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Hair removal

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by chastesoon, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with the product "Nair for Men"?
    Now that I have a device that I can stay in longer, I don't want to have to remove the device to shave every couple of days!
    Or can anyone recommend a product they have used?
  2. I have used it before it works great. The problem is I have never used after we started chastity because we use the unlock shower time to edge, trease and shave together. I would be afraid of any nair products with chastity because it makes the skin sensitive for 24 hours. Also you can't use any creams or oils afterwards. In all I would go a different route.
  3. Just use a rechargeable beard clippers with safety levels on otherwise there might be an accident.
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  4. Hi
    Please never ever try to use hair removal cream down stairs on the boy bits.
    The skin is just too thin and the deviding line between hair removal and skin grafts is seconds .
    Read amazon user reviews on hair removal creams . But go for a wee first !

    Shaving epilator waxing laser all much better.

    Xx Wendy
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  5. I just used a regular razor. With a little determination, you can get most things well enough.
  6. I wouldn't advise hair removal creams anywhere near mucous membranes (including penis or scrotom) as these are quite sensible to those chemical mixtures. And even if they won't get damages themselfes it's way easier for chemicals to enter the body there than in other areas.

    If you want a permanent solution and are sure of it go to a studio and invest some money for laser / IPL hair removal. If you are not too dark skinned and to fair haired the lasers are strong enough to make the removal permanent after some sessions. In those sensible areas laser hair removal will hurt somewhat, but it is standable and with each session it will hurt less.

    If you don't want the removal to be permanent you could get yourself a IPL device for at home. Those work the same way the studio devices do, but do not have as much power. Due to that the damage to the hair and therefore the hairremoval is not permanent and you will have to repeat the sessions every 4 weaks to stay hairfree.

    As for razors they are the obvious way to use, but long term even more expensive than IPL if you use f.e. Gilette razors. Apart from that the shavings result is not as smooth as with IPL + they are no option if you don't want to remove a cb unless you like blood play. ;)
  7. Razor cost could be mitigated with a subscription to Dollar Shave Club or Harry's Shave Club.
  8. I still stand behind waxing, results last, and, well, I just enjoy getting waxed:rolleyes:
  9. Yep go with that . Love getting waxed even though I need to go much less these days it still is a lovely experience and walking home after omg feeling soo nice.
    . Xx Wendy
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    I can't really say I enjoy having a Hollywood wax but I certainly like it once its done. I can only imagine what it's like for males, especially on their dangly bits.
  11. The word You are looking for Mistress B is 'Painful' - but worth it.
  12. Use Brazilian wax hard beans with a warming machine (get on Ebay). They melt at a low temp and get quite hard very quickly. My Avitar pix is from a self bondage session I played. I lock my chastity cage on with a padlock through a chain. The chain was then padlocked to a pipe, that key far removed. The cage key was made very difficult to get at giving the wax time to harden. With racing heart I took the plunge into the hot wax padlock and all. As you can see I fem dressed myself prior. The chain had to be removed to allow me to undress. It took me hours to get free. Had to be very careful as it is easy to crush semi hard wax, that then crushes other parts!!! When I did free myself I was hairless. Very effective. Very fun. Not very painful.
  13. Beware the ides of March...and nair ever getting anywhere near your balls! It's one of the rings of Dante's inferno.
  14. I think I will settle for a trim, Waxing sounds far too painful and I have heared horror stories about Nairn hair remover.
  15. I use an eplilator. The first time hurts. New growth doesn't.

    Smooth as a babies butt.
  16. I've never been waxed but am eager to try. Is it that hard in pain, as they say it is? I understand it's nothing near painless ;-)
  17. my wife takes me to get waxed about every two months . The only really painful part is the spot right above the penis . The more you have it done the pain seems to be not as bad . It's quite a RUSH to be head down / ass up while a lady waxes your asshole while your Wife watches
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  18. Fortunately, my wife is a beauty therapist so does my waxing for me :)

    Waxing is not at all a kind of pain I like so I would much prefer missjulies pet's arrangement. I absolutely love humiliation of that type, though my wife is not the sharing type :'(
  19. Miss Julie is not the sharing type either . The lady who waxes us is just a friend . BUT she tell her that while on a vacation she didn't allow me to cum !! I don't know what or anything else she's told her