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    Hi all,

    I've been lurking here for a while so I thought I would post and introduce myself. I'm a sub from England and currently live 4 days a week with my mistress.

    I have known I was a sub for as long as I can remember but concealed it and then about a year ago found out that my girlfriend at the time wanted to be a domme.

    She's now my mistress!! We played with chastity on and off for a while as well as other DS stuff, and then we made a decision that she would be completely in control and I would submit to her regardless of anything and without contest.

    When I'm with her I'm expected to do everything and anything for her, which I take pleasure in doing. I've been in a birdcage now for 8 months without being able to cum and she teases me quite regularly taking me to the point of orgasm and then back in the cage. It's frustrating but awesome. She is fair though, she's open with me and has told me she will never let me orgasm, but I'm rewarded when I do good and I get to service her orally and worship various parts of her body. But on the same token when I screw up I get punished, sometimes severely. Just this morning when I brought her breakfast in a few minutes later then usual she caned my balls. I am caged over night and I'm only allowed to wear sexy panties and sometimes she makes me wear a bra too. Around the house I'm either in my panties, in a maids outfit with heels and a wig or completely nude, even when she has friends round I'm to serve them as I would her which can be extremely humiliating and painful especially when I'm being the toilet or they are using my balls for stress relief.

    Recently though she has been bringing men home and cucking me which I never really had an interest in but it's what she wanted to do so it's what we do. It was becoming quite enjoyable as I was able to see her enjoying herself which I like, and I was being humiliated at the same time with her rubbing it in that it used to be me where her new men were throughout. Until a few nights ago where I was on my knees by the bed why they were doing it and she has finished but he hadn't and she pulled the condom off and led him off the bed telling him that I'd finish him off. I'm straight so I was horrified at the thought and for the first time in our year in this type of relationship I protested and begged her but she grabbed me by the balls and ordered me to suck him off and to swallow so I did and almost threw up when he came only to be told to get used to it.

    So anyway that's a lot about me and now I have to get the house ready for our strap on party tonight, where I basically bend over and get fucked by her and about 6 of her friends.

    Look forward to hearing from people and in response to the sites strap line I wasn't careful what I wished for but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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