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Helpful advice needed please.....

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Lockedwithlace, Jul 28, 2017.


Which chastity device is best for not eacaping from?

  1. Holy Trainer 2

  2. The Vice

  3. Other..... Please state on comments

  1. Hello folks.
    So, I'm currently under the confines of the Holy Trainer 2. Nice subtle pink one actually. It's got the anti pull out device added. Now, I've deliberately never tried to pull out a) incase I can't get back in and I have to ask Mistress for help (not a fate I'd particularly like) and b) suppose I could? I think it would diminish what the chastity stands for... ie, being under lock and key of my Mistress. If I can pull out then she's not got the total control we assumed. So my question is, stick with the Holy Trainer or do we plump for the "Vice" from Locked In Lust? It apparently prides itself as "inescapable". Is it really? Can anyone shed some light as to what's best, or if there is any other option to guarantee Mistress retains her total control?
    My first post so thanks in advance.
  2. I've also got a Holy Trainer 2 (my wife picked a white one) and find it very comfortable but I haven't tried pulling out of it ether. Same for me - firstly as it would take away the effectiveness of the device mentally and also in case I can't get it back on!

    When you say yours has the “It's got the anti pull out device added” it sounds like this is in addition to the standard kit?
  4. Hi Anonoman.
    The device is the one that you buy specifically for the HT2. It slides into the underside of the top of the main chamber and has 4 small rubber "fingers" that run about an inch down the shaft. Pulling back would snag these and I'm guessing cause a fair amount of grief and pain.
  5. Any ball trap device is going to escapable, some very easy pull out of and some that are a bit more difficult. The HT device I personally thought was very easy to get out of and I really disliked that about it. However there is an anti pullout device for the HT but I don't know how well it works. If you're serious about chastity then take the plunge and pierced and buy a device that incorporates your piercing. Those from what I understand are completely inescapable.
  6. I agree with Sissymaidjenny!
    Only devices including a locked piercing (usually a PA, but an Ampallang should work fine with the HTv2) and custom-made full belt are really secure.
    And I agree with the other comment: chastity play is a game. if your goal is to cheat, just don't play!
    When childs play police and thieves, the prison is usually just a square made of chalk on the ground but nobody escape because they want to play the game!
    Just BE A CHILD and accept the rules!
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  7. A good fitting MM Jailbird, not totally inescapable in that you can pull your penis back but very difficult to do and the discomfort will put you off trying.. believe me... I know, I have done 6 months in mine continuously one time
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  8. None. Any can be opened with bolt cutters available at your local hardware store. Also locksmiths can remove it if you pay them. A chastity device is best used as a symbol of who has control of your penis and a speed bump to give you time to think over what you are about to do. Since we all can masturbate in our cages, being locked or not is not going to keep you chaste. Only you can keep you chaste. You need to want it for it to last beyond the initial excitement phase. Good luck and the HT is my favorite off the shelf device but cannot compare to a custom made Jailbird due to the fit and ease of hygiene.