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Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by mch2323, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Need advice for wearing a cage long term. I just went the longest I have since starting. My wife kept me locked up for 5 days. I descovered it was sometimes painful to wear it. Is there a powder or lotion or creams the people use?
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  2. I have been wearing a cage for almost 5 years. There are two secrets to it. First is to work up to longer term chastity very gradually allowing your skin to get used to it before wearing it a little longer. It took me 3 months to be able to wear mine 24/7 every day. If you rush it, you will end up like lots of other guys, giving up on it due to the pain.

    Also use a lube. I use a silicone lube called passion which you can buy on Amazon. It lasts almost all day once you put it on. Silicone lubes are not water soluble. They will not wash away easily with water which is why they last long. They are also more expensive but you need to use less of them so it all balances out in the end. Even a small bottle will last me many months. With non soluble lubes you need to be careful of them having any form of sugar in them or substances that turn into something sugar like. They will attract bacteria.

    So baby steps and a liberal amount of lube goes a long way. The other thing is that as counterintuitive as it sounds, a smaller ring will provide more comfort than a larger ring. The larger ring will slide up and down your scrotum, causing painful chaffing. You should use the smallest ring you can that you can slip a finger tip under. It may feel tight but so does a ring at first. Afterwards it becomes comfortable as you get used to it. One more thing to think about that few do. The gap in your cage can cause pain. I was complaining about pain and asked the good people at Mature Metal if I should get a smaller ring. They had me do the finger test and the ring was a good fit. They told me the problem was probably the gap size. They increased it by a quarter of an inch and that made all the difference in the world.

    No one said chastity was easy. So many post about getting their first one and then wearing it 24/7 right from day one. That is mostly fantasyland stuff. You need to try different things and adjust accordingly while letting your skin get used to wearing it to ensure long term success. I am locked whenever we are not having sex and even then, not all the time then either. I get to orgasm every few months and worked my way up to that too. Baby steps.
  3. I've always liked 2toms sport shield. Its meant for runners to stop chaffing. It only takes a little bit and lasts a long time.
  4. I used to use Johnsons' baby oil I now prefer their baby oil gel. less messy tends to stay in place longer.
    There has been a lot written on here and elsewhere on how to improve the fit wearability and general experience of being denied whilst locked in myriad devices. Browse and learn or risk missing out not everything suits everyone and some may have found unique solutions.
  5. I like to use triple antibiotic ointment..
  6. I am reluctant to use anything antibiotic without a definite need.

    I'm not going to go an about the shortage of antibiotics and people reducing the effectiveness of those we have by not using them wisely... but I guess I just did... sorry.
    But no reflection on or judgement of anyone intended.
  7. Thanks everyone . The baby oil gel is working well and I have also tried hand cream but the get worksnthe best. Again thanks for your input
  8. I have found that a plastic/acrylic grip the skin, which results in needing a lube ( I used Vaseline). But steel moves more freely. You can then use a smaller ring if you want.