towards.

    Also strangely enough, I want to use some of the pent up energy and channel it towards healthy eating and exercise. I'm 5'9 ~180 and would love to lower that a bit. I've been locked just recently and already feel motivated to eat better. Perhaps the built up sexual energy is making me want to feel sexy. Works for me.

    Basically, I feel that chastity would be a good aid in exploring and experiencing these things. I know a lot of it has to do with will power and self control. A cage can only do so much and I will keep that in mind.

    Sorry if this post got long! I'm in my first ever extended session of being locked right now. Took a few days of trial and error to get fitment right but I finally put the cage on earlier this week and am on day 4 with 0 erections. I can't remember the last time I've felt this much arousal. Even typing this up started making me lightheaded at points! It may still be the honeymoon phase but I am enjoying the experience thus far and will be sure to share more quite soon.

    Looking forward to learning, sharing, and discussing things with all of you!

    ps - I'm always open to constructive criticism, suggestions, and new ideas so feel free to share any thoughts
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  2. Welcome. The difficulties you will face are that almost everything you want to experience requires another person to participate. Locking up your penis is not chastity. Chastity builds on the foundation of a power exchange and requires sex without orgasm. You will not be having sex with anyone so all you have is the lockup part. Owning a whip does not make you a domme. You have to have someone to submit to before you can be a sub. In your case you will be acting as both warden and prisoner, domme and sub. The problem is that once the initial excitement wears off, so will your interest.

    I was in your shoes many decades ago. S&M was fun trying out all the new toys I bought but in the end I was excited about the toys and not the fetish since I had no one to play with. There can be no S&M without both a sadist and masochist. There cannot be chastity without a Keyholder. Locked up with no one to have sex with is Celibacy, not chastity so your experience will not mirror most of ours. There are a few self lockers here that lasted longer than a few months so perhaps they can guide you.

    My advice having gone through what you are about to go through is to get out from behind your keyboard and meet as many girls as you can. Don't waste time with the ones who are not sexually adventurous or kinky because you will just end up with a girl who likes vanilla sex. Most women are still sexually submissive. Real life is not like what we see in porn where women love to dominate men. For money yes, for free, not so much.

    I did what you are about to do and it was fun but the fun was in the sex toys and not the fetish since I had no one to play with. Find someone to play with and you will be happy for the rest of your life as I have been. One more thing that you will face. You can masturbate while locked up even if your keys have been metaled down and thrown in the ocean. A vibrator, long stick or simply jerking off your cage after a few weeks or orgasm denial, will make you squirt. That is why you have to want to be orgasms free, locked or not. I was in your shoes and you will figure things out as I did. Good luck and welcome to the Thunder Dome. :)
  3. Don't be discouraged about the notion that you are engaged in celibacy rather than chastity as Vinny suggests. I get his point, but that's just playing with the definitions. If wearing a cage and calling it chastity helps to improve your life in ways you want (less masturbating, more energy, etc.) then go for it. My guess is that at your age you may try it and like it, but still want something more, such as a keyholder to share the experience. I would agree with Vinny's advice about getting out and meeting someone, but it doesn't hurt to experiment even if by yourself for the present. If you like it, perhaps something to continue later. If not, at least you gave it a try and can move on to something else that will work for you. Either way, good luck!
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    Welcome to the Mansion. I am sure you will have fun on your journey and there are many threads and helpful members to aid you on your way.
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