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Hello from edgedontcum

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by edgedontcum, May 31, 2017.

  1. Greetings all,

    To introduce myself...i am a Canadian, living in Thailand. My Thai wife is 18 years younger than i, and we have been married more than 25 years. We always lived the female led lifestyle, but since our kids moved away a few years ago, it has intensified. i have retired as well, which gives us more freedom and time to life the lifestyle.

    One significant difference with us, is that i am not locked. My Wife is not against locking me, but it is just not something we have done. In addition to this, i have the freedom to masturbate at any time, either in Her presence, or alone. Of course the stipulation is that i cannot orgasm. So far, i have been 24 days without an orgasm. The last ejaculation i had, was accidental and occurred in Her presence. Needless to say, i paid a fairly severe price for that. My Wife does not like to set a target, so i really have no idea when i will have Her permission to ejaculate again....maybe never, not sure.

    i am now, and have always been a chronic masturbator. Most days i masturbate for 3-4 hours, more on some days and less on others. Quite often (once or twice a day), my Wife will order me to count out my edges to Her. She demands that i count to 20 between each edge. After i start again, it only takes a few seconds for me to reach the edge again. She usually has me count out 20 or 30 edges. When i am alone and masturbating, i have the freedom and Her permission to masturbate as i wish....without cumming of course.

    Also, part of our daily regimen is my maintenance spankings or canings. i must undergo 20 strokes of Her cane on my bare bottom and legs in the morning, 15 in the afternoon, and 25 in the evening. These are mandatory, and occur every day. In addition to these, if there are any mistakes or perceived mistakes or transgressions by me, She will unilaterally decide any additional punishment for those, which normally are an additional number of strokes of Her cane.

    And of course, She often wants to hurt me just for Her own amusement and pleasure, and i must submit to these as per Her wishes. She has a particular penchant for hurting my testicles and most days, She has some fun with them.

    For Her, i give Her a body creme massage after Her shower in the morning and again in the evening. After each massage, i please Her orally, bringing Her to orgasm. She then will give me my daily maintenance caning, which often results in Her getting horny, and me bringing Her to orgasm with my mouth for a second or even a third orgasm. Of course, intercourse is out of the question. We have not had intercourse in nearly 20 years.

    Anyway, i hope to be a regular contributor.
  2. Who said true love does not exists? It exists in Thailand. ;) Thailand was one of the R&R spots for those of us in Vietnam so I heard lots of stories. I had a manager in Thailand who decided to stay there after we shut down the Bangkok office. He fell in love with the country and a young girl. I do not know if he was lucky enough to marry a woman who enjoys beating him often. Those are hard to come by in any country so lucky you. Keep it up or maybe keep it down. Keep it any way she wants it because I fear the cane the most.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Vinny. Yes, i love Thailand and my Wife of course, and consider myself very lucky that She is with me. i will keep adding some pictures in the FLR section to update all on our lifestyle.
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