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Have you ever tasted a man on or in your wife/girlfriend?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Vinny, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Knowingly or found out later? I had a live in girlfriend back in 1971 when I got back from a year of combat in Vietnam. I did not love her but I moved her into my house and supported her. We were good friends and we both shared a very high libido. Hers was much higher than mine as I found out later. We would have sex in the morning before work, and then after we came home from work, again before bed and usually she would wake me at 2 or 3am for more sex. She wanted sex all the time and was wearing me out.

    She started to go out with her girlfriends a few nights a week and I went out with mine. I had a lot of living to catch up on and some of that was guy stuff with men I served with in Nam. I always came home before her since I had to get up very early for work. She would come home a little tipsy and tell me to get naked. She would then sit on my face and tell me to make her cum. So far so good and I enjoy oral more than intercourse.

    A few times I tasted something strange but familiar. I ignored it. It took me a few months before I realized that I was tasting semen. I asked her and she said she was having sex with other guy since we never said we were exclusive. She was right because I knew she was having sex with her girlfriend every weekend and probably her girlfriend's sub. I occasionally had sex with girls on the weekend when she was away. It did not bother me and it turned me on a little as the old sperm competition thing kicked in. After oral I would have vigorous intercourse with her. We continued like that for many months.

    One day she entered the living room where three of my friends and myself were watching a football game to announce that she wanted us to gang bang her. That caught me by surprise as it was understood that we do not have sex with people we both know. My friends looked at me and I said OK. However, they did not want to get naked in front of each other and have sex. Most guys think it is easy to arrange a gang bang. It is not since most guys do not want to get naked and erect in front of other guys who may be bigger and better. Many could not get erect under those circumstances either. She then said she would perform oral sex on each of them privately in the guest bedroom. She wanted me last. When my friends were done and looking embarrassed for me, I was called into the bedroom. She was covered in cum from her mouth down to her vagina. She purposely made them ejaculate all over her because her plan was to have me lick it all off before having intercourse with me. She said she thought it would be even more intense since I knew the other men. That is the day I learned my limit and and refused to lick her. Instead I let her perform oral on me and asked her to leave the next day. I found out that she was having sex with one of those friends, maybe two for a few weeks without my knowledge.

    That was not the last time I ate semen. The next time was after a wife swap when I ate my best friend's semen from my wife's vagina. I presume he ate mine on his wife's breasts. The sex was very intense as usual when I taste semen on my woman. Then my wife got into giving me oral after I had sex with her or my girlfriends until she came out as bi. Then we had a threesome with my wife's best friend and had her live with us for the next 7 years. My wife enjoyed the threesomes and both enjoyed having sex with me after the threesome. So they were tasting me and each other all night long. Then our girlfriend got married to a cuckold and I was her "bull" but really her lover. She shared me with my wife. After that she split her time between me and her husband. I never tasted his semen because I my girlfriend did not have sex with him for 3 days before seeing me but the reverse was not true. She never said much about her sex life with her husband other than they had an arrangement.

    Only once during one of the vacations that we allowed her husband to join us, that I tasted his semen. His wife would stay with us all day and only be with him after we were done for the day. I specifically asked her to have unprotected sex with him right before she came to our room for breakfast. Apparently she had him wearing a condom because neither of them wanted kids, like us. She let him cum inside her and my wife and I took turns performing oral on her. We like to get kinky once in awhile. It was OK but he did not cum much and what little there was, stayed in her panties. Nonetheless there was a faint taste of semen mixed with her her lubrication and that is the way I like it. It is like not liking Whisky straight but add two parts water and I will drink it as it tastes mostly like water. :)

    That was about 20 years ago and I have not tasted semen again. I tried to get my wife interested in a MMF threesome but she is not that into guys unless they are young and hot. Not fussy about women though. I had sex with two males before I got married but it was not oral sex, just anal so never got to perform oral on a guy and still have that on my bucket list.

    This is a long way to say that I have both knowingly and unknowingly tasted semen. I was never into what I see in porn which is mostly fake, where there is a waterglass amount of semen in or on the woman and the guy eats it all up. Not my thing. Mixed with two parts female juice, I can enjoy it. :)
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  2. I love to clean my wife after she is with a Bull.
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  3. No that has never happened and knowing my Wife/Keyholder I do t think it ever will
  4. I have eaten semen many times. I sucked cock from mid teens but always spat it out in those days. Then one day I told to to swallow and I did. The incredible thing is semen varies much in taste and texture. I do think younger men have the thickest creamiest texture with older guys more watery.
  5. one man i did well his taste like a walnut but i have had some nasty tasting ones. i has wine after if its wern very nice taste.
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  6. I tasted semen numerous times, both my own and others. My mistress has a rule that I always clean up when she gives me the honor of a release or milking. In addition, she is a huge fan of humilating her submissive cuckold. She has me prepare her bulls and clean up afterwards. Occasionally, she will snowball me their cum after she gives them a blowjob or have me suck them off for her amusement. I have never had a problem with the flavor, but it took me a while to get used to the texture. Now, I love liking cum off my mistress's beautiful breasts - though I wish it was more my own than her other lovers.
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  7. This is a major fantasy of mine. I would love to be cuckholded and made to clean up after my girl has fucked another guy. The only cum i have tasted so far is my own. My girl has permitted release and snowballed it back to me after oral and prostate massage. I have also been forced made to eat my own cum from but her pussy and ass after intercourse. I have been tied to the bed and when i Finish up she would sit on my face and demand i eat whilst threatening to lock me in my cage for a very long time if i don't. Recently she made me sign a contract that each time i come i must do it like a sissy in panties and plugged. i must eat all cum where ever it is deposited. I hope she is training me for something!!
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  8. Great to hear more straight men are eating cum. It's been the norm for me being gay but I guess it's not the norm for straight men. Enjoy it. The more you do it the more easy it becomes.
  9. To answer the main question, yes. But it has been limited to just my own. Nobody else's to this point, and I don't see that on the horizon at this point in time.
  10. Yes I clean up when Mistress has been with one of her boyfriends
  11. I always suspected an ex-girlfriend was cheating on me. She used to date a guy called Peter, high ranking director at some newspaper in the same town. Fast car, and apparently quite the cock.

    She was a little late arriving at home one evening, and I didn't give it a thought. We ate dinner, and finally went to bed. I slid down to orally pleasure her and she pushed me away.

    We continued to have regular sex, but she was much wetter than normal, and her usual tightness wasn't working for me. For the first time I actually faked MY orgasm. She used to find it hot for me to go down on her after I came inside her, (this was a new experience for me too) so, I put my head down there again. This time she reluctantly allowed me to eat her out, and low and behold, she was soaked with this guys cum. I licked away, and to my surprise she came really hard. I then proceeded to fuck her again, and this time was so turned on I came very shortly afterwards. Again I ate her out - the taste was totally different! Busted.

    She did admit to me a few months later that she had indeed had sex with Peter, and thought she'd fooled me. I didn't let on, and in wasn't long after that we split up. It was still a big turn on for me - I think especially as it turned her on too.
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  12. My ex and I had a rule that anyone who she had sex with except me had to use a condom. Right before we broke up we were about to make one of our friends an exception and allow him to cum in her. Unfortunately we broke up do to some issues that had nothing to do with our kinks, sex life or such.
  13. Even before my Feminization(my macho man days), I was always somewhat of an oral slut for males or Females so semen never in any way turned me off. Once my Lady took control, if I was allowed penetrative sex, a long face sitting clean up almost always followed. If She came home in the evening and immediately required oral service, it was sometimes obvious to me that I was cleaning up after another man. She knew and I knew but I would have never dared to mention it, nor did She,unless she was miffed at me and wanted to be sure I understood my place in life.
  14. Fantastic, plugged in panties and caged I come a lot more like a sissy in heat, screaming and shaking all over.
  15. I've eaten lots of cum from lots of women over the years. Usually it was my own, but many times it wasn't. Sometimes it was a surprise and sometimes not. I definitely prefer other's cum over my own, especially if it's a surprise.
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  16. I've also swallowed a lot of cum. I love sucking cock and indulge whenever I can. The taste definitely varies, from very tasty to quite vile. Mind you, I think tasting it in my wife after she's been freshly fucked has to be the best tasting cum of all. I always enjoy it more if it's from someone I know. Does that make me terribly slutty?
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  17. I have only tasted/swallowed my own so far. I can not WAIT to taste another man's cum off my wife!
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  18. Just this past Sunday. J sat on my face then wiggled and squirmed until some of his seed came dripping down from deep inside her. I was in heaven!
  19. Vinny you've spilled sardine milkshake all over our bridge to Vanilla.

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  20. Nope. Haven't done it and don't want to.
  21. 5+ times a week. I live to clean up and my Mistress/wife is all too happy to help me do it. The pic below was sent to me while I was at my office last week and Mistress then texted me and told me to get away so I could come home and clean her. When I arrived I started eating her pussy and she said "no, his load is somewhere else"...oh my...so yummy.

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  22. Of course! it is another way to humiliate me Also lets me taste the mix of her pussy juices or ass juices and a male's cum. Also shows me that my sissy dick is not worthy of touching a female.
  23. Something I've always wanted to do. Have Ms K/H tell me to lick this cum off/out of her. Never had the chance of someone else's cum and always shied away when we were younger and before I learned to love the taste of cum.
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  24. I've been sucking cock for decades and have swallowed literally thousands of loads (I would NEVER spit -- so disrepectful!). It's still a thrill to feel that hot spurt.
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