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Help please.....injuries from my chastity belt.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by James Thomas, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, so I've been having this problem with my full chastity belt where the bottom part of the ring in the cage is causing some pretty serious marks on my cock and I'm hoping the people here can help me solve it.

    It's super annoying as the belt is basically unwearable right now, and it only really started happening once I fitted the rear cables which pull the chastity belt closer to my body and point the chastity cage more downwards. It seems to happen most when I'm standing up still and laying down in bed. Has anyone else had a problem like this before, and were you able to fix it? I have no idea what to do :( I was thinking of putting some kind of material over where the mark happens so my skin isn't against the metal there, but attaching / keeping it in place would be difficult, especially with showers. I let it heal then put it back on a few days ago, I had to take it off the next day because I could feel the mark coming back and sure enough there was a mark.

    Pictures - http://imgur.com/a/jMJCU

    The chastity belt is a complete system from behindbarz - Highly recommend them, brilliant customer service and quality, I'm just seriously unlucky with chastity.
  2. oooh it dose look sore and nasty. i think if i was you i wud ask the man that makes them cos he comes on here sometimes.
  3. I had the exact same issue with my first tube. I had ordered at 38 mm, which fit snugly at the ring but once I got erection it would pinch. I got a new tube at 40 mm (had other modifications done, so had to get new tube, but they should be able to change the diameter no problem). I also asked them to reduce the size of the weld on the bottom section of tube to the ring so there was less space for loose skin to pinch in.

    Also, when you put the tube on, be sure to pull a little bit of the skin on the bottom into the tube. I found it would bunch around the bottom of the ring and pinch, pulling it further in solved majority of the issue. Give them a shout, but it looks like you need a slightly bigger tube (2mm is probably enough if the rest of the tube isn't too tight). Hope that helps.
  4. So glad you bought up this topic as I have been planning on buying the basic BB belt and have just today started taking measurements. I know there are regular BB wearers on this forum so hope you will find advice that works for you . I also have cage size questions but will read a few posts first as it may well have already been covered . Good luck , they are a good product with an excellent reputation for service, I'm sure it will all come good
  5. Thank you so much for this! Glad to see it's not just me having this problem, I have had the absolute worst luck with chastity devices so far, had problems with every single device. My tube is the standard size (36mm) and I don't think its the diameter that's the problem, as when I'm soft I easily slide in without lube and there's a small amount of room left on the sides. I'll be sure to ask if they can reduce the size of the weld where it's happening though, I'm hoping that should fix it. I try to pull some skin through when I put it on already, however sometimes probably not enough so I'll try doing it more. Thanks for the comments everyone, will get in contact with them and see what they can do :)
  6. No problem. Also, if you haven't already, you may need to bend the tube outwards a little. Will reduce the angle everything gets pushed into and should prevent pinching more (you will have to bend the cage out as well). Also take it really slow..... Took me about 8 weeks of bending and adjusting to get everything to a point where it now is almost unnoticed in any position I move in.
  7. Thanks :) Just sent the cock tube and ring off to them for them to make some adjustments, they didn't specify what as they're not sure what caused it and nor am I, they said this issue is new to them. Hopefully when it's back I'll be able to wear it 24/7 though :) I had a problem with the cock ring where it was trapping my skin at the sides between the ring and the tube, causing a mark there too so I'm getting that changed to the round shape which should give more of a gap at the sides, that should make the skin sit differently too which I'm hoping will help. Was yours a behindbarz belt too?
  8. Hi James just seen your post and the picture that certainly isnt right, you have done the right thing removing it and you need to let the skin heal fully before refitting it. Take the opportunity though while the tube and ring are away to carry on wearing and adjusting the waistbelt to get that perfectly fitted before assembling the rest back on. As for the issue you are having i notice you said the problem was only there when you had fitted the cables etc? if that is correct was everything ok before that with either just the cock ring and tube fitted and also with just the outer cage fitted minus the cable fitted?. If so it may be the cable are pulling everything back into your body far too much and hence bending the cock tube further down than it would normally sit. As you have sent the tube and ring back to BB try wearing the belt with just the outer cage and belt fitted and then attach the cable fitting to it afterwards and see what changes in its position. Joe will i am sure sort things for you but in the meantime try a couple of things with what you have there it can only help point the finger to whats not quite right. I have never had an issue like this myself although i use the rod system on mine when wearing the outer cage as well, i also dont wear the cock ring section if i have both the cock tube and outer cage fitted as its not needed in that configuration. Let the sore heal fully though.
  9. Thanks for the reply :) I was thinking that would be part of the problem, I did put the cables on quite tight as I like to have it pulled close to my body, when I stand up there is a little slack but barely, the tube is pulled down into my balls a fair bit but when standing I can still get my fingers through the outer cage and pull it away from my body a little.
    It seems to happen most when I'm laying in bed. I think I had the problem before but the mark never got anywhere near that bad and I could've still worn it with the mark still there pretty easily.
    I think I'm just extremely unlucky with chastity haha, I've tried quite a lot of devices and I've had problems with every single one. Still highly recommend the company though, customer service and quality is excellent and the belt looks awesome!
    Will try what you suggested and see how much the position changes, I'll try upload some photo's to show the difference if that helps. Unfortunately I can't loosen the cables though as I cut off all the excess.
  10. I wear a ball trap device but still occasionally find blood on my foreskin. It happens where the bars are welded together so that is what I would look into first. If it is a rough weld you can file it smooth. If not then return it to be done.
  11. @James Thomas@James Thomas make sure you heal properly. I've had similar luck very over years. I also own the behind bars belt and not had any issues. I would ditch the cables. With the cock ring you are secure? Just take your time Joe will fix It.
    Lucy x
  12. I am sure it will be fine once you have healed but in the meantime maybe it might be better to cut the cables off assuming they are too short and test it out without them pulling the outer cage so far into your groin, you can always make up some sort of temporary fixing if this works and adjust the length to suit then get Joe to send you some new cables and cut them to suit the temporary one.
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    Some great advice here from those who have been in similar situations with varying devices. I do hope you are recovering well @James Thomas@James Thomas and you keep us up to date with how things progress.
  14. Apologies for the late reply, I've not been on here. I just tried what you said @slave stroppy@slave stroppy with regards to try wearing the belt with and without the cables. I found that there actually wasn't much difference at all between the two, the cage seemed to sit the same both with and without the cables, just with the cables I'm unable to pull it away from my body much or lift it up much, I still can a little but considerably less than without them. I did only try it very quickly though, just on and off straight away. I did take some photo's with the cables on and off for a quick comparison, you can't really tell much though. Images uploaded here - http://imgur.com/a/4L2xl
    I do remember though when wearing my belt, with the cables sometimes when I do things like stretch I can feels the cables pulling the cage down and really close to my body. I quite like that feeling though.

    @Lucy@Lucy With the cock ring it's still incredibly secure, but I prefer to wear the full package and my Mistress wants me to wear the cables too, they really do make it inescapable!

    And I'll be sure to keep you all updated @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules, I'm basically recovered now. Just waiting for the parts to get sorted and returned so I can wear my belt again, I'm currently locked up in my old mature metal cage.
  15. When you get the parts back just out of interest try wearing it minus the cock ring section assuming you are wearing all the other pieces and see if that feels any easier? if you are wearing it complete especially using the cable fixings as well you dont actually need to add the cock ring section. Glad to hear from you again though.
  16. How I was wearing it before was actually without the cock ring anyway, it is perfectly fine and very secure without it but I'd prefer to wear it with, as I found it really does improve security as the top of the ring stops you from slipping a finger in the tube. I wouldn't anyway, I just like things to be as secure as possible, and so does my Mistress.
    Anyway I'm hoping wearing the cock ring (I couldn't wear it before as skin was getting trapped / squashed between the tube and ring) when I get it back will help, I assume it'd affect the positioning in the tube very slightly which may help.
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  17. I see where you are coming from i know i am one for loving the full on effect of having everything locked in place, just take it slowly though sometime bits have to be adjusted a tiny bit at a time to get them perfect. Remember also that if you alter one angle on one section the other sections may need to change to match.
  18. As slave stroppy said try one thing at a time and pin point the problem.Sometimes slow and easy will show you just what the problem is.Some people can jump right in.and others need to take their time.I have a BBCB and I got a 45mm ring because I used that for the trap devices.Great for Fri-Sun,but between all day on my feet and 5miles walking and five miles running I had irritation on the side.Took it off Monday PM . Tuesday not bad.Talked to Jo and ordered a 50mm ring.Back on Wendsday .With lube on the ring I can do everything accept run,so I went to 15 miles walking.(was 60lbs overweight and not going back.)I could see right where the problem was,take your time and don't get discouraged.Since the lube I have no key and she said it is time for the next level,not sure what that is but I asked for it.She really likes it on me. Take your time.You shouldn't be hurting yourself.pay attention with each thing one at a time.
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  19. Irrespective of whatever device or item that is certainly very good advice things should always be taken as slowly as needed to get to the desired result.
  20. Thanks everyone :) I do tend to just put it on and wear it for as long as I can until it's too uncomfortable. Will have to see what behindbarz say, I'm sure we can find a way to fix it though, I'm really looking forward to wearing it again. Going back to normal ball trap devices just doesn't "feel" right anymore, mine feels and looks very unsecure compared to the full belt, which I think really is inescapable.
    One other problem I was having with the belt was with the outer cage on, sometimes when I walk it rubs against my thighs a lot and one time it made a small cut from the rubbing, so I had to take it off then too. However, when I tried again with the cables attached it did seem much better for some reason and rubbed a lot less when walking, so I think that is something I'll get used to over time. Like I said, I'm very unlucky with chastity devices haha, this belt is by far my favorite though, and when there's no issues it is very comfortable.
  21. It sounds like the cage may be to wide. If you have narrow hips your legs maybe to close together.A smaller cage maybe in order.If you can send a picture of where the cage is located to Jo at Behind Barz I think he can see what is going on. A picture is worth a thousand words.I know they care and will suggest what needs correcting.Another opinion is always a good idea.I'm sure they have seen many situations that can be fixed right up.
  22. All good advice again however i think you have partially answered some of your queries yourself when you state........... I do tend to just put it on and wear it for as long as I can until it's too uncomfortable ......this is never really a good idea whether it be a new pair of shoes a shirt or straitjacket, everything needs time to bed in or grow into. take your time this is a marathon not a sprint! good luck on your exciting journey.
  23. Hmm true, by that I meant like I wear it until I notice there's a problem, with the cuts / marks I could feel something but it wasn't too uncomfortable and it wasn't all the time, only occasionally throughout the day so I thought it was something I'd slowly adjust to. Until one day where it was very uncomfortable and the feeling wasn't going away, that's when I took it off. I'll be sure to take it slower now though, when I let the mark heal the next time I put It back on I took it off when I felt it start happening again.
    With the outer cage I'll see how it goes when I'm wearing it again, it was a lot better the last time I wore it, I've tried walking slightly different too which I found helped a little.

    Thanks everyone, will keep you updated.
  24. The device should not be cutting you. It may be uncomfortable at times, but no actual pain or injury.
  25. Hey everyone, thought I'd give an update, my parts arrived back on October 19th. Initially when I put it back on I was quite disappointed as within an hour of wearing it, I could feel the problem happening again so I took it off and I could very slightly see a mark forming so I left it off. Tried again the next day, and it was much better but I could still feel it happening occasionally so the mark probably would've got worse over time. Then I decided to try increasing the size of the waist belt to its maximum (I think 34"), and that has worked wonders, not felt that mark since and I've been wearing it most of the time so I think the problem is fixed! The belt sits lower down now right over the bottom half of my hips and my cock seems to sit in the tube better. I never thought to try this before, since I thought how it was before was an almost perfect fit because it looked like any looser and there would be annoying gaps between the belt and my body, but how it is now when I'm standing up and sitting it still looks like a perfect fit, when I'm laying down there is a bit of a gap and if I pull on the cage I can get it a few centimetres away from the body. Even then it still feels very secure though.

    I did try wearing it with the cock ring again too, it went fine mostly for a little over a day, a little burning sensation but nothing major. However when I went around my friends (our hangout area is his garage, which can be very cold) I had the burning sensation the ENTIRE time I was there when I was sitting down, for some weird reason. So I haven't been wearing the cock ring since to let it heal as it has left a big mark there, but its weird how it only happened there and was mostly fine otherwise. Will try it again when I'm healed, but I am still wearing the belt without it and it's been amazing, I finally have a chastity device that is both inescapable and comfortable to wear 24/7! I'd still prefer to wear it with the cock ring though, it really does improve security since the ring blocks access to the top of the tube a lot more. Could get a bigger ring though.
    Still have the problem of it rubbing my thighs but it seems better, and I could get thigh protectors or wear something to cover where its happening and that'd probably solve it.

    Next up is probably buying the dreamlover 2000 and getting that attached to it, just waiting on my Mistress to give me permission to buy it. I've read up on it loads and it sounds like it can very painful / powerful if she desired that! (She wants the shock to hurt if required)