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Hello All!

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Tushguy, May 5, 2017.

  1. Hey Everybody,

    Me and my girlfried were really interested in chastity. The whole idea of being locked up, being teased and not able to control my orgasms seem really hot. Also, my girlfriend doesn't like when I masturbate. She demands 100% of my devotion to her. So, last month, we ordered a CB-6000 that got delivered yesterday.

    After about 30 minutes of reading instructions and watching Youtube instruction videos, we managed to put it on. Honestly it didn't feel as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I did wear it for the most part of the evening, got used to it. Also, my gf is on her period, so "If I don't get to cum, you can't either", she said.

    Since it was my first night, she let it open at night, but caged me again this morning. For people wondering, we did not have sex or got to cum.

    It's about 1:00 PM on the west coast here, and I have been wearing it all day at my work today. It gets uncomfortable sometimes, and I have to readjust myself. My gf also sent me a really teasing voicemail about controlling me, which I thought was super hot. So, the idea is to keep me caged for another 24 hours, and open me up tomorrow when she is done her period, so we can have sex.

    I am really enjoying this, usually I masturbate when I go home for lunch, cause it helps me focus at work, but today I could not and it's making me super horny. Also, the frustration of not being able to touch myself and the helplessness is actually turning me on. Did not expect that.

    I really want more of this. I wanna be caged for weeks, being teased and not able to masturbate. Hopefully I can convince my GF for that. Just posting here to say hi, and introduce myself. I have been meaning to share my excitement with someone, so glad I found the mansion. Got a lot of questions, hopefully I find some answers.
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  2. First: Tell her that you wat to wear it for weeks.
    And second: Have you shared your thoughts with her? I suggest you do that. She is more important than us :)
    Last: Feel free to ask anything you want. Wish the best for you both on your journey :)
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  3. Thanks for replying. I do mean to tell her. Both of us are submissive and none of us wants to be the dominant one, so that's kinda an issue.
    The reasons for locking me up are not letting me masturbate to porn, but this is turning me on more than I thought. I hope she starts enjoying being in control, and cages me more.

    So, do you guys wear the cage at night as well? I was thinking of removing it to improve blood-flow and wearing it again after I shower in the morning
  4. Thats a great issue. Imagine if she only decides to unlock you if you manage to fulfill her submissive needs? Could that be done?! Interesting...
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    @Tushguy@Tushguy Welcome to the mansion. It's often fun for males in a relationship to experiment with chastity. I'm pleased that your girlfriend is also enjoying it. It's early days but if she prolongs your denial, she may see the benefits of caging you.
  6. Before you lock yourself up for a week make sure you have the cage adjusted correctly. With the right ring and spacer. If your locked permanently you wear it 24 hours a day even at night with not to much pain from nocturnal erections. Let your body get use to it and enjoy your journey.
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  7. well morning wood can be pretty nasty and you wont want go to work with insufficient sleep so I would suggest that you to get used to wearing it in daytime for a week or 2 then try wearing it to sleep.

    Btw welcome to CM!
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  8. It sounds like her main reason for you to wear the cage is to prevent your wanking. That is my Mistress's main issue, also, and after almost a year since I first wore the cage, I am now only required to wear it when She is at work or away from home. When She is nearby, I wouldn't take the chance of sneaking in a wank. This seems to work for us, pretty well and helps me stay at a high level of interest in serving her.
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  9. Your in Chastity without a key

    Under her Control
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  10. Just to give you guys an update, the cage broke sometime yesterday :( it was one of those fake chinese ones. I had sex afterwords, the release felt so good. And this is just 24 hours of being locked.

    So, I am now looking for something nicer, cause we can definately see the benefits. Miss being in chastity already. The excitement or feeling the lock clinking and know you're in chastity.

    I'm still gonna read stuff posed here, for inspiration and research. Thanks people for replying. Helped a lot :)
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  11. Welcome, Tushguy. Wow, broke it already? Must be some powerful wood!
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  12. oooh giggle.
  13. I am into week 3 of no orgasm, but have been lucky to get some Teasing and denial on the weekend. The goal is to try and reach one month before I can have an orgasm. Sorry to hear about the defective cage. There are many to pick from.
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  14. :D. Maybe, and I have been blaming poor quality of the cage for this!
  15. Oh, nice. Chastity for as month? Sounds hard but rewarding at the same time!
  16. I am getting what I asked for to a large extent, so I can't complain. It is to a large extent, very rewarding. It has been probably just as much a challenge for my KH as she is always concerned for my well being first, and she is still adjusting to putting herself first and learning not to feel guilty about denying me. lol.....
  17. Oh, by the way, welcome Tushguy. I hope you find yourself here often at the Mansion.
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  18. Thanks! Still roaming around the Mansion, it's an interesting place ;)
  19. So, I looked into some devices. Holy! They are expensive. But so many choices. There are steel ones, plastic ones and silicon. Can't decide which ones I want. Also living in Canada, a lot of those don't ship here.

    Still sad about breaking the cage :(
    Reading people locked up makes it worse!
  20. Finally got another cage! A metal one with a ring size that fits me perfect. Locked again as of this morning. Excited :)

  21. The majority of the population prefer to be submissive (women more so than men), so both being submissive is something many couples have to deal with. Simply, take turns in scenes (e.g. one weekend you are submissive, the next weekend she is submissive).

    A game you can play during a session, is to roll a dice (odds or evens) as to who has to be submissive for each activity (e.g. massage, teasing, oral, spanking, butt plug, golden shower, etc). The loser/submissive in each round gets to decide the next activity, but before the roll of the dice. This can get quite interesting, especially when it starts to get the depraved end of the kinky scale later in the session! It is also good in that it helps to discuss things that you like or don't like.

    Another option is to set challenges, the result of which decides the next part of the scene. E.g. one partner has to hold a coin against wall with nose, whilst being spanked. If they hold the coin up, you get punished, if the coin drops, they get punished. You cans switch this up to avoid someone failing on purpose ;-)
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