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Hair removal

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Slavetomisskat, May 14, 2017.

  1. ok so what do you guys thInk is the best hair removal technique from the face down.
    Tried shaving and it just grows back way to fast .
    So looking for advice on waxing or hair removal cream
  2. Except for my pits, all my body hair is below the waist, thank goodness. I've shaved and you're right, it comes back so fast. I've used Nair, Nads for men and Veet gel and I found the Veet worked the best and kept hair away the longest. Haven't tried waxing yet, but I'm betting that lasts the best.
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  3. I have a like an OCD that no with body hair so I am familiar with your plight.

    For me, legs and tummy get an epilator, have to shave the rest. I can't imagine waxing on my own or worse someone else being involved. Creams seem to cause ingrown hair and irritations.

    I am not tough enough to epilate my chest though or pits, hurts like crazy. I do know that hair comes back less and less though.
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  4. Both my wife and I have been shaving for the last 30 years and it does not grow back fast anymore and also grows back light.
  5. We both wax. He does everything but arms and legs. Have to get it done every 5 weeks, We love it
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  6. Do you wax at home or get it done at a salon?
    I have read that waxing will last up to 4 weeks
  7. Do you use the gel around the sensitive areas below the waist?
  8. I have been shaving for years but it just seems to grow back super fast and it irritates me if I do it to offten
  9. I've tried. They tell you not to do that, but the comments on the Nads one were all 'go for it'. I tried, and it just didn't work well on the pubes area. Did well on the legs though.
    I would be careful around the sensitive areas. I've always relied on shaving to get that part.
  10. We go to a salon. We go every 5 weeks, but have gone at 4 weeks. It really depends on how fast you grow back. We tried to do a home sugar wax, but it was a comedy of errors.
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  11. The Nair and the Veet, no, because they recommended against it. But I tried the Nads around there. Didn't do a very good job. If I left it on longer it might have, but didn't want to chance it.
  12. Waxing or epilator will last longer in the short term.
    Longer, laser may work if you have dark hair .
    Xx Wendy
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  13. i spose it depend really on how hairy you am don't it.
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  14. How many of you have looked into and considered laser hair removal. To make it permanent?
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  15. I'm very lucky because I have no hair from neck to groin . get full brazilin and shave my legs and under arms . We stretch the waxing between six to eight weeks because of $ ,but as you wax regularly the hair doesn't grow back as thick
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  16. I started shaving but as we all seem to agree, shaving is fast and cheap but the silky smooth feeling only lasts a day or so. Then the stubble starts and it just gets more and more annoying. I tried to wax at home but was not really successful. Got the job done (mostly) but painful. For the last few years, I have gone to a salon. They have told me that more and more men are coming in for the procedure so it is not the "weird" thing that it used to be a few years ago. Best of all, I get about 8 - 10 weeks between sessions.

    I also agree that as you do it more, the hair comes back thinner and lighter in colour
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  17. Shave legs, pits, and bikini area. Wax back and chest every 6-8 weeks
  18. For a year I have been using this Philips Lumea IPL machine and I am very satisfied with the result. I have done 4-5 treatments and the hair is reduced signficantly. As others have pointed out the black hair is removed permanently and the lighter hair comes back. I expect to do up to 10 treatments before i am finished and can maintain the light hair that is left quite easily with shaving.

    The treatments take time, partience is needed.

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  19. Thanks for all the replies
    Might have to try waxing at some point
  20. I just recently tried sugaring. Like wax, but with sugar. The result is awesome!

    It wasn't as painful as I thought. I have from my waist to my knees done. Now to wait for my back and arms to grow back out....
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  22. I have been using a Silk'n Flash and Go home laser hair removal unit for the past few years on my groin and to clean up the chest and pits. It has worked great. I now use it for touch up every 3 to 6 months for the occasional new hair or two that comes in. Pretty much baby smooth down there, very light thin hair at most that is hardly noticeable and removed with a pass of a razor once a week, if that.
  23. Like you I too have been using the Philips Lumea IPL for a couple of years and I agree it works. Sadly I left it too late and quite a lot of my chest hair had gone grey which IPL has no effect on.
    I have used it every week for the past couple of years and I can definitely say that there are areas where there is no regrowth at all. Other areas there are still some dark hairs but they are a lot finer and thinner than before I started.
    I have just come back from a trip and have not shaved now for nearly two weeks and unless you look closely my legs still appear hair free.
  24. Shave weekly now. Would like to go for laser as soon as time and money permit. Would like to try the Philips IPL. Sounds like it works well.
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  25. My next online purchase, body hair has always grossed me out, hated seeing it on me.