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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by subbiehubbie, May 16, 2008.

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    Curtsey to Mistress Watchful and her pet and thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your new community.

    I found Mistress Watchful through her postings at Chastity World when I was researching the purchase of a chastity device for myself.

    Her down-to-earth musings about her and pet's ventures into the world of a female dominate relationship were a welcome breath of reality. After having been bombarded by all of the fantasy articles, photos, drawings and websites with regards to "traditional" couples trying out a femdom style relationship the realistic approach and attitude of Mistress Watchful is what alot of men having been looking for.

    imho it allows those of us who seek out a submissive role to our Female partner a greater chance at making the transition a successful one. my Wife and i have tried 3 times in the past to make a male-sub/Female-Dom relationship work. All attempts end in dismal failure.

    The reason? Those fantasy images and portrayal's of the Wife-dom relationship so prevalent in today's culture. Those images and writings are more likely to be the work of male artists and writers seeking ways to illustrate what they want a Wife-dom relationship to be. And since it seems to be the male in the relationship initiating these changes it is he who wants to see these fantasy portrayals translate into reality. Not going to least not overnight.

    The secret i have finally uncovered(took me long enough eh?) is that success in these relationships has absolutely nothing to do with what the male-sub partner wants. It is all about what the Mistress wants. A pedicure? Sure. A massage? Sure no problem. A quiet walk in the park? Sure. Of course i used to want her to tie me up, dress me up, abuse me and use me. But the amount of pressure that puts on Her to come up with "scenes" and sessions that would make me happy and make her confident as a Mistress was unfathomable. She wants to be in control, to be in charge. But She doesn't need her slave telling her how to do so, or attempting to "top from the bottom" with his needs and desires.

    Once i embraced that basic but critical fact our Wife-dom relationship is going farther than anything we have tried before.

    i wear a chastity tube. And it excites her a great deal. But i don't wear it 24/7. my Wife is a an extremely busy Woman with a successful career. i work in a factory. She has no time for details like monitoring a key or making sure i am locked up during the busy business week. So i take it upon myself to lock myself in when i get home form work in the afternoon and release myself in the morning. i do as much housework as i can. Generally i work to make my Wife's life easier. She has even told me that doing her laundry and keeping the kitchen tidy makes her hot.

    i don't work in swishy satin maid uniforms. -As much as i would like to.- :wink:
    My Mistress has some issues with sissifying me, or femininzing me. But at the same time She has already started training me in cock-sucking techniques on Her favourite dildo and acknowledges that while i am a great pussy worshipper i'm not a great fuck.

    When i her hear her talking like that because they are words she wants to say, not words she feels she needs to say to make me happy as a slave, that is a successful Wife-dom relationship in the making. Finally.

    i could probably go on babbling for another 3 pages but i figure you all have got the gist of what i'm saying. Since the first time i brought home a copy of Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance the world has changed a great deal. Especially the on-line one. There are alot more resources available now, this site for example, blogs, video sites, discussion forums like Rika's that portray 21st century Mistress/slave relationships in far more realistic context.

    It's these sites that are more focused on the reality of our Fem-dom relationships that will help to ensure the success and growth of Fem-dom well into the future. Hallelujah! :bigsmile:
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    Welcome subbiehubbie... I'm glad you joined us.

    What a fabulous introduction post. As you already know, I agree with your sentiments 100%. I think fantasy FemDom has its place and is a wonderful escape and something to dream about (like fast cars, expensive holidays and huge houses) but we'd all be a lot happier if we could find our own "fit" of FemDom for our day-to-day lives and not something the "scene" imposes on us as the perfect ideal.

    We are very fortunate that the members on this site (the ones I've known previously) are all genuine, sensible, down-to-earth people who are willing and able to accept their own version of the perfect BDSM life, and not the usual stereotype.

    May we all live kinkily ever after! :smile:
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