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Help with our game idea

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by never2l84chastity, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Hi there. I know that not all of you like dice games but it works for us. If anyone could help out with ours it would be appreciated.

    I designed a game where initial lockup period is 5 weeks. Every Friday one die is rolled. What happens next is up to the roll of the die. At the end of five weeks one roll final roll of the die is done. 1 is 10 more days, 2 represents 20 days all they way up to a roll of 6 meaning 60 days more for me.

    For instance a one during the first 5 weeks would mean no touching or rubbing up against my wife until the next roll date (which is really hard for me).

    A two could mean half hour for her watching TV and using me as a footrest.

    Can anyone suggest additional ideas for other rolls of the die.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe something like...

    1. Get her warmed up and ready then give her a rough and hard fuck. Full speed face in the pillow style sex without slowing down. If she cums before you need to stop you go on the honor system until your next roll, no cage.

    2. Give her an oil or lotion foot massage for 30 minutes every day until your next roll.

    3.Until your next roll look her in the eyes and be inside her every time you give her an orgasm. A good position is with you in a comfortable chair or sitting against the headboard with pollows behind you and her sitting in your lap facing you. No thrusting unless she does it. You just get to use your hands or a vibrator and enjoy the ride.

    4. Be her errand boy until your next roll. If she wants a ginormous tub of extreme maximum fudge moose tracks ice cream at 2am, you go to the store. If her car gets low on gas, you go fill it up, any time she say, Honey would you go....... you jump up and go without complaint.

    5. Each night until your next roll remove your cage and go on the honor system. Clean well before bed. Each morning she gives you a teasing blow job before locking you up and sending you to work. It could be just a few sucks or a nice long edging that leaves you desperately aroused as you frantically get dressed and run out the door to not be late.

    6. You are the perfect gentlemen until your next roll. You must act like your normal self at all times and give no indication that you are locked up and desperately horney. No talking about sex or chastity at all unless she asks you about it directly. No humping her in bed at night. No pressing your cage into her while cuddeling. No making frustrated sounds or showing any signs at all that your thinking about sex 24/7.
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  3. It's hard to give advice without knowing your dynamic and what you both like. For example do you want dice roles to be sexually oriented outcomes? Service oriented? Humiliation? We used to do an app that was a customized wheel on your phone like the wheel of fortune. Initially it had a lot of things for her both sexually and service oriented. Give mistress an orgasm of her choosing. Do all the laundry. Give Mistress a full body massage. Ultimately she got comfortable just expecting me to do these things on demand.
  4. I went with this:

    1 - Do all cleaning, laundry, and cooking until next roll

    2 - 30 minute foot massage every night until next roll

    3 - Run any errand or perform any task without complaining until next roll

    4 - Perfect gentelman until next roll - no sex talk or talk about chasity, no pressing cage whicle cuddling, no indication of being locked up

    5 - No initiating touching or rubbing against you until next roll

    6 - You pick two