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    Hello everyone.......
    I have been looking at this site for some time....just looking and I am so happy to have found it.
    I am relatively new to chastity and I am looking for a Mistress/Goddess to serve.
    It is more important to me to have a happy, lets just say owner its easier, than for me to be happy.
    I want to give my owner pleasure, hoe she gets that is up to her.
    I am totally bottom, but can play act and switch if my owner requires.
    I am a married dresser, but have not had sex for over 20 years, my wife is just not interested. We don't even sleep in the same bed. I am in love with her but I have my own dark fantasies!
    She does not know of my dressing or my fantasies, she would not approve.
    I am not sure how to start a relationship with an owner but I would welcome any feedback.

    Thank you once again for letting me join this very nice club......

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