Heaven and Hell by Quinn Klaxon

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    Heaven and Hell
    By Quinn Klaxon

    Synopsis: Janey teaches Quinn the difference between "want" and "need" and guides him into a world of torturous teasing and orgasm denial.

    I was frantic and feverish with desire. She teased me with her delicate and talented fingers, stroking my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the edge of climax.

    “Would you like me to make you climax?” she teased.

    How could I possibly answer that? Of course, I wanted to cum! Or did I? How could I ever be sure? The only things of which I were certain was that the way she touched me felt more intense and pleasurable than anything I had ever experienced, that I wanted these feelings to continue for as long as possible, and that she had taken over a part of my mind to which I had no access.

    “Yes, please!” I fumbled with the words.

    “Beg me,” she teased with warm breath tickling my ear. “Let me hear how sweetly and genuinely you can beg me.”

    “Oh please, Janey, I’m begging you. Let me climax. I’ll do anything, anything at all.”

    “That sounds so tempting. Let’s see what we can do, but you must tell me when you get close, or this will be the last time I touch you for some time!”

    She lightly tickled up and down my rigid and sensitive shaft with her pointed nails. She brought me closer and closer. My body arched and strained in my bonds. I attempted to thrust my cock more deeply into her clutches, but my movements were futile.

    Her breathing was ragged, as she whispered into my ear, “Come on, baby, you can get there.”

    I struggled, twisting and writhing, willing myself to come, but it was no use. Far away, I felt her feathery touch brushing the length of my shaft and circling the head of my cock. I could never climax with such light ministrations, and she knew it. I continued to struggle, however, in a desperate attempt to coax her into rubbing harder or faster. Anything!

    I gasped for breath with my heart pounding. In the back of my mind, I knew my frantic behavior was out of control. My solace came when I gazed into Janey’s eyes. She loved this.

    She grabbed my shaft in the depth of her palm and squeezed, then released it and giggled as my cock bobbed futilely in the air. She did it several more times, twisting my shaft inside her grip. I thought I would explode, but she never continued long enough for me to get there. She grabbed my shaft firmly and used her other hand to toy with my cock head. Her hands were slick with olive oil, and she rubbed her palm back and forth across my urethra, then round and around in circles. She was driving me crazy.

    I felt my climax climbing, beginning in my mind and building tightly from deep inside my groin. Janey’s fingers danced lightly over my flesh, tracing a single fingernail along each and every vein protruding from my sex. She coated her fingertips in oil and rubbed them over my cock head and then spread the oil over my shaft and balls. I was close, so close.

    “Oh please don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I silently pleaded.

    She grabbed my cock at its base and squeezed. The tightness I felt as she trapped the rushing blood inside my cock made me delirious. My cock head felt so taut that I wondered if the purplish skin might tear. She worked her hand up and down my thickening shaft and then focused on my plumbed head, wrapping her fingers around my sensitive corona and twisting, as if she were trying to twist off a bottle cap. Again and again, she wrapped her oil-slick fingers around my head and twisted. I jumped in my bonds with each flick of her wrist. She was going to make me cum. I had little doubt that anything could prevent that as this point. Just a little more and I would drench her hand with built-up cum. Then, she stopped.

    I shrieked, panting and gasping for breath. I was trembling. “Ohhh, Janey, please, I was so close…please Janey…please let me…”

    “Let you what, Quinn? Let you what?” she playfully mocked my desperation.

    “Please let me cum! Please!” My whimpering sounded pathetic, even to me.

    “Are you saying that you want me to stop touching you, because if I let you cum, we’re done playing? Is that what you really want? I’m having a blast teasing you. Doesn’t it feel good? Why would you want me to stop now?” she countered.

    “Damn, damn, damn,” I thought. She had me completely confused. “I don’t know, Janey. I really don’t know,” I stuttered, “Of course, it feels good…incredible. I’ve never felt anything like this, but it’s SO hard. I feel like you’re driving me insane. I…”

    She put a warm finger to my lips and whispered, “Shhh, I know this is difficult for you. It’s supposed to be. That’s part of the fun. I know it’s confusing. Of course, it is. That’s why I want you to lie back and let me decide. Don’t you want…don’t you need me to decide whether or not you get to cum?”

    How could I answer that? I was mad with desire. I wanted nothing more than an orgasm. I had never wanted an orgasm more. Yet, she was so convincing. Her argument made perfect sense. I couldn’t answer her, so I screwed my eyes shut and nodded.

    “That’s a good boy. That’s right. Let me play with you. I’ll make this something that you’ll never forget.”

    I opened my eyes to see her removing her top. I swear she was the most beautiful creature that I had ever laid eyes on.

    I shivered, as she bent forward to kiss me. I was terrified of what I was feeling but could think of nothing more important than kissing her with all my might to show her my adoration.

    I gasped helplessly, when she pulled away. I wanted to follow her with my lips, but she had pulled the ropes tightly before securing me to the four corners of her bed. I was completely helpless and under her spell.

    “Before I even consider granting you an orgasm, you need to be very sweet to my wet little pussy, and then maybe, just maybe…How does it feel when I excite you, but don’t let you climax, Quinn?”

    My cock twitched at her words. I had no intention of answering her. I wanted only for her to begin touching me again.

    “Answer me, Quinn,” she commanded, “I want to know.”

    “I feel so helpless,” I replied, “I love the feeling of being stretched between the slats of your bed. It makes my cock hard. But, when you touch me…my God, I’ve never felt anything like it. My head is swimming. You scramble my mind. I don’t know what to think or feel. I feel owned, as if you had taken something from deep inside me and possessed it as your very own. I feel like your toy, and while it feels exciting and erotic, I feel ashamed…”

    “Do you like it when I control your orgasm like this? Do you like it when I bring you to the edge and then stop to make sure that you don’t cum? Do you like it when I make you beg?”

    I couldn’t answer her. I felt so ashamed that she had discovered my secrets so easily. I fell so quickly from feeling like her lover to loving how she dominated and frustrated me.

    “Quinn, you know that each time I do this to you, each time I bring you to the maddening edge, I push you deeper into a world where you will need this. If we continue playing like this, eventually I will soften you. You’ll become docile and submissive. You’ll do anything to try to get me to touch you. I can tell already how easy it would be to control you. Do you want to see what I mean?”

    I remained speechless. Part of me knew that she was right, but I felt so ambivalent and clung to something inside me that I cannot explain.

    “Of course you do. Let me show you,” she purred.

    She dipped her fingers into the tiny bowl of oil and painted my cock. My cock had deflated through our conversation, but quickly spiked toward the ceiling in answer to her gentle ministrations. She easily guided me to a full erection, and I trembled. Part of me was terrified with what was happening to me. She curled her fingers around the base of my cock and scrotum, her thumb and fingers holding me firmly. With her other hand, she dug her delicately pointed nails lightly into the flesh of my cock head. I drew in a sharp breath but could feel her watching me. My cock head surged into the sharpness of her nails.

    “Ohhh, how interesting,” she responded, “I’ll bet that hurts a bit, but your cock seems to like it very much.”

    She increased the pressure of her nails against my strained flesh around my urethra and held me like that for a moment before moving to discover a new sensitive spot in which to dig her nails. I panted and moaned softly, biting my lip. My hips and thighs quivered, as I arched my back in a feverish, but helpless, attempt to offer myself to her. With my body, I beseeched and begged her. The wagging movement of my cock, as it throbbed each time she released me from her grip, told her that I would promise her anything, anything, if she would just touch me one more time. The sharp pain I felt each time she dug her nails into my tight flesh felt like tiny spikes. I don’t fully understand why I found the erotic pain so exciting, but I had never felt harder. I moaned softly and reached for her with my pelvis.

    “You see,” she whispered, “I can control you completely. I’ll bet that I don’t even need to touch your cock to drive you crazy.”

    My senses whirled. I knew she was right and didn’t know how to process my thoughts.

    Then, with one fingernail, she lightly stroked the underside of my shaft.

    “Oh, God, please Janey,” I croaked, shivering, stretching, and straining against the fleece-lined leather cuffs that held me fast beneath her.

    “Oh, yes, Quinn,” she whispered hotly in my ear, “Just as you’ve fantasized, I’ve had my own. I’ve always dreamt of having a young stud like you in my clutches to do with exactly what I want and see him respond just as you’re doing tonight. I love seeing you like this! Tell me that you’ll do anything for me if I let you climax?”

    “Ohhh, of course…of course I will…anything…please…”

    Janey giggled, as devilish thoughts flitted through her brain, but decided that now was not the time to share them. Perhaps later, when he was tamer and more accepting of the power she held over him, she would share her darkest secrets.

    She revived from her reverie to my trembling body.

    “Quinn, do you see how helpless you can feel against just one little fingertip? What is it that you want?”

    “Janey, I need to cum. I’m not kidding. Please!”

    She stroked my cheek and neck soothingly, cooing softly to reassure me, “I want you to wait until tomorrow morning. You can do that can’t you? Wait until tomorrow morning? I will keep you desperately excited all night with my fingers and mouth. You’ll be frantic to please me. You’ll do absolutely anything I ask. I’ll keep you here in bed with me all night pleasuring me. I’ll teach you how to make love to me with your fingers, mouth and tongue. Then, tomorrow morning, if you’ve been very good all night, I’ll lick and suck you until I drain everything from your balls into my warm and wet mouth with my wicked tongue.”

    I groaned and panted as her words burned into my consciousness.

    “Tell me you can wait until tomorrow morning,” she whispered, gently licking my ear and rubbing her swollen nipples across my chest.

    My desired burned.

    “Tomorrow morning you can have me. I’ll be yours, my lips, my tongue, my breasts, and my sweet pussy. I’ll be your succubus, your sweet obsession.”

    She reached down with devilish fingers and firmly formed a ring around the base of my cock. She slowly slid her ringed fingers up and down my shaft.

    “What do you really want, Quinn? It’s okay to succumb. I know you’re feeling confused, but we both know what you want, don’t we? You love this. You’ve always dreamt of this. Although you find it terrifying, you have never wanted anything more than you want me to take control of your orgasm. Isn’t that right?”

    “Janey, it’s so hard…so hard…” I shuddered.

    “I know, sweetheart,” she comforted me.

    She rubbed the nerve endings just below the head of my cock. She gripped my thick shaft in her fingers and rubbed her thumb in circles over the spot just below the split in my cock head. Her touch was intoxicating. I could think of nothing else. I rolled my eyes back into my head. I felt that I could barely stand what she was doing but wanted the feeling to last forever. I was in heaven and hell.

    “Quinn, I’m waiting for your answer. Tell me what you really want. Tell me that you can wait until morning, and I’ll make you feel things you’ve only dreamt about. Make me happy, Quinn!”

    There was nothing else for me to say. “Yes,” I trembled weakly.

    “Yes what, Quinn?”

    “Yes, Janey, I can wait until morning.” And with those words, I began my resignation.

    “You’ll see,” she stroked my cheek softly. “You will be my love toy tonight and tomorrow morning you will be in rapture. Tonight I will excite you intolerably. You will beg me and plead with me to let you climax. You will pray for morning, but sunlight is a long way away. Until then, you will pleasure me.”

    I groaned, as she slid her hand slowly up and down my shaft.

    “I want you to pleasure me with your mouth. Would you like to make love to me now?” It was more command that request.

    Janey released my cock from her grip and stood towering above me, feet on either side of my torso. She swayed her model figure above me and removed her panties. Completely naked, she was a picture of perfection in my eyes. She lowered herself onto my chest and gently wiped away a tear from my cheek.

    She leaned forward, grabbing her sleigh headboard with two hands to steady herself. Her sex was inches from my chin, and I marveled at her beauty. Neatly framed by tightly trimmed, scarlet hair, her lips were so swollen. Her pinkish insides strained against her outer lips to free themselves into the cool bedroom air. Hers was the most beautiful oyster I had ever seen, and I was desperate to taste her.

    She slid forward a bit more and urged me forward to her fragrant pussy. It’s difficult to explain how I felt at that moment. It was as if she presented me with a wonderful opportunity to show her how I felt about her but knew that I never fully could. Nevertheless, I stuck my tongue out and licked her gently and slowly, making sure to trace the edges of her inner lips and hood, which beckoned for my attention. Delicately, I licked and sucked her hood, paying special care to tickle the edges with the tip of my tongue. She gently rocked back and forth, guiding me and positioning my efforts the way she wanted. I wanted so much to make her feel some of the exquisite torment that she had paced me through during the past hours.

    I traced my path along her most tender folds and was elated when I heard her breathing change pace. I continued, consciously restraining my enthusiasm to slowly build the pressure from deep inside her. Janey tipped her head back and pushed gently against my tongue. She was allowing me to bring her to the brink of orgasm. She slowly rocked back and forth, making small soft sounds of desire. Despite my helpless position, I teased her with my inquisitive tongue lapping gingerly across her swelling clit. I pulled her nub into my mouth and held her firmly between my lips, dragging the flat of my tongue over the tip of her clitoris. Without knowing how close she was to climaxing, I stopped, only to start over shortly thereafter. From her muted cries, I felt that she was getting dangerously close to the edge and I slowed my licking to a crawl. She pushed harder but did not demand more from me. She loved to be held in the tense, delirious state at the edge of climax. I continued for as long as she let me, then suddenly she grabbed my hair and pulled me tightly to her pussy, fitting me to her and locking her smooth thighs around head. I found her very swollen clitoris with my tongue and rubbed back and forth until she shuddered and collapsed into me. As she climaxed, I felt a tiny trickle of warmth seep onto my tongue. She tasted sweet as candy. Her spasms continued for a moment, and then calming herself, she giggled and crawled down my body to lie next to me.

    “That was fabulous!” she moaned, running her fingertips through my hair and over my lips. “How do you feel?” She gazed into my eyes, stroking my cheek and lips.

    I was speechless.

    “Oh, I see,” she continued, “you got lost in the euphoria of pleasing me, but now that you’ve made me cum, you’re drifting back to the realization that your cock is hard, and you’ve been suffering for hours. Does that hit the mark at all?”

    I nodded.

    “You must feel terribly frustrated, but imagine that until morning, you will remain bound, as I torment you. I suspect you are and will go through many gyrations of different feelings.”

    I begged her with my eyes to finish me off and put me out of my misery.

    “Shhh,” she whispered, laying her fingertip against my lips. “I don’t trust you to restrain yourself, so you have to remain bound tonight. I want you to experience your body’s helpless burning. I want complete control. You will make me orgasm many more times tonight, but for you there will be only frustration.

    “But what about tomorrow?” I blurted.

    “If you are very good to me tonight, if you are attentive and pleasure me, tomorrow morning I will give you what you want.”

    As confused and frustrated as I felt, I could think of no place I’d rather be.

    The night progressed slowly. The sun could not rise soon enough. Janey spent the evening drifting in and out of what must have been a blissful rest for her. Each time she stirred awake, she placed her fingers across my nipples, stomach, inner thighs or cock and lightly stroked me until she eventually woke to tease me once more. She brought me to the edge of denial more times than I can or care to remember, dozens, hundreds of times. I have no idea. My mind had left me. My sweat-soaked body writhed almost continuously throughout the night, whether she was tormenting my cock or simply resting her fingertips along my shaft while she drifted back to sleep.

    “Quinn, hold still,” she commanded, “I’m tired.”

    In my agony, I steadied my body and watched her fall asleep. If not for her tortuous treatment of me, I swear she looked like an angel. Maybe she was. My cock twitched and throbbed, as my erection eventually subsided, sleeping in a tense and hungry state, waiting for her to awake and touch me once more. I drifted off into an uneasy and restless sleep.

    Several times during the night, she awoke, played with my body and then sat over me and directed me to lick her again. I did so, of course, eagerly, each time trying to bring her such exquisite pleasure that she might take pity on me and allow me to orgasm. However, she was steadfast, despite my protests. In the darkness of the night, I lay in quiet agony. Never in my fantasies could I have ever anticipated how I felt that evening.

    I woke in the morning to the evening’s memories. I felt different. I felt resigned and docile. I knew that pleading would get me nowhere. Janey had broken my will. I felt the beginning of a transformation, an understanding of what it might be like to be her willing slave.

    “Good morning!” she greeted me brightly. “You were so attentive last night!”

    She grazed my cheek and brow with her fingertips and gazed tenderly into my eyes. My cock began to harden, and I moaned, as I watched her reach for the olive oil. Dipping her fingers into the bowl, she lathered my cock with her hands and gripped me with her warm, slick fingers. With one hand, she cupped my sac and gently massaged my balls.

    “My goodness these are large! And they feel so full. Poor, Quinn, you must feel so horny. I wonder if they’re really blue inside?”

    Janey wrapped one hand around my stiffening shaft and slid it up and down in a slow rhythm. With her other hand, she massaged and tickled my balls. I was torn between the exquisite delight of her hand on my cock and the far too ticklish sensation on my balls. I tried desperately to restrain my laughter. I didn’t want her to stop. She was driving me insane. My body stiffened helplessly, and I groaned and threw my head back.

    “You are excited, aren’t you?” she whispered and then released her grip on me.

    Staring deeply into my eyes, Janey waited for me to calm down and then grasped me again in her silky hands and stroked me lightly, running her fingers along the length of my shaft. Each time she did this, I felt the head of my cock swell and my testicles tense. I knew I would climax shortly. There was no way she could stop me now.

    “Quinn, can you feel your cock head swell or your balls tighten?”

    I was too far gone to respond coherently.

    “I can,” she continued without me, “Do you understand what this means?”

    Again, I was nowhere near capable of having this conversation right now. I writhed in my bonds in a futile attempt to press my desperate penis into her hands.

    “You’re telling me exactly when you’re about to cum. All I have to do is watch carefully, and I can stop you from cumming whenever I want! Isn’t that wonderful?”

    She had to be out of her mind! She promised me an orgasm. I thrusted at her again.

    She did this many times, each time bringing me closer and closer to climax, until I was trembling uncontrollably.

    “Janey, please, please help me,” I babbled incoherently.

    She was driving me out of my mind and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

    She seductively crawled down my body and laid her head on my thigh. She picked up my cock and placed just the head in her mouth. The feeling was indescribable! She swirled her tongue around, licking and sucking until I felt my cock head swell and my testicles tense. I was about to cum and moaned and thrashed helplessly. With a popping sound, she spit me out of her mouth and reached into a large bowl she had placed on her nightstand beside the bed. She extracted a small wet towel. Wringing it out, she laid it carefully over my cock and balls. The ice cold sensation shocked me. I twisted, arching my back in a vain attempt to escape the towel. She held it against me until I calmed down. After my cock deflated, she placed the towel back in the bowl of ice water and began tickling my cock and balls with her fingertips, eventually replacing me in her mouth to lick and suck my penis. She did this several times, bringing me to the point where my cock head flared and my balls tightened, and then draping my genitals in the cold towel until I softened.

    “Janey, please…” My voice no longer sounded defiant or demanding.

    She had deeply penetrated my mind and there was no escape for me except through her wishes and desires.

    “I know,” she cooed, “It’s quite maddening, isn’t it? Imagine how hot my pussy would feel wrapped around your cock right now. Quinn, just relax and enjoy what you’re feeling.” Her lilting voice hypnotized me.

    I lost count of the number of times she did this to me. My mind was completely focused on the feelings she provided with her talented lips and tongue, as she gently and rhythmically licked and sucked my tender skin.

    Eventually, I stopped pleading and simply lay there writhing helplessly as she played with me. The ache in my loins grew to intolerable proportions. She was entirely patient, deliberate and unrelenting. I had set myself up to be her malleable plaything, and Janey had taken full advantage by implementing her deepest desires upon me, her helpless and mostly willing victim and partner. I no longer struggled against my bonds. I was in the only place I wanted to be.

    After tiring of playing with me this way, Janey dropped my cock from her mouth and sat up. She reached into the bowl and withdrew the cold towel, laying it against my tender genitals. I shivered, but she held the towel against me, and slowly I began to calm down.

    “Did you like being in my mouth?” she whispered in my ear, tracing its outline with her fingers.

    “Oh, God, yes, Janey!”

    “I know you’re excited, but I want you to calm down,” she suggested.

    “But, Janey, you promised to let me climax. You said that if I pleased you last night, you’d make me cum this morning!”

    Gazing steadily into my eyes, Janey drew close to my trembling form and in a soft voice whispered, “Yes, I know I said that last night, but I’ve changed my mind.”

    I stared wide-eyed in disbelief.

    “A girl’s entitled to change her mind, isn’t she? I like keeping you this way.” And she pulled herself tightly to my body and slid her fingertips between my parted lips, toying with my tongue. She drove her tongue hotly into my ear, and I groaned uncontrollably.

    “I know it drives you wild to feel my tongue in your ear, doesn’t it, Quinn?”

    I groaned.

    “Let’s be clear, Quinn. I like teasing you. I like that way you look tied up. I like the way you respond to my sexual torture of your nipples and penis. I like the way you get desperate and confused, and I like the way you lick my pussy when you’re turned on. And, if I’m not mistaken, you like it too. I intend to keep you mindlessly desperate, so you’ll do what I want.”

    I was bewildered. All night, I had anticipated a mind-blowing orgasm come morning light. I was devastated. I felt my anger begin to well up inside me, but it didn’t come. I couldn’t. I didn’t feel angry. I felt possessed.

    “Quinn, I want your full attention!” and for emphasis, she cradled my face between her palms and gazed directly into my eyes. Then, she crawled on top of me, spread her thighs and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. She did not need to ask anything more of me. I knew what I wanted more than anything in the world…

    I wanted to make her shudder.

    The End
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    wonderful story, thank you.
    hope for a Foawaycontinuation
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