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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by knoxtennman, Feb 8, 2010.

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    I just discovered Chastity Mansion a little while ago and after skimming through it for a while decided to register and introduce myself. I have been extremely interested in tease & denial and chastity for several years, but only finally broached the subject with my wife this last summer. Her opinion of it is somewhere between indifferent and mildly intrigued. We played around with it 2 or 3 times for a week or so at a time but once school started up again (she is in a graduate program), she was far too busy and stressed to accommodate me.

    All of that play and anything I'd done on my own was done on the honor system as I didn't have an actual device. That changed last week. I was at stockroom.com ordering something for me and my wife (Valentine's Day is approaching after all) and I decided to check on their CB devices. I was pleasantly surprised to see the CB-3000 discounted and added it to my order. It arrived last Wednesday and I've been fiddling around with it ever since. In short, I love it! (Except for the rear-facing guide pins but the CB-6000 was too expensive compared to the discounted CB-3000)

    My wife wasn't quite as thrilled because although she indulged me over the summer, she finds the use of physical devices a little odd plus she's very worried I'm going to damage myself somehow. I've assured her that I'm being VERY careful because I don't want to damage anything either!

    Anyway, I'm fairly pleased at how quickly I seem to have come up with a reasonably comfortable fit. While I'm wearing it almost all of the time, I'm taking it off at least once a day to check things out and make sure I'm not getting any sore spots. So far, so good.

    Looking ahead, I'm probably going to be having to play my own games as my wife will be too busy to be an effective key holder for me. That is to say, effective for my preferred type of chastity play. She could easily just hold the keys and only unlock me when she has time, energy, and interest in sex and I'd be lucky to get out once or twice a month. However, I prefer a much more hands on approach (literally) where the key holder frequently unlocks and teases me leaving me to wonder if this will be the time I get to cum or will it just be a ruined orgasm or total denial and back in the cage. Of course, that kind of play is really difficult to do by yourself so I'm thinking of writing my own custom version of Time Lock (I'm a computer programmer) and tailoring it to my specific needs.

    If anyone has any suggestions for being your own key holder, I'd love to hear them. Also, I'm looking for suggestions for an emergency key holder. I'd like to have something that is quick to get into if needed but also somehow discourages casual use because then locking up the other key becomes pointless. I've read about things you can put the key into but you have to break open to use. Who sells stuff like that?

    Well, that's something of a long-winded introduction. Thanks for reading this far! See you on the forums. :)
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