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Has anyone experience with remote shock collars?

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by Mascara^Snake, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Have been threatened to use a shock collar behind my cage, but am not really fond of the idea! Ouch!
  2. Recently got the petsafe static trainer for small dog. The nylon collar actually gets small enough to work out of the box. The two metal prongs are short and the box is small enough to fit comfortably with cage. Shock will go from 1-8, with a plus 2 button. It has an antenna and a range of 3/4 mile. Works well, at level 8 it's an attention getter, but very enjoyable stimulation, although nothing to dred or fear. Plan to fashion a leather collar to give a more BDSM feel.
  3. The purple strap in my avatar is a large dog remote trainer that I put on the strap. Works well behind the cb6000s
  4. Did you see my recent post on thee 39$ bluetooth one from Amazon? It works very well, is small and attaches to a Chastity device easily
  5. for those with shock collars you'll find quite an interesting difference in intensity (on the same setting if it's variable) between wearing the device behind your balls, and turning it so that it's in front on top.
    I'll leave the wearer to discover which they like most/least. :confused::eek: (you don't want me to tell and spoil the anticipation, do you? :p)
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  6. Hi All! I want to start from the beginning with my answer....

    Sorry for my English :)

    You won't easily find shock collars with BDSM mark just because it means that they could be used by human on themselves, and to make it so the manufacturer must prove that their devices are safe for using on humans... this fact is going to make them three times more expensive, but they will be the same dog shock collars.

    What about using - I use one cheap from China called Axsel Fox PT-100.
    When it has poor contact with the skin - it burns and this is not fun, so I usually use lubricant, such as water or saliva, perhaps using a special electro-conductive liquid would be better.... but I don't have one.
    When it's placed under the balls it pulses into the balls, when it's placed further behind it pulses into the muscle that usually used my male organism to push out sperm while cumming.
    When it's placed above (above the penis) - it pulses directly into the penis' head which I find very fascinating :)))
    For my personal senses - I could handle from 1 to 100 of the shocks level, but the higher they are the more time I need to spent between shocks.
    Also, I disagree that shocks consequences won't last long, because after a session with shocker for the next few days the sensitivity of penis' head is lowered, so it's harder to cum...

    I want to try one more option to avoid burn feelings - perhaps sticky mio-stimulator electrodes will do the job better...
  7. i don't has to have one cos i does what i'm told. i think that they really for folks who wont do what they told.
  8. Or for Ladies that want to shock when They feel like it no matter what.
  9. aaww :(