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hey everybody!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by LockedLuke27, May 11, 2017.

  1. I just recently joined and got my first cage, however...its too small for my penis, im too thick to fit. can anyone recommend a cage for thicker penises? help is much appreciated!

  2. First off let me welcome you. I had the same problem and ended up having to go to a custom made chastity cage, the Jailbird. Being thick is great with girls who get their orgasms from clitorial stimulation, which are the majority of them, but not so great for an off the shelf chastity cage. They vary the rings but the cages seem to be one size fits most. The off the shelf cages all strangled my penis and made it difficult to put on. All I can suggest is that you read the specs for the various devices out there. Tie a string around your penis and then measure it so determine its circumference. Then search the internet to read the specs on the various devices for sale.
  3. i like thick ones cos not many men who has them am put in a cage. Thtas why i think a lot of cages am little ones and not very wide as well.
  4. More information about your... Situation... is needed to help you.

    What device do you have?
    Did you pee before you put it on?
    What size are you when completely flaccid? Not just kind of flaccid, all the way.
    How long have you been trying to get into your device?
    What part doesn't fit, the base ring or the tube?
    Is it because you get an erection while putting it on?
    Have you ever fully installed the device?
    Are you using lubrication? If so what kind?
    Why are you trying chastity?
    Do you have a partner?
    Have you told them?
    What do they think?
    Have you tried the honor system (or honour system if you are in England ha!)?
    How long do you intend to leave the device on?
    Do you plan to do physical activities while wearing the device?

    I don't come anywhere near fitting into my device if I have any kind of erection at all. I found that a little lidocaine (numbing cream) helps a lot when you are first starting out. You really need to be completely flaccid when you go in otherwise it won't work.

    All devices are escape proof, so you don't really need one. How long have you gone without masturbating?

    Good luck!
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