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Hair removal

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Slavetomisskat, May 14, 2017.

  1. May i ask and hope no one will be offended if so i am sorry. Do you all shave all/most of your body? I have before shaved chest,waist,arm pits and legs. I shaved my chest,arm pits not long ago and try t do my waist more often. thanks
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  2. I usually keep my pubic area shaved.
    The rest of my body depends on who I'm serving and what they want.
    My preference is to be totally smooth but when I'm alone I get lazy. So it depends on how I feel or how busy I am.
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  3. My entire groin is smooth from home laser hair removal along with buttocks. Pits and chest have been cleaned up with home laser hair treatment. No other shaving or hair removal.
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  4. i'm shaved or waxed everywhere. I love it.
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  5. i shave all my bits but i don't has to do back tummy or legs now very much cos hairs don't come.
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  6. Am I unusual in actually preferring my girls, including the t-girls and sissies to have carefully trimmed 'fur' between their legs, and under their arms, to being completely bare?
  7. I have a summer hiatus from may thru aug so I can wear shorts without attracting attention. I am thinking about ditching it though, do people really notice?
  8. Funny you would say that, as I am doing the same thing. I spend most of the those months outdoors, which includes some outdoor work around other folks as well.
    Needless to say, I think about it.
  9. Really it's just from the knees down that people might wonder about, not sure if people would actually notice
  10. I think some may notice, and others wouldn't have a clue.
  11. I have excactly the same dilemma! I am silky smooth and without hair from the edge of my shorts and up. In the summer I keep the hair on my legs because I am concerned that people will notice. But this year I am on the verge of removing everything, I don't think people will notice. If someone notices and comments, I will answer that I have started cycling.
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  12. I am contemplating just saying the heck with it and if someone asks telling them I don't grow leg hair lol
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  13. One of my partners used to love waxing me she got a real kick out of doing it. She always put me straight back in the cage after because as she explained my bits need time to recover from the trauma so its best not to cum for while after.

    It made her happy which always did the same for me.
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  14. I have just come back from a trip to Rome and wore shorts pretty much all the time and I was not aware of anyone taking any notice of my bare legs.

    I think a lot of it is in our minds. Perhaps because we bend the rules when it comes to conventional male behaviour we are more concious of anything that's out of the norm. Whereas your typical vanilla person is not looking for these signs and fails to register them if they are in front of them.
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  15. Even if shaved legs may be a bit out of the norm, they sure look a lot nicer, tidier. My best advice is to wear knee-long shorts, not to expose too much of the leg and you'll be just fine
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  16. I'm 6'4". Legs shaved. I wear shorts all the time, even to work. The only person to say something was my sister.....

    I really don't care at this point if anyone wants to stare, snicker, or in general have something to say as no one will dare say anything to me... LOL..
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  17. i used laser. im 5 sessions in on my back and id say 90% is gone. gonna do my pits and pubes next.
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  19. Agreed, I have been removing the hair from my legs for over 10 years, initially for sport and now I would never go back to hairy legs. Plenty of guys shave their legs and these days no one really cares. I must say if you also remove your body hair, it looks much better without leg hair as well. Personally I like the way I look completely hair free all over.

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  20. for ppl that are Male shaving is NOT worth in the long run, to thick and fast growing hair everywhere. i recommend waxing or a permanent laser hair removal. I myself am starting hair removal hopefullt before Xmas :D removing my beard, body and priavte parts hair :p AND I CANNOT WAIT :D
  21. After 25 + years of shaving, I am tired of bumps, ingrown hair etc. So I just had 1st Brazilian laser treatment, not painful at all. Cant wait to finally be done shaving.
  22. Jealous, I am planning on getting a home laser system. Not sure if it will be permanent but should be close enough
  23. Hi, I have to say I tried an epilator 3 weeks ago and although my hair has started to grow back it's not as thick. This gave me the smoothest feeling for longer, far better than shaving or creams. It does take a little time and it does sting a little but that's half the fun.
  24. Sounds interesting, tell me more
  25. I have recently bought one of these - https://www.triabeauty.co.uk/home-l...MI--bM8oHP1gIVQRobCh3pTgkqEAAYASAAEgLoevD_BwE and it seems to be working. I had used an Philips IPL device for a couple of years but despite it reducing body hair significantly there were still a few stubborn spots, the laser seems to be having an effect on them.
    Just remember that neither IPL or laser will work on grey hair or if you have the wrong skin colour.