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Hello! New couple to the lifestyle

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by MissJ'ssub, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. We are a new couple to the chastity/sub lifestyle. We are currently two days into our first extended time with him in chastity and wow has it been a fun two days for both of us. She is quickly learning her new role as Mistress/Keyholder and he is also learning to be a good sub and sometimes sissy. We look forward to all the things we can learn from everyone here.
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  2. Welcome to the lifestyle, you won't be disappointed
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  3. My wife and I are becoming more involved as well. Nice to see others are venturing in as well. Good luck, its nice to have a safe place to talk to accepting ppl.
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  4. Welcome and enjoy. In the early days talk to each other, you are both starting a great adventure
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  5. Welcome!!!!
  6. Thank you to everyone for the support and the advice. We are doing our best at communicating and it seems to be working well. The only problem we're having is coming up with punishment and humiliation ideas. We're still kind of vanilla.
  7. Welcome and enjoy. Here there is a lot of knowledge for you to explore and profit from.
    Punishment and humiliation ideas are posted in several treads for your enjoyment..
  8. I've searched but have not found a lot. Maybe I'm not searching the right thing.
  9. Welcome from Virginia neighbor
    Since your still new take your time with the humiliation, start slow and work up to more humiliating things as you don't know what land mines you'll hit. We all have them and when you're new you won't know how to handle them. In fact many old timers don't either, so the better you communicate the easier they'll be to deal with.

    That said, what you do is dependent on your comfort level, where you are, and what your limits are.

    My ex love to take me shopping for panties. Another Domme I served didn't let me talk to wait staff when we went out to eat. To me those were some of the milder things I've done, I've been shaved at a party, and milked at another for a demo.

    So find things you think will be fun and start there.
    Most importantly remember this is a journey not a race.

    So again welcome and I look forward to hearing about your journey?
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  10. You had your prostate milked in front of others at a party? Sounds like my kind of party!
  11. It was great
  12. Lots of good stuff on tumbler, give it a look
  13. also on Fet Life
  14. Welcome!
  15. Welcome and look around. Ask anything you want don't be shy and as others have said communication is the key.
  16. Welcome and don't feel you have to rush..

    Take your time

    Why don't you built in some fixed time/moment in the week where you do nothing else than just share your thoughts, ideas and fantasies?

    Make it your own few hours of quality time during which you only talk and listen to eachother.

    When you go that way, and after some time only, you will not only have enough topics to talk about, but you will both feel so intimate and happy that this weekly moment will become something you will look forward to.

    Give this time to grow, and growth will continue through the weeks/months to come

    That is our (my princess and I) experience anyway.

    Good luck!
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  17. Here is an idea. Your mistress must feed you from a dog bowl. Sub on its knees, hands behind back. No silverware to eat with, just your mouth. And for good measure, Mistress can insert her bare feet into the subs food, and the sub can eat the food from Mistress's feet. It is quite humiliating and you will be assured of your place in the relationship.
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  18. Welcome and nice to see you wearing heels with painted toes there so pretty.

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  19. As part of my submission and emasculation training mistress has used various techniques starting with making me maintain painted toes and then enforcing my wearing of high heels and skirts at home. She then started hobble chaining me and enforcing that I drink my own urine. These additions to my enforced chastity have worked and I am now totally subservient and her sissy.

  20. Welcome to the both of you!
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