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Have you ever tasted a man on or in your wife/girlfriend?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Vinny, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. I used to love cleaning my wife after sex. No that I am not allowed sex, I really miss that.
  2. Clean her after she has sex with other people. Mistress always has me clean her after she is done with a bull. It is my treat for being a good submissive.
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  3. That was the reason we started it in the first place. For now she say she has no no need for PIV from anyone so that's not happening. But the option is on the table.
  4. Have eaten my own cum from Misses vagina and I love it. Especially, if it is mixed with some of hers to. But, enjoying another man's (Bull) cum from her in any way is still a fantasy I would not hesitate at for even a second. However, she has a long ways to go and I'm not sure she will ever reach that point. Will be thankful for what I have today and look forward to what she plans for tomorrow. Yes, I have tasted other mens cum in the past too.
  5. spitting is very very bad and will get you a smack.
  6. And deservedly so. It is an honor to swallow a man's essence.
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  7. I had gay adventures through my life, so I tasted semen then, but not from my wife.

    We generally use condoms, but if we don't, my wife makes me clean up.

    But when it comes to tasting others, I have two other experiences.
    The first one was a bit traumatizing at the time, but is quite hot years after. I came back from a weekend away. My wife wanted to have sex so I went down on her, and discovered she tasted of condoms :eek:

    Again, things got pretty bad after that, but our couple survived, and it was the starting point for many things, including polyamory and Chastity.

    She is very private with her BFs, and likes to keep things separated. Every once in a while, she will let me listen at the door. But once, she came upstairs to my room after fucking a BF, and was still horny. She asked me to go down on her and taste her lover...

    Soooo hot :rolleyes:
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